"Of Course I Love You . . !" - Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja

Where to start from, i just finished my second novel in other three days... & as by now u may know that i am more than free these days so i have got nothing else but to write a blog, 'actually i am living up to write a blog not that i blog because i am living up!' i think so...

Anyway this time i am up with "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER" story.

About Auhtor(s): They are the DELH-i-tes.. guy is a passout of DCE n gal is a passout of SRCC (Batch 2008).

This is how the story goes:

Debashish Roy
Mechanical Branch

Delhi Collz of Engg.
(Story starts from 5th sem)
Deb..The Womanizer, This guy can have any girl around him & was looking for true love...
but no he is not available, he is in love with Smriti just like he had been with some girls back in life..
but still he dont cheat on his girlfriend(s).
He first dumped one then move to another one.. n he left no stone unturned to make this whole dumping process to more like a mutual break-up scenario..
& that is what he was trying to do with Smriti again..Coz After checking his 'Visual, Verbal n Physical' comaptibility with her he just knew that she was not the type.(BTW Smriti was from Meerut :P)

Shrey n Vernita, were his only friends at college & at all.
Tanmay was the boyfriend of Vernita & Avantika was Tanmay's sis.
Now Mr. Deb eventually fell in love at first sight with Avantika, who has this hell of a past.
She was just-out-of-drugs girl n follower of Sri Guru(Sprit of living) now.
He started dating her & thats why he had problem with Tanmay n so with Vernita.
While everyone around him was getting placed,
he did a lot better...He was barred from any On-Campus placement, he screwed up his CAT n one opportunity to get in Lehman Bros as well.

So much things keep happening around him...

He started writing a blog, Avantika made him to.(He had 50 followers on his blog)

His mess with one of Avantika's ex, who was a DON kind of banda.

Shrey's girlfriend dumped him, he cried & Deb wondered why is he crying.

He got molested at the Farewell party.

n a lot more... Story keep moving at the same pace & one thing was sure that he was truly madly deeply in love with Avantika this time.

Later on, Avantika dumped him n fly to banglore to join her comapany.
Reason being her two ex BF's met a tragic accident, one coz of drugs N another one coz of alocohal, (din't i tell you she was just-out-of-drugs girl when she met Deb).
Sri Guru held her responsible for what was happening around her so she left him out of fear of any mishappening to Deb coz of her.
This time he cried & begged her but she was such a stubborn.(like Bachna ae hasino)
His family too moved to Hyderabad.

He was lonely for the first time with no friends n family around.To say, he was totally fucked up.
Well he joined govt firm BHEL after graduation (His father worked there for 32 yrs & get him through),
There he turned his semi-boss Amit into his trainee to make his love life with the girl in the same office. They had a pact, he will help him to get the girl n him will help he to do all the office work.
Now he started respecting his symbiotic relationship with Amit.
He managed a date for Amit & Amit beat him in next step to love- "!Marriage!" as he fly to Bihar, his n hers hometown, to talk to girl's parent about their marriage...

After Amit left, he felt all alone again n he missed him,
N after a week he found a big brown envelope which changed everything for him n brought him back his GOOD OLD DAYS...

Well the questions remain unanswered are :
  1. What was in that envelope which changed everything for him?
  2. How he setteled the love story of Amit?
  3. Did Avantika came back in his life?
  4. He made his dad proud n thus he resigned from BHEL. Why?
  5. How he escaped from Avantika's Ex? (He don't even have anyone to back him up, He knew girls more than boys & those too wants to kill him!)
    The story does not have any Longest Day of My Life or Best hour of my life or such thing, where they finished their quarter of the story in describing a single day, hour or night..Unlike 'FPS n I too had..' it has many such days n nights...
No Doubt, You Must Read It..

P. S. In this book you will find one more thing intresting, the thoughts (cute n dirty at times), which stayed back in his mind while He talk to any She...


  1. i need d links to downlaod d book...

  2. great review..initiates interest in th buk..now please lend th buk!!!:-)

  3. @Amby- No Links Available Till Now.

    @Priyanka- Thanks n Sure ll gv you.

  4. Oye yaar, if you have this book with youy then I kinda need it... Padh hi li jae!

  5. mere khayal se...ek bar es book ko padhne k bad ..apke dil me khushi & ravin hamesha k liye bas jayege.....me chahugi meri life me b aisa koi aaye...,he is 2 gud.

  6. This theme is simply matchless :), it is very interesting to me)))

  7. Its too confusing and at times...vulgur as well

  8. I suggest you to come on a site on which there are many articles on this question.

  9. Quite right! It is excellent idea. It is ready to support you.

  10. hiii ravinder, i just now read ur book. it was too good. i just want to about you, hows ur life going? have u agreed with ur parents decision (marriage)? i will always pray to god that he should give u a life partner as good as khushi.i always wish that even i should get a loving life partner like u... thanks for writting

  11. Hi Ravin,

    Your book is amazing.. simply amazing, one of the best books i have ever read, I just could not stop reading till i completed it. I had given a copy of it to the expats in my company and they just loved it. Keep up the good work.

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  13. m in love the story nd m also in love wd a guy(APAR)nd i knw wat love actually is nd wat is the fear of loosng a person whom u lovea lot...................... my life hs entirely changed since the day i'been wd him so at last i wud jst say k people who love shud nvr loose hope in any prblm..........................

  14. i liked the book as i also have a love story & even i die to see my love...
    while reading the book i was felling that im reading my own story...... i wsa crying & missing my love.....

  15. i liked the book as i also have a love story & even i die to see my love...
    while reading the book i was felling that im reading my own story...... i wsa crying & missing my love.....

  16. hey love ur book
    you r a true stud man
    give me some tips yar

  17. Hi,

    I liked your blog. I thought that we could do a few cross blog things.

    Would you be interested in reviewing my new book "Love, Peace and Happiness:What more can you want?"

    I could do an author interview on yours. I could also post your review on my fanpage referenced below which has more than 10,000 fans giving you a whole new set of visitors.

    Let me know if this makes sense for your blog.

    Rituraj Verma, author

  18. Hey Rituraj,

    Thanks for dropping by..

    It would be a great pleasure for me to do your book review here on my blog. :)

    And i wish you all the best for your book.

    ~ Best Regards
    Arpit Rastogi

  19. can some one give me the link to download the pdf of this book

  20. Hi Ravin..
    I really just loved your book..it brought tears in my eyes..your love is realy great.. do u still love her??

    1. Hi Kavya, Arpit here and this place is my blog.

      For your kind information, Ravin got married to some girl already.. He wrote another book with title Can Love Happen Twice.

      Judging by his writing skills i can only say that I too had a love story was nothing but a fiction.

  21. Hey Dude, Any link to download Durjoy Datta's Books or Ravinder Singh's books?

  22. smeone pls giv link to download dis novel

  23. Can sm1 say m d link fr d book Of course I love u??


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