The Sixth Sem

Sixth sem was full of surprises, It brings down loads of incredible moments of my life & some changes as well...

First of all, It started with some Sleepless Nights then some moments full of Nervousness & finally the moments of Appreciation... & when you put these moments all together, you get the feel of worth something & it actually matters a lot, When throughout your life you have not done anything which actually counts...
This is an Idea Of Being Different which keeps me going so far,It goes as In whole of your life you wanted to do a lot of different things but actually you dont do anything at all & then something just happened as you never expected but always dreamt of ...
Talk about me, before this sem if any UNCLE asked me-"Beta, tune abhi tak life mei kiya kya hai?"
My answer would be-"Uncle Padai."
As it was the only part of mine worth telling & if i had my choice it will be the last or no option at all to tell someone about me.
& see the worst part of my story, study was the only thing which i never wanted to do. I hate padai, but again i never did anything else either.
So all my life i acted kinda looser & waited for something to happen...
Then it happened finally, Sohrab picked me up for Street Play thing... i first denied because i was afraid that i will screw this thing for him but he was meant to change Me. :)
We started with Dram-E-Baaz... We practised (SleepLess Nights), We performed (Nervousness), We Won (Appreciation)...
& Finally The Idea Of Being Different worked for me. I was Happy!

Apart from acting, there are two or three more things to share,

I had two trips without telling at home,
First was Bikaner Trip to sohrab's dad's place.
I decided & packed just 5 minutes before leaving for station.
Eight guys on the trip to bikaner... What else do you want.
  • We played Golf for first time.
  • We went to JunaGarh Fort.
  • There we participated in Kite Flying competition & won the prize of the participant from distant place.
  • We played Dumb Charades.
  • We went to Karni Mata's Temple famous for Rats, (One task of Roadies has taken place there.)
  • We went to AirForce station & saw Sukhoi 30mki, Mig29 & IL 18 TAKING OFF...
Then on Next weekend, I went to Saharanpur to attend 25th marriage anniversary of Amby's parents.
Eight guys again, but all different this time except me. We had fun.

Lotza trip thing,
Now I like hanging out with frenz but when there is no place to go out then what?
GO TO A PARTY... Ohk! wheres the party tonight???
I attended three marriages without any invitation.
And i totally enjoyed being an uninvited Guest... :)

So It all happened in this sem,

We Performed in Two Skits, Street Play(five times) & got published in News Paper three times...

We won the award for best club(Dramatics Club)...

We Enjoyed travelling...

We Crashed in three mariages...(Wedding Crashers)

& last but not least... Guess What?
I started blogging in this sem only...

So Friends thanks for hanging with me in my Sixth Sem,
Memories are the only thing left behind,
With each moment we create new memories,
Just remember the nice one & forget the bad one...
I hope seventh sem will bring some more fun...


  1. Man!..that was some post, you really had fun this sem, and some new experiences..loved that uncle part..hehehe..the post is lovely..explains a lot in those few words..Just sums up what College life is all about..Great work..

    Keep writing!!!

    P.S - You played Golf??..aaye meri rasto..kya baat hai!..hehehe!!

  2. Hmmmm,
    Poori Collz lyf hi explain ho gyi yaara. :P
    lagta hai sala sab kuch issi sem mei dekhna tha...
    That "RE Kand" yar... Man, jitna FUN iss sem n post me kiya tha sabka band-baaja buj gaya tha...

    But Now It's Okay, & was quite an AWFUL EXPERIENCE...

  3. Ravin...

    Your novel is awesome and touching...I read it recently few days back 29th aug 2010...i cried at last! I got completely lost in your true love story. Thanks for sooo nice description in a gritty nitty manner...

    I will request heartly you to reply me how are you now ---

    All the very best wishes to you Ravin...!! The novel is blinking in my nmind every now and then...I bow to you!!

    Love always wins but who knows the God's plan????? So sad ending.....


  4. hey ravin ds ws d bst love story novel i have evr read u r a fantastic guy bt dnt love scnd tm bcj ur khushi wnt lk it.100% person,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dnt b sad as khushi is wtchng u she wnts u to b hpy.. i cried badly wn i finished rdng,..........


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