My First Article get Published today BUT HOW???

I have got a text today from my good friend Mohinder:
"Magazines are finally in college now. congrats"

& this message cause me to remember the day when it all started with 'The CHRYSALIS Thing'
Memories were creating a scene in my mind.

I was nothing but just a first year student.
It was a quiet afternoon & i was taking a nap in my room like always.

Mohi came into my room and said-"yaar, i m incharge for hindi section and need some articles."
I never tried writing before but the idea of writing an article for collz magz(CHRYSALIS) excited me and i assured him-"theek hai bhai, i will give it a try."

Well mohinder was Ed-board club member and at that time he was well known for his ragging Intro which he gave in complete hindi & without making a single mistake. On the other hand, the reason he approached me at first place was that he knew i have done my schooling from Hindi Medium School.

Mohi left the room, I took pen and started writing my first article.

The first thing which came into my mind was my life in hostel.

So i started writing about hostel life.I completed the article in an hour & rushed to Mohi's room.

I said-"Ye le bhai, i completed the article. Tu dekh le if it could make upto college magz."

Mohi replied-"Arrey yar, vaise hi we are short of articles.. toh tera wala bi chalega.. :P, just give me a fair copy of this writing."

I said-"Okay, wait for 5 mins, i ll be back in 10 mins."

I handed him over my first article which was going to publish in CHRYSALIS soon. I was happy.

This scene vanished there.

New scene was there in my mind

BACK IN MY 6TH SEM:Two years passed,Change is the law of nature & we are no different.

I am in third year now. Things around me changed, i changed.

But all this time one thing remain same & that was my urge to see my first article in magz because the magz never reached to the printing press.

I enquired about it time to time.I asked desperately-"mohi yar, ye magz kab aa rahi hai?"

but the answer is same as always,He said-"within a few weeks."

Weeks become months & finally years but still there is no sign of magz.

Everyone from Ed-board tried hard & gave up on printing of the magz.

But no matter what i never lost my hope to see my first article.

From the starting of my sixth sem, when everyone fed up of trying i took the responsibility of 'The CHRYSALIS Thing' just for the sake of my (unpublished) first article. I wasn't even the member of Ed-board club.

I started working on it from january & various problem came into the scene.

Every one seems to has some problem with Chrysalis like- Designing Problem. Problem with the contents of Magz. Problem that Chrysalis '07 is not worth printing in year '09.

& i always thought WTF???? seriously they are finding these problems two years after the compilation of magz.

& somehow I, Designing Team(Sivia n Suniti), Editing Team(Mohinder) convinced them- "Ki sir jaisi bi hai, vaise hi print karwa do ise."

After two years no body was intrested to make any change to the magz.

There was this file named Ed-board club, CHRYSALIS which contained all the issues, permission letters regarding to the magz & i was the carrier of this file throughout my sixth sem.

The loop in which i keep moving was Ashish Sir-> Nipun Sir-> PSC Bhalla sir(Diploma Wing)-> AFC Parashar Sir-> Principal Sir-> Govt Printng Press Kohli Sir-> Ashish Sir.

Everyone has some issues & surprisingly i was the only one who cares to clear all the issues. Mohinder, Sivia, Suniti & Kartik helped me a lot though.

There were times when i too wanted to give up on Magz, i cursed college management, i cursed my self to get involved with the whole Chrysalis-Printing Job.

But then again i look back on to the trail of my efforts i put up so far for the sake of MY FIRST ARTICLE, i took one more step ahead.

Finally in April, i have got the permission letter from college for the printing of magz.

& i remember i cleared the last issue for printing during my semesters.

Printing press assured us that our magz will be ready by the end of May.

15th May, I came back home after my semesters.

10th June 2009, Today:I m in final year now.(Unofficially)

I have got a sms-

"Magazines are finally in college now. congrats" By Mohinder Ghanghas.

So with this message My (Unpublished) First Article got Published today & now i owe 100 bucks to the God as i prayed- "if the magz got published toh mei 100 Rs ka prashad chadaunga."

Pehle this amount was 50 bucks but being a CCET'ian i have to add 50 bucks more to get this job done... :)

Hope you enjoy CHRYSALIS '07 in year 2009...


  1. congrats ras.
    finally d extra 50 bucks paid off!
    sahi hai. nicely written post man.

  2. Yea!
    Second 50 paid off really well.. :D

    BTW Thanks Guys for dropping up your comments. :)

  3. yeah man..Congrats!!!..hard work finally paid off...

  4. mubaarken ho yara,,,, tune single-handedly hi college ki maarli... i'm so proud of u....

  5. yaar tu to english k article bhi zabardast likhta hai
    lekin do baatein jhoot hain
    1. maine tere article k liye ye nahi kaha tha ki chalega, maine kaha tha ki bahut achha hai, aggar ye print nahi hoga to hindi sec mein aur koi print hone layak hi nahhi hai
    2. i never said that magazine will b there within a few weeks. yaar tere aage to saara haal bayaan kar deta tha ki magazine aane ki koi ummeed nahi hai

    but one thing i must mention here that CHRISALYS 07 would not have been printed without Rasto's unselfish efforts and CCET n Edboard must be thankful to him for this edition

  6. Thanks Chhotey,
    For your faith in me(all that time)...
    n For d comment also. :)

  7. Owe 100 Rs. to layout of your blog is very nice arpit.



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