Koi Mil Gaya.. La La La la lala!

Koi Mil Gaya n All type thing...

Does it happen so often???

I dun think so...

But if you find them then... then what???

Then I think you should go n tell them...

But how???

1. If you tell them personally then they can get pissed off.. So don’t do that.


2. Do you have (with all due respect) their phone number?

NO! ( she said - Number kal dungi & vo kal aaj tak ni aaya…)

3. Ohk! Then Go find them on Orkut..

Well that’s a good idea but shit they (especially they) are not on Orkut just because they don’t find Orkut interesting.. now GOD must be crazy who gave them that poor taste of interest..

& I tell you what they dun even know 'how Orkut will become more interesting (for others) if they join it'..(Tell them just in case you know any of them)

One more thing I tell you about these species.. They find SUDOKU interesting... GOD blesses HT for that SAMURAI thing.

You must be wondering why I am so concerned about such kind of people.

I (ey Bhagwan mein hi kyun?), encountered with one of them this summer...

now Come to the point & the point was, how to let them know that you are kinda having Koi Mil Gaya types goody-goody feel...

& luckily I got the mail_id(4th way of communication) of that person to send her the code for the JAVA program.(Dus bahane karke le gaye id..)

So later when I was back to collz, I just mailed her the code of my Heart's Beat with proper abstraction of my full fledged feelings..(I like that Object Oriented Approach pretty much.)

Now I was waiting for the reply so eagerly...

still waiting...

& kept waiting for 15 days then one night I decided to write her back one more mail before going to bed...

next day I woke up with my mails wide open..

Yippie.. Inbox(1 mail)

That makes me happy like hell... :)

& when I clicked the link...

That fucking hell freezes over me. :(

It was a mail regarding the mail I sent her last night...

Guess the wildest possibility about that mail...

& here is a piece of what you may be thinking right now..


From- Weird_Species@yahoo.com

To- Pappu_Me@yahoo.com

Hey Douche-Bag,(Yes Dear...)

Why dont you fuck off with your Koi Mil Gaya feel??(Just beacause of your Emosonal Attyachar...)

Do not write me again...(I ll try not to) & if you do so, my Spams will be welcoming your mails..(My Pleasure) Not me..(Someday you will :) )


Get the fuck out of my Mail Box(Ohk! I dun like it either.. hey what about your Mobile's Message Inbox? Can I move in there?? :P)


But wake up guys.. Nothing such sort of happened & I am telling you if that was the mail then it would have been much better...

Actually the mail I have got was from MAILURE-DAEMON@yahoo.com & it says-

Subject-failure notice

Sorry, your message can not be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued.

What the Fuck???

I was not expecting the answer in Gandhi's way..

koi apko mail bhejey toh aap apna account hi delete kardo..

After-Effects: As I was a bit shocked by this mail.. So I kept sending her the mails with a hope that may be any mail will deliver to her but NOPE.

It never happened.

Temporary Ilaaz: I re-activated her mail account (yes you can reactivate any account without password confirmation)... So now my mails started getting deliver to her account.. but she don’t check her account any more..(That is a different thing.)

kyunki Atleast humari Mails unke Mail-Box tak pahunchti toh hain.. :)


  1. Wah- Wah aapko toh salute karna chahiye... :D reactivated her accnt even wen she does nt need it... :)

    Aisey "Koi Mil Gaya-type" bandey ko pehli baar jaan-ney ka mauka mila... :P :P

    Waisey all the best... kaun jaaney... kabhi galti se unkey mailbox ke aur unkey dil ke darvaaje aapkey liye khul hi jaayein. :)

  2. Man!, amazing post, and m proud of u for the fact that u reactivated her account.. :P

    But seriously man, really nice way to show your feelings and the way you did it was pretty awesome..

    And don't worry bro..aaj nahin to kya hua..ek din zarur milegi...and agar woh nahin to better milegi..just chill n njoy life!!.. :D

    Agar koi na mila to hum kis liye hain meri jaan.. ;)

  3. @ Harshita

    Thanks for your wishes. :)

    @ Kittu

    Thanks Bro..
    & m chilling..(377 Zindabad) :P

  4. poor u..i already knew half the story though..still :( !
    But dude,chill,SETH hai na tere liye,lol!
    SHIT HAPPENS,you just learn to take it like SHIT!

  5. dats it..m disappointed...wat m i supposed 2 live 4 if my rasto is waiting 4 someone else's reply :(
    huh...ab mera kya hoga rastogiya !1
    hehe...bt jokes apart..well written yar..i hope she really gets 2 knw hw u feel 4 her..till den no worries..nd keep writing :)

  6. @ Ghajini

    Well end was totally unexpected.. :)
    & m taking it like Shit. :D

    @ Gambhir


    Tum Ho Toh, Gaata ye dil..
    Jo tum nahi, Toh kaun yahan..

    You Rocks Pinku. :P

  7. that was interesting n funny
    specially the reactivating the id :P

  8. @ Naveen

    Hey.. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. haha :P ur funny
    and so cute..u reactivated her account !!!

    i hope she reads this post :D

  10. Thanks..
    n I wish that your hope works out for me. :)

  11. ye story toh endless lag rahi hai... :P


  12. Maantal bwoiii.....wnt to an xtnd f reactivating her acount.....she must be some Sorta koi mil gaya....;D


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