Problem & Me.. Part 1

Bloody everyone has got a fucking problem…

My roommate just had a problem that I was watching my fucked up street play performance on laptop’s speakers while he was trying to catch some sleep. He requested me to put on 2000w speakers so he could get a better sleep.

My director has a problem for all the shit which is going on with dramatics club.

My friends have a problem that I say No to each n almost everything.

My brother has a problem that I asked him to buy me an I-pod which is actually of no use for me.

My college has a problem with my attendance.

My Cousin just called me & he has a problem that I am not going to visit him this diwali.

My project mate has a problem that I don’t do anything for project.

My previous post was a problem itself.


My problem is that I don’t want to be the problem for me or anyone else. :(


  1. Problms se dosti karna seekh le...


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