Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Date-20th Nov Time- 8:00pm

I was looking around for something & it was the first time I saw that ITEM with my junior(Vinay) & I fell in love right there with that elegant piece of beauty. ..

Tabhi-Tabhi mere dil mei khayal aaya --- ‘ke jaise usko banaya gaya hai mere liye...

I was so in love with the bombshell that...

I finally asked my junior - Hey what’s the price of this beauty???

He said- 3700 bucks.

I was like - How cheap?

I asked about the services - Do all kinda jobs??

He replied with a smile - Yes Sir.

I was more in love now… so I decided to buy one for me.

Sexy Nokia 2700 Classic was the thing I saw on 20th Nov & decided to make it mine.

But ‘making it mine’ will have to wait…


21st Nov:

Papa ko samjhaya ki why do I need a new phone while I already have one(Motorola L6).

We went to the shop of a ‘door ke relative’ who suppose to give us the mobile even cheaper… He told the final price of handset will be 3850 while Vinay told me that he bought it for 3700 bucks which means that something is wrong but I made me believe that the relative is right n 3850 INR is the best buy price for the handset…

I was about to buy the Nokia 2700 Classic.. My Nokia 2700 Classic..

But Uncle Ji ke paas sirf black color ka handset tha & I wanted to see the other colors before buying the black one.. I decided to come back later so that I will re-check the price of handset with Vinay.

I came back to home & called Vinay..


I asked him -Vinay yar, vo phone ka kya price bataya tha tune?

He goes - Sir, 3700.

I said - bhai, idhar to 3850 ka mil ra hai..

Mr Vinay replied - Sir meine toh 4000 ka liya tha but abi 3700 ka hai…

I was like - BEEP BEEP… tune 3700 kyun bola bey jab 4000 ka liya tha...


Then we laughed & I feel relaxed as 'phone wale uncle' was right about the best buy price.

22nd Nov.

I went to the shop with the dream of making it mine for sure this time.

Now guess what???

I dint get the mobile…. Kyunki.. kyunki.. uncle ji ke paas handset finish ho gaye the..

Uncle ji bole - Beta kal le lena.. kal mil jayega..

23rd 24th 25th 26th aakar chali gayi but Uncle ka kal nai aaya… & I was trapped with the best buy price of Uncle so I was not able to buy it from any other shop also.

27th Nov.

I went to the shop with a hope ki aaj toh mil hi jayega… Lekin nahi, aaj bi uncle ke paas phone ni aaya tha…

He was again like(Smiling)- ki beta kal 100% mil jayega…

I was thinking in back of my mind ‘Uncle apko hansi aa rai hai… apko kya pata I ve been sleeping alone from the night I ve seen that beauty with a dream that tomorrow it will be all mine… then again I slept alone just because of you n your Fukkin Best Buy Price, I am not able to make it mine…’

So I decided right there that I will not sleep alone tonight.

I then went to the next shop & asked for the price of Nokia 2700 classic.. My Nokia 2700 classic..

Shopkeeper offered me the offer price of 3950 INR..

I negotiated with him as – Uncle, apki sath wali shop wale uncle 3850 ka de rahe hain…

He replied coolly - Beta unn Uncle ka kal aaj tak ni aaya fir kya 3850 n kya 3950

He was right & I finally made it mine just for rupees 3950 plus I got the mobile pouch for free worth Rs. 20…

Yippee! Tonight I am not going to sleep alone…


The New Nokia 2700 Classic is mine Now... Connecting People.

2 MP Camera, 1 GB memory card included, 2-inch display 262k color

Price – jaan pehchan wale Uncle ke yahan: 3850 otherwise 4000 INR


  1. lol.
    definitely gonna be a nite to remember man.
    Dont do it too hard, i mean go easy on d keypad while texting. Else your TEXTUAL DESIRES may be short-lived. hahaha.
    btw, congrats!

  2. Hehe...

    Yeh phone toh tumhey hamesha yaad rahega... ;) Iskey peechey ki story hi itni mazedaar hain... :P

  3. LOL !!

    Very hilarious !! Was looking for an e-copy of ' i too had a love story' when i came across your blog


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