Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Of Course I Love You . . !" - Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja

Where to start from, i just finished my second novel in other three days... & as by now u may know that i am more than free these days so i have got nothing else but to write a blog, 'actually i am living up to write a blog not that i blog because i am living up!' i think so...

Anyway this time i am up with "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER" story.

About Auhtor(s): They are the DELH-i-tes.. guy is a passout of DCE n gal is a passout of SRCC (Batch 2008).

This is how the story goes:

Debashish Roy
Mechanical Branch

Delhi Collz of Engg.
(Story starts from 5th sem)
Deb..The Womanizer, This guy can have any girl around him & was looking for true love...
but no he is not available, he is in love with Smriti just like he had been with some girls back in life..
but still he dont cheat on his girlfriend(s).
He first dumped one then move to another one.. n he left no stone unturned to make this whole dumping process to more like a mutual break-up scenario..
& that is what he was trying to do with Smriti again..Coz After checking his 'Visual, Verbal n Physical' comaptibility with her he just knew that she was not the type.(BTW Smriti was from Meerut :P)

Shrey n Vernita, were his only friends at college & at all.
Tanmay was the boyfriend of Vernita & Avantika was Tanmay's sis.
Now Mr. Deb eventually fell in love at first sight with Avantika, who has this hell of a past.
She was just-out-of-drugs girl n follower of Sri Guru(Sprit of living) now.
He started dating her & thats why he had problem with Tanmay n so with Vernita.
While everyone around him was getting placed,
he did a lot better...He was barred from any On-Campus placement, he screwed up his CAT n one opportunity to get in Lehman Bros as well.

So much things keep happening around him...

He started writing a blog, Avantika made him to.(He had 50 followers on his blog)

His mess with one of Avantika's ex, who was a DON kind of banda.

Shrey's girlfriend dumped him, he cried & Deb wondered why is he crying.

He got molested at the Farewell party.

n a lot more... Story keep moving at the same pace & one thing was sure that he was truly madly deeply in love with Avantika this time.

Later on, Avantika dumped him n fly to banglore to join her comapany.
Reason being her two ex BF's met a tragic accident, one coz of drugs N another one coz of alocohal, (din't i tell you she was just-out-of-drugs girl when she met Deb).
Sri Guru held her responsible for what was happening around her so she left him out of fear of any mishappening to Deb coz of her.
This time he cried & begged her but she was such a stubborn.(like Bachna ae hasino)
His family too moved to Hyderabad.

He was lonely for the first time with no friends n family around.To say, he was totally fucked up.
Well he joined govt firm BHEL after graduation (His father worked there for 32 yrs & get him through),
There he turned his semi-boss Amit into his trainee to make his love life with the girl in the same office. They had a pact, he will help him to get the girl n him will help he to do all the office work.
Now he started respecting his symbiotic relationship with Amit.
He managed a date for Amit & Amit beat him in next step to love- "!Marriage!" as he fly to Bihar, his n hers hometown, to talk to girl's parent about their marriage...

After Amit left, he felt all alone again n he missed him,
N after a week he found a big brown envelope which changed everything for him n brought him back his GOOD OLD DAYS...

Well the questions remain unanswered are :
  1. What was in that envelope which changed everything for him?
  2. How he setteled the love story of Amit?
  3. Did Avantika came back in his life?
  4. He made his dad proud n thus he resigned from BHEL. Why?
  5. How he escaped from Avantika's Ex? (He don't even have anyone to back him up, He knew girls more than boys & those too wants to kill him!)
    The story does not have any Longest Day of My Life or Best hour of my life or such thing, where they finished their quarter of the story in describing a single day, hour or night..Unlike 'FPS n I too had..' it has many such days n nights...
No Doubt, You Must Read It..

P. S. In this book you will find one more thing intresting, the thoughts (cute n dirty at times), which stayed back in his mind while He talk to any She...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I too had a love story.." By Ravinder Singh

Its a true love story & that too with a sad ending...
I was aware of its tragic end already so when i started reading,
I split the story in two parts & decided to read it in two days...

Yesterday, was good because everything was going just fine according to how it should go on the way to become a 'happiest N cutest' love story ever & that was making me even more uncomfortable within myself, i was thinking ki somehow the END will change & everything will be fine & the sad ending n heartbreaknig love story will turn into the happy ending n flourishing love story!


4th March 2006: The story began with REUNION of four friends after three years.
They were about to have great time, After all these years working with MNC's they had to share a lot of things & to live the college life again,how they met & become the best buddies around... But this time they discussed one more thing which actually is the only worth part of discussion between guys. So what else it could be but the Girls & the Marriage, a lil late though.
(We used to discuss it in our collz life only :-P n My personal experience says that Boys have their 90% of talk about a 'PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE' girl)

But never mind its his story not mine. So one night, these guys after a few conversations landed up on Shaadi.com, & talked all the pros n cons of it over the night.
REUNION happened & they departed.

20th July 2006: It was when KHUSHI comes in his life through Shaadi.com,

They talked over the phone & text each other,
& just then something happened, something wierd & illogical,
yeah they fell in love for real with each other for the first time in their life,
& m telling you it feels awesome, actually he wrote so :)...
& soon they become Shona n ShoniMoni for each other in their own world apart from the world where they were Ravin n Khushi.

Well they met for first time after their falling in love, at Delhi airport.
& then he narrated how he had 'the best hour of his life' & how he spent his next day with his wud be in-laws family...
After spending a day n half with his Khushi n her family, he fly to New York for an On-site project.
He returned back after one & half month, & story keep moving n so do their love story...
Their family decided the date for engagement, It was on 14th feb 2007 & they started preparing for the function which was going to happen at girl's place in Faridabad...

I was more than happy after reading it, I was rejoicing their love story...& some random thoughts were raising in my mind like,
  • What will happen next?
  • Will they marry?
  • & more importantly Will they be able to live happily ever after?
& i left rest of the story for next day.

Today, i started it a few pages back from where i left it yesterday & i expected that this cute Shona n ShoniMoni's love story will continue but then something UNEXPECTED happened...
I was shocked.

But then there is no answer to the sad ending for this true love story beacuse it is actually written by God & Ravin is just a medium.

Now i have read it, i wished that if the second part is just a fiction.

One half of mine will say that this is so cute love story that you can not afford to miss it & the second half of mine is screaming that never think of reading it... Coz at the end it will just make you feel bad!

There were two lines in starting of this novel-
"Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it."

But there is this saying in the novel's review section as well-
"They say, don't cry because it's over but instead smile because it had happened."

I have told you a lot about it, now ball is in your court...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sixth Sem

Sixth sem was full of surprises, It brings down loads of incredible moments of my life & some changes as well...

First of all, It started with some Sleepless Nights then some moments full of Nervousness & finally the moments of Appreciation... & when you put these moments all together, you get the feel of worth something & it actually matters a lot, When throughout your life you have not done anything which actually counts...
This is an Idea Of Being Different which keeps me going so far,It goes as In whole of your life you wanted to do a lot of different things but actually you dont do anything at all & then something just happened as you never expected but always dreamt of ...
Talk about me, before this sem if any UNCLE asked me-"Beta, tune abhi tak life mei kiya kya hai?"
My answer would be-"Uncle Padai."
As it was the only part of mine worth telling & if i had my choice it will be the last or no option at all to tell someone about me.
& see the worst part of my story, study was the only thing which i never wanted to do. I hate padai, but again i never did anything else either.
So all my life i acted kinda looser & waited for something to happen...
Then it happened finally, Sohrab picked me up for Street Play thing... i first denied because i was afraid that i will screw this thing for him but he was meant to change Me. :)
We started with Dram-E-Baaz... We practised (SleepLess Nights), We performed (Nervousness), We Won (Appreciation)...
& Finally The Idea Of Being Different worked for me. I was Happy!

Apart from acting, there are two or three more things to share,

I had two trips without telling at home,
First was Bikaner Trip to sohrab's dad's place.
I decided & packed just 5 minutes before leaving for station.
Eight guys on the trip to bikaner... What else do you want.
  • We played Golf for first time.
  • We went to JunaGarh Fort.
  • There we participated in Kite Flying competition & won the prize of the participant from distant place.
  • We played Dumb Charades.
  • We went to Karni Mata's Temple famous for Rats, (One task of Roadies has taken place there.)
  • We went to AirForce station & saw Sukhoi 30mki, Mig29 & IL 18 TAKING OFF...
Then on Next weekend, I went to Saharanpur to attend 25th marriage anniversary of Amby's parents.
Eight guys again, but all different this time except me. We had fun.

Lotza trip thing,
Now I like hanging out with frenz but when there is no place to go out then what?
GO TO A PARTY... Ohk! wheres the party tonight???
I attended three marriages without any invitation.
And i totally enjoyed being an uninvited Guest... :)

So It all happened in this sem,

We Performed in Two Skits, Street Play(five times) & got published in News Paper three times...

We won the award for best club(Dramatics Club)...

We Enjoyed travelling...

We Crashed in three mariages...(Wedding Crashers)

& last but not least... Guess What?
I started blogging in this sem only...

So Friends thanks for hanging with me in my Sixth Sem,
Memories are the only thing left behind,
With each moment we create new memories,
Just remember the nice one & forget the bad one...
I hope seventh sem will bring some more fun...