Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PAPPU Pass Hoga Ya Nahi???

"Pappu Cant Dance Sala"
Koi na chalta hai... but yar pappu pass toh hota hai naa...
Now the point is ki kya Pappu iss bar Pass ho payega ya nahi?

Actually this time i'm Pappu & odds for celebrations are neglegible.

Kahani shuru hoti hai, jab mujhe collz se ghar aana tha after this sem tab i worked on the "Mission RE Bachao" for 3 long lasting days...

Hua yun ki I got 28 marks in Distributed Computing while passing marks are 40.. so i was a bit away from that 'Passing Rekha'.
My fight was for 7 marks only coz thr was a grace of 5 marks, so i needed 7 more marks to get over the whole fucking situation.

Due to Internal Checking i was able to make some moves for 7 marks & in this situation thr is nothing much to do except Rona-GidGidana in each possible way.

Hard Luck, coz i was dealing with such a ma'am ki mei jo point bolun usiko ghuma fira kar unhone meri baja deni.

humari conversation kuch iss type ki hoti thi-

Ma'am-"Tumne padai ko seriously ni liya"
Me(Crying)-"Ma'am baki sub subject mei toh pass hun"
Ma'am-"ye toh or galat baat hai tumne bus mere subject ko hi seriously ni liya"
Me(Buttering)-"Ma'am plzzzzzzzzzz"
Ma'am-"chalo baad me aana."

Me(Crying)-"Ma'am number bada do, career ka sawal hai."
Ma'am-"Nahi beta isse apko sabak milega."
Me(Fattu)-"Ma'am sabak mil gaya hai plzz pass kardo."
Ma'am-"Chalo mei dekhti hun baad me aana."

Me(Crying)-"Ma'am number bada do"
Ma'am-"Arpit meri conscience allow ni karti."
Me(Thinking)-Ma'am khoon ni karna.. number badane hain.
Me(:O)-"Ma'am plzzzz"
Ma'am-"Acha batao kahan badaun?"
Me(Suggesting)-"Ma'am is answer me badha do..."
Ma'am(Angrily)-"Acha! meri marking me kami nikalte ho??"
Me(Confused, Thinking)-Nai badane they toh poocha hi kyun tha.
Me(Apologetically)-"Sorry ma'am, aap hi dekh lo plzzz."
Ma'am-"Chalo fir baad me aana."

Iss sab ke beech mujhe pata chala ki grace 7 marks ka hai(1% of total external), so laga ki ab toh bus 5 marks hi chaiye.

& Finally on third morning, ma'am ne apna sur pakad kar mere number 33 kar hi diye...

Now according to equation 33 + grace= 40(Balle-Balle).. Yippie! Pappu pass ho gaya or mei khushi-khushi ghar aa gaya.

Lekin ho gayi dil ke paar TRAGEDY-TRAGEDY matlab SEMESTERICAL ATTYACHAR means Today i have seen the provisional result on website it says i have got a RE in DC considering the Grace of 5 marks i m not able to make upto Passing marks.

Now my only hope is the final result which will come from Panjab University & the grace marks they actually assigned for (US) Engineers...

Ab scene ye hai ki Pappu Pass hoga ya nahi?
Pass ho gya toh theek ni hua toh do baatein hongi...
RE nikal payega ya ni?
Nikal di toh theek ni nikal paya toh fir do baatein hongi...
Ma'am ke samne jakar royega-peetega ya nahi?
Na rone ka toh sawal hi nai hai...Afterall career ka mamla hai.
Toh agar fir rona peetna hi hai toh kyun na ek bar bahgwan ke aage bi try maar lun.

So m praying ki-
"hey Bhagwan iss bar bacha lo, aage se sachhi me padunga. PAKKA PROMISE."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My First Article get Published today BUT HOW???

I have got a text today from my good friend Mohinder:
"Magazines are finally in college now. congrats"

& this message cause me to remember the day when it all started with 'The CHRYSALIS Thing'
Memories were creating a scene in my mind.

I was nothing but just a first year student.
It was a quiet afternoon & i was taking a nap in my room like always.

Mohi came into my room and said-"yaar, i m incharge for hindi section and need some articles."
I never tried writing before but the idea of writing an article for collz magz(CHRYSALIS) excited me and i assured him-"theek hai bhai, i will give it a try."

Well mohinder was Ed-board club member and at that time he was well known for his ragging Intro which he gave in complete hindi & without making a single mistake. On the other hand, the reason he approached me at first place was that he knew i have done my schooling from Hindi Medium School.

Mohi left the room, I took pen and started writing my first article.

The first thing which came into my mind was my life in hostel.

So i started writing about hostel life.I completed the article in an hour & rushed to Mohi's room.

I said-"Ye le bhai, i completed the article. Tu dekh le if it could make upto college magz."

Mohi replied-"Arrey yar, vaise hi we are short of articles.. toh tera wala bi chalega.. :P, just give me a fair copy of this writing."

I said-"Okay, wait for 5 mins, i ll be back in 10 mins."

I handed him over my first article which was going to publish in CHRYSALIS soon. I was happy.

This scene vanished there.

New scene was there in my mind

BACK IN MY 6TH SEM:Two years passed,Change is the law of nature & we are no different.

I am in third year now. Things around me changed, i changed.

But all this time one thing remain same & that was my urge to see my first article in magz because the magz never reached to the printing press.

I enquired about it time to time.I asked desperately-"mohi yar, ye magz kab aa rahi hai?"

but the answer is same as always,He said-"within a few weeks."

Weeks become months & finally years but still there is no sign of magz.

Everyone from Ed-board tried hard & gave up on printing of the magz.

But no matter what i never lost my hope to see my first article.

From the starting of my sixth sem, when everyone fed up of trying i took the responsibility of 'The CHRYSALIS Thing' just for the sake of my (unpublished) first article. I wasn't even the member of Ed-board club.

I started working on it from january & various problem came into the scene.

Every one seems to has some problem with Chrysalis like- Designing Problem. Problem with the contents of Magz. Problem that Chrysalis '07 is not worth printing in year '09.

& i always thought WTF???? seriously they are finding these problems two years after the compilation of magz.

& somehow I, Designing Team(Sivia n Suniti), Editing Team(Mohinder) convinced them- "Ki sir jaisi bi hai, vaise hi print karwa do ise."

After two years no body was intrested to make any change to the magz.

There was this file named Ed-board club, CHRYSALIS which contained all the issues, permission letters regarding to the magz & i was the carrier of this file throughout my sixth sem.

The loop in which i keep moving was Ashish Sir-> Nipun Sir-> PSC Bhalla sir(Diploma Wing)-> AFC Parashar Sir-> Principal Sir-> Govt Printng Press Kohli Sir-> Ashish Sir.

Everyone has some issues & surprisingly i was the only one who cares to clear all the issues. Mohinder, Sivia, Suniti & Kartik helped me a lot though.

There were times when i too wanted to give up on Magz, i cursed college management, i cursed my self to get involved with the whole Chrysalis-Printing Job.

But then again i look back on to the trail of my efforts i put up so far for the sake of MY FIRST ARTICLE, i took one more step ahead.

Finally in April, i have got the permission letter from college for the printing of magz.

& i remember i cleared the last issue for printing during my semesters.

Printing press assured us that our magz will be ready by the end of May.

15th May, I came back home after my semesters.

10th June 2009, Today:I m in final year now.(Unofficially)

I have got a sms-

"Magazines are finally in college now. congrats" By Mohinder Ghanghas.

So with this message My (Unpublished) First Article got Published today & now i owe 100 bucks to the God as i prayed- "if the magz got published toh mei 100 Rs ka prashad chadaunga."

Pehle this amount was 50 bucks but being a CCET'ian i have to add 50 bucks more to get this job done... :)

Hope you enjoy CHRYSALIS '07 in year 2009...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh!!! "It’s a wonderful life"

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
IMDB Rating-8.6/10
IMDB Ranking-Top #31/250

You are now in Bedford Falls.
It is a story of George bailey. He just didn’t get what he wanted from his life. This boy wanted to go explore the world, his dream was to build things, design new buildings, plan modern cities but destiny chose him to stay at home & serving the people of The Bedford Falls.

Henry F. Potter was the richest & meanest man in the county. He owned almost everything of Bedford Falls except BAILEY BROS Building & Loan Association, A foundation of George’s father Peter Bailey.
George has always longed to travel but never had the opportunity in order to prevent rich skinflint Mr. Potter from taking over the entire town. He took a stand against Henry F. Potter when his father passed away.

After so many years:

On one Christmas Eve, George's Uncle Billy loses the business's $8,000 while intending to deposit it in the bank. Potter finds the misplaced money and hides it from Billy. When the bank examiner discovers the shortage later that night, George realizes that he will be held responsible and sent to jail and the company will collapse, finally allowing Potter to take over the town.

Thinking of his wife, their young children, and others he loves will be better off with him dead, he contemplates suicide.
But the prayers of his loved ones result in a gentle angel named Clarence coming to earth to help George, with the promise of earning his wings.

Here is a little chit-chat between George n his guardian angel Clarence on that eve

George-“I’m worth more dead than alive.”

Clarence-“Yeah! so you still think that killing yourself would make everyone feel happier, eh?”

George-“Well I don’t know, I guess you’re right”. George whispered-“I suppose it would have been better if I’d never been born at all.”

Clarence asked-“What’d you say?”

George replied angrily –“I said, I wish I’d never been born.”

Clarence-“You’ve got your wish. You’ve never been born.”

He shows George what things would have been like if he had never been born.
In a nightmarish vision in which the Potter-controlled town is sunk in sex and sin, those George loves are either dead, ruined, or in miserable.

He realizes that he has touched many people’s life unknowingly in a positive way and that his life has truly been a wonderful one.

Finally George prayed-“I want to live again…”

aWeSoMe mOvIe... :) Tells you that whether you are screwing up your studies or whatever still your life is wonderful... See your life just not made up of you anymore. You are the character in others life as well & may be you complete there story somehow. So don't mess their life by contaminating yours.
Live Up!!!
After all La vita รจ bella as well.