What is FUCK???

*What the FUCK???* is something you already know....

Now the point is *What is FUCK???*

Lemme give it a try to make you understand what is fuck...

My phone is fucking dead...

Pehle Job nahi thi abi life me Phone bi nahi hai.. L

I am Jobless.. Phonelss.. Hopeless.. Tired Ass *Its rhyming* :P Hee Hee Hee

P.S. bahut ho gya sentiyapa.. abi thoda fun karte hain.. Keep Reading..

*Topic Change* *Post Title: I am not made for study...*

My papers are going on... & I am not studying...

My friend just asked: kal paper de ra hai??

I: Han, Why Not???

He: Going to study???

I: No man.. You kidding me..

He: I am proud of you.

I: Thanks man.. You keep my spirits high..

He is gone...

Now I will tell you, ki mei padta kyun nahi hun... n why i am not afraid of papers..

Sala, I am the proud student, who has got ½ marks in sessionals.. I bet zero is far easy to score than ½.. You have to put a lot of efforts to score ½ marks.. :D

My question to all the teachers is:

"Kyun number-number karte ho?? kyun number pe tum marte ho???"

My answer to all the teachers is:

"Kya hota hai numbers ka.. Numbers ki laga doon dheri... Mei barish kar doon numbers ki jo vo ho jaye meri..." :P

lekin tabhi GEETA ne mera hath pakda or pyar se mere kaan me kaha : Pappu, tum kya lekar aaye the or kya lekar jaoge??? Ye number.. Ye duniya.. Sab moh-maya hai...

N just because of that BHAGAWAD-GEETA I dropped my plan to score high in exams...

Oh GOD you don’t want me to study... Mei toh apki banayi ek kathputli hoon...

*karte aap ho, lagti meri hai...* :P

Now, I would like to request all the teachers in shairana andaaz ki:

“number kyun dekhte ho, dil mei utar ke dekho na.. :P

or jab dil mei utrogey toh pata chalega ki..

“Dil toh bachha hai ji, thoda kacha hai ji.. :P

Or ye bachha nahi padhna chahta..

Yahan tak ki Pink Floyd ne bi apne shabdon mei kaha hai ki:

“We don’t need no education... We don’t need no thought control..

Hey teachers! Leave us kids alone... All in all you’re just like another brick in the wall..

*oh man I love this song....*

Chalo guys you have fun...

This is Me reporting live from crime scene.. jahan ye Pappu paper ke liye padai nahi kar raha.. or appeal kar raha hai is nirdayi duniya se ki stop judging us kids on our Marks-Shit...

Kya hoga iska??? Janne ke liye padhte rahiye Notebook...


  1. zakham taaza kar diye mere bhai...:-)

  2. nice read, reminded me of my days.. absolutely sab moh maya hai..
    with or without education, things happen as they are supposed to...
    and this comes from a proud drop-out

  3. hahaha..awesome yaar..love it..
    Fudu education system..Creativity par to dhyan hi nahin deta koi..marks marks karte hain saare.. :D (Inspired from 3 idiots)
    But dont u worry ek din aayega jab sab badal jayega...
    ..n saale job to tujhe mil hi jayega..dnt worry..nd kal fone ka kal kuch karte hain.. :P

    c u in college..

  4. mast hai bhai..... lage raho...
    idhar bhi aisa hi kuch scene hai.... ;)

  5. nice one...
    waiting for more to come...

  6. @ Naveen
    Sry for tat.. :(

    @ Uncommon Sense
    Well.. Thanks for pouring us with your thoughts..

    Thanks for visiting..
    Wish to see you again.. :)

    @ Kittu
    thanks man.. :)
    Yes.. Inspired from 3 Idiots..
    han yar... badalna bi chaiye..
    C you. :P

  7. @ Mani
    Thanks.. :)

    @ Sushant
    Dhanyawad Bhai..:)

    @ Amby
    Thanks. n i b right back with more. :)

  8. dude what the fuck.... :P i mean i laughed so much man, so much... thank you for that... saale tere ko yea ideas aate kahaan se hai.. what is the secret of your energy... ab boost mat bolna ok :P

    and blog rank may mere se aage kaise hai tu... there is some conspiracy going on there too...(does that rhyme :P)

    anyways will be waiting... mast post tha... swalid ek dum...

    take care and keep writing.........

  9. @ Thousif Raza

    *n i laughed so much man, so much... thank you for that...*

    You're welcome my friend.. I love to make you guys laugh.. :) :D

    *saale tere ko yea ideas aate kahaan se hai..*

    Bus bhai.. sab bhagwan ki maya hai..

    *and blog rank may mere se aage kaise hai tu... there is some conspiracy going on there too...(does that rhyme :P)*

    Its Rhyming.. :P

    Thanks Man for dropping in.. :)

    P.S. yar this maya name is sexy!!! i would love to meet her. ;)

  10. amazing dude.... :) :) :)
    next day shayad ADBMS ka sessional tha...

    aur ye friend me hi tha na ?? :|

    anyways... hats off!!! :)

  11. hahahaha hillarious article man :) arre yar job ki tension na lo, bhagwan ne sabhi ki le rakhi hai hehe btw "Pappu, tum kya lekar aaye the or kya lekar jaoge??? Ye number.. Ye duniya.. Sab moh-maya hai..." HAHAHAHAHA I haven't laughed harder in ages :D :D cool concept really.. apni frustration aise hi nikalte raho ;)

  12. @ RDB

    Thanks Man..
    or han londe tu hi tha.. ;)


    Cool.. you liked it. :P
    n mei job ki tension leta ni hun.. ho jati hai.. :P cant help it yar.. :(

    n Thanks for the *un-usual* sa comment.. :D

  13. hehe....ur thoughts ur funny ..i mean i like it ...it is soo soo different from what i write ...it was hilarious ..and now i think am sorta humor-handicapped lol.....ur good seriously good .... *i lyk * i lyk*

  14. @ Vidhi ::

    Thank u - Thank u ... :P

    You r great with ur poems n all.. You rock!!! :))

    for fun.. Keep Visiting.. :P

  15. yeah sure i will .... no doubt abt it .... :)

  16. one thing is for sure that this education system sucks and there is no place for creativity in it everybody is forced to do what others are following they have no space for there imagination and full fill their dreams in their own ways.........any ways enjoyed reading your Blog

  17. @ R2 :

    Hey.. thanks for visiting my blog...
    Hope to see more of you here...

  18. you inspire me re.!! :p
    and that *pink floyd* statement..,.. hehehehee.. its awesome.!!! (:

    1. Thanks Lazee Bumm.. chalo kisi ko to inspire kiya.. :P


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