Me & You...

Yes my friends... The award goes to me & you... yipppeee...

Can you fu**in believe it???

I know you won’t...

But you have to...


*Kyunki.. Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi...* Ha Ha Ha...

Well, Saas-Bahu ka is Award se kuch lena dena nahi hai... I was kidding...

Lekin Awards sach-much me mile hain, APKO or MUJHE dono ko... :P

Here are the Awards I have got...


Rajlakshmi *the Princess*


Meghana *Shahid’s big-tym FAN*

Awarded me with the BLOGGER BUDDY AWARD

A very special THANKS to Rajlakshmi and Meghana for *my first Award*...

Arrey Wait.. Kahan ja rae ho guys???

Award Ceremony abhi baki hai mere dost...

Meghana *Once Again*, Awarded me with the HAPPY AWARD

THANK YOU MEGHANA *Once Again* for HAPPY AWARD... *Dil garden-garden ho gya*

Rules to accept the award:

1. List 10 things that make you happy,

2. Pass it on to 10 happy bloggers.

3. Notify the nominees about this Happy Award.

Here are the 10 things that make me HAPPY:

1. Blogging
2. Rang Manch(Theatre n All)
3. Shopping
4. Doston ki Batein /Sarcasm *Ninda-Ras*
5. Photography
6. Padhai Na Karna
7. Ghar ka Khana
8. Your Comments
9. Beer à 10. Dance

Now, I would like to present the HAPPY BLOG and BLOGGER BUDDY AWARD to :

Thousif Raza, Harshita, Smita, Pallav, Naveen, Ankit, Abhishek, Niraj, Mads, Anshul, Sohrab, Tripat "Prerna"


I would like to present the THANK YOU AWARD.

And the Award goes to:

1. Meghana & Rajlakshmi

2. To all the readers of Notebook & My fellow Bloggers...

*I designed the THANK YOU AWARD for every one of you*

Please Accept these Awards...

P.S. OSCARS: Academy Awards are going to be announced within 2 hours... I hope that you will enjoy these Awards like OSCARS: Blogging Awards...



  1. Thanks for my award man!
    Glad to receive one after all! :D

    btw..look what i have for u..


  2. wow finally i won somethgn too...:D

  3. that is such a lovely award :)
    thank you so much :)

  4. oi hoi ...thankiiieeee yaaare...
    sacchi mein dil garden garden kar diya yaaar :D
    thankkiieee soooo much :)

  5. @ Abhi

    You are welcome dude.. :)
    n Er.Diots simPly Rocks!!!

    @ Sohrab

    You deserve it bee-rather. :P

  6. @ Rajlakshmi

    Glad you liked it.. :)

    @ Meghana

    Oh Ji.. Apka Swagat Hai.. :) :)


    Keep Smiling. :)

  7. Awwww.. that is CHO CHWEET :) M speechless nt just with happiness but blatant disbelief too. I GOT AN AWARD?? whoa! :D

    Thanks a lot Arpit! This has just made my day :)

  8. @ Smita

    You are welcome.. :)

    Keep Enjoying.. :)

    Cheers to Life. :)

  9. hey arpit thank you yaar.. thank you very much.. aur mear naam first... iwas so happy to see that.. ummmah..
    :P thoda emotional ho gaya tha ;)... thx again yaar

    yeah dosti... hum nahi chodenge.. waada hai ek blogger bussy ka dusre se :)

    take care and keep writing......

  10. @ Thousif

    Finally aap aa hi gaye.. :)

    Kahan reh gya tha bey???

    Um so happy that you are Happy.. :)

    yar, Dosti wala gana gake Senti kar diya tune.. :|

  11. Hey thanks for the award. Award for you waiting at my blog. Do collect it..

  12. @ Niraj

    You are welcome..

    N Thanks for the Award. :)

  13. oi hoi... buddy..
    more award for you..
    enjoy kari :)

  14. wow congrats for all these awards..

  15. im seeing this really sorry..thanks a lot :) :)

  16. @ Mads ::

    Its never too late to be sorry.. :P

    You are welcome.. :)


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