A Night To Remember

इस कहानी के सभी पात्र वास्तविक हैं.... (सत्य घटना पर आधारित)

Time-05:00pm (Present Time, Evening)

Place- My Room

Now, I am in hostel, writing a post about past 24 hours..

"Why I am writing this post??? & why is it taking so long???"


Few hours back

Time-12:30 pm (Today Afternoon)

Place- Fun Republic

Now, I am in Fun Republic with my friends & waiting for another friend...

My phone is ringing.. Its my friend telling me that he won’t be able to come due to some reason...

I was like-

"Sale, aa nahi rahe.. Saare Plan ki maiyya ho gayi bey... Ab Kya karein???? Chalo aaye hain toh movie dekh lete hain..."

We saw WELL DONE ABBA*great movie* & had some nice AlooTikkis n Ice Tea n McPuff @ McD...

Then i thought ki -

"I wasn’t here for the movie.... Plan was to continue the Party we started...

What happened yesterday night??? N What was the fukkin plan???"


Few more hours back

Time- 12:30 am (Yesterday Midnight )

Place- My Room

Now, I am thinking that i should write a post about something...

Fuck, I am done with internet... I am going to sleep...

Meine socha-

"Sone se pehle su-su karke aata hun...n ek baar sabko GOOD NIGHT bi bol deta hun..."



5 hours later

Time-5:30 am (Today morning)

Place- My Room

I am still awake... What the hell???

I just went to Su-Su & came back after 5 hours...

Now that is weird coz Su-Su does not take that much of time even if you are drunk... & I was not drunk... No Sir.

"What happened in those 5 hours???"

Think--- Think--- Think---


Actually I just went to wish everyone GOOD NIGHT.. Lekin Luck by chance ek room mei party chal rahi thi..

My friend n his two cousins, who were staying over that night... They were sharing the magic moments of their life... They offered me some n you know how sweet I am...

*I just can’t refuse it.. Like the way you do it.. Please don’t stop the music..*

See, How can i deny sharing some of magic moments... that too apple flavour *my favourite*

TWO pegs down n I was ready to go...

Not to my room but to the balcony coz I was full of emotions n I have to let it go... only 1 month left of our college life... & soon it will be all over...THE END *Sentimental*

I am not good with Emotion handling... N Seriously, pressure of all the emotions was taking a toll on me...

Finally, I said- FUCK OFF!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE....

& there I was in balcony, pissing all my emotions down to the ground floor...

Then I felt empty inside... Aisa laga jaise sab kuch khali-khali sa ho gaya ho...

Or mujhe ehsaas hua ki how this Life is shit without all the emotions...

Toh meine socha meine socha kyun na fir emotional ho jaun...


Raat jawan hokar budhape ki or badne lagi....

N We moved from small talks to the big time philosophies...

*friend’s cousin has a daughter n they call her SEB(Apple)* We talked about her... He showed us her pictures n told us her stories... She is damn cute n It was Fun... J

Baatein karte-karte pata hi nahi chala ki kab subah ho gayi...

At 05:30 am....

Sabne sona tha lekin somehow we didn’t want this night to come to the dead end.... The night was magical...

I came back to my room after wishing everyone Good Morning... *gya tha good night karne.. aaya good morning karke :P*

I went to bed... Neeni mera 5 ghante se intezar kar rahi thi... So mei aate hi so gaya... ;)

I was fast asleep n I saw a dream about the night...

**Dream Sequence**

In my dream,

I remember myself promising everyone that I won’t let this night end...

I was saying - “Hey guys I have a plan... Why don’t we continue this party in the morning?? We will go somewhere n we will do some fun... N guys you know I will write a post about this night...

Zzz....... *um still sleeping*


Friend: Oye... Uth ja...

I: Kya bey sone dey.. Sunday hai..

Friend: Sale, We are going for the party..

I: Konsi Party???

Friend: C***iye, the one you promised to continue... & you asked me to wake you up...

I: I did???? That means it wasn’t a dream.... *Bewada Me*

Friend: You go to F.R. with R n A, Me n Cousin will join you later...

So, me n R n A went to the Fun Republic to continue the party of the last night...

There I have got a call of L telling me that they are not coming..

so Plan of continuing the party ended up with watching WELL DONE ABBA & eating McD’s... :D

This post is also the part of my plan to make the Night... A Night to Remember...

P.S. PUB me RUB dikhta hai, Yara me kya karun???


  1. He he He...a great one ...really missing my colleges day...and great way to tell a story as well...

  2. hahahah pub mei rub dikhta hai!!!! :D
    haiii ye ladka :roll:

  3. @ Niraj:

    Thanks.. :)

    vaise kisi ne sahi kaha hai
    "Collz days are the best days of our life..."

    n u know what.. i m afraid too, that i ll be missing mine someday.. thats why i am making most out of it now. :)

    @ Rajlakshmi:

    Pub-Rub, ye kya hota hai???? *innocent*

    -->> haii ye Ladka :roll:
    Mujhe duniya walon sharabi na samjho.. mei peeta nahi hun, pilai gayi hai.. :P *talli*

    :)) Thanks for dropping in :))

  4. lol..what a way to express ur story :)
    really enjoyed it!

  5. movie review superb tha ;), emotions dho dale... my god... neehe wale babu cowkidar ne kya sicha hoga... :P

    saale you always crck me up... ek dum awesome, dhasoo, aur sunny paaji ke dhai kilo hath wala post tha ;)...

    *in babu rao ganpatrao apte's voice* ek dum must poth tha re bab, ek dum must, sandas jake aane ke baad bhi itna accha feel nahi hota , but tumhare posth padne ke baad utna accha feel hua re baba... ;)

    glad you had fun re....

    take care and keep writing.........

  6. @ Thousif

    There u r.. I was waiting for your comment re!!! :)

    n Sandas wala point bolke toh tune fir mera dil jeet liya.. I am honored.. :))

    Thanks for liking it. :P

    P.S. Um waiting for the story wala post.

  7. oye hoye emotional sir ji, emotions ko beh jane do, ohh you already did :P ;) kya post mara hai! wah wah! dil garden garden ho gaya.. you're an insipiration yar, aisi ek party yahan karni padegi lagta hai :D

    yahi reason hai why I have been saying no to my mum coming over and me moving out of hostel.. HELL NO!! itni masti ghar mein to hone se rahi ;)

    btw, "pub mein rub dikhta hai" ROFL!!! TOO good!! keep up yar ;)

  8. @ Smitzy

    Thanku-Thanku Ji. :)

    N yea go for the party.. Such parties are fun. :P You've seen how much. :D

    or han... Jo maja hostel life ka hai.. vo or kahan? :)


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