Dream of a Job :)


Finally, I got placed... *not in Yahoo!*

But still, I *the jobless guy* got Placed for real...

Oh Man!!!

JOBLESS wala time was real tough for me... K though I tried to make it better with the help of bitter*beer* but it was not good...

One thing I learnt from that time is that “never save yourself for better tomorrow, just use it to make a better today” *kya pata kal ho na ho*


Every time I went for the placement... I thought ki “yar aaj placement ho jaye fir Ruby Tuesday me Daru *full on*”

It was my dream to drink with my friends in RUBY TUESDAY...

As they are already placed so my friends were waiting me to get place so that we achieve our dream of drinking together...

& before this company,

Infosys: Not selected

OATI: Not selected

Bayatree: Not selected

Convergys: Not selected

I never get placed; hence we never went to the Ruby Tuesday...

Fir meine socha- “WTF??? yar placement toh jab honi hogi tab hogi, First live your Dream...”

I was ready, so just before the night of the written exam of this company... I did it...

Yes, I went to the RUBY TUESDAY with Abhi n RDB *both are placed in Infy* *Assholes*...

We enjoyed the freaking non-placement party...

This party lasted till 4:00 am...

After 8 hours @ 12:00 pm... I attended the HR Interview followed by 2 hours of written test...*in complete hangover* J

Result came after 2 days... & I was selected for the final interview...

Now, I must say that I am very superstitious... That is why I repeat things which bring luck to me...

So just before the night of the final interview I drank till 4:00 am & after 8 hours @ 12:00 pm... I attended the final interview... J

& Tonight @ 11:00 pm... I got the news that I am selected...

Everybody around me is so happy...J We had this lil Tea party & I promised them that soon we will be having another party...

Some weird things happened to me this time... like

  • People, who wished me luck every time, didn’t send me a BEST OF LUCK message for this company as I always disappointed them with my result... J
  • Divya wished me luck for the first time... & I have got selected... J
  • Whole ruby Tuesday sequence... *unbelievable*

P.S. I didn’t talk to mummy-papa yet coz they sleep early but after few hours... I’ll tell them the Good News –“Jao keh do relatives & padosiyon se ki apka londa place ho gaya...”

P.P.S. Thanks to every one of you for wishing me luck every time...

Company I have got placed in: http://www.livewiretelecom.in/live/index.html


  1. Hey Arpit congrats...I can understand how it feel when u don't get selected..all the best for ur career..

  2. man that is so awesome... gurray and what better way to say congrats than posting you the story i told you abt... ja dekh le.... first part posted.... congrats enjoy :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  3. Congrats dude. U did it finally.
    Koi cheez aasani se mil jaaye to uski value pata nahi chalti. Job lagna is like pyaar hona... achanak se ho jata hai pata hi nahi chalta ... and kuchh din baad yaad bhi nahi rehta ki kabhi life mein wo mushkil time bhi aaya tha.

    Looking for my glass of vodka. Maybe not in ruby tuesday but on some saturday or sunday.

    Cheers to u.

  4. @ Niraj ::

    Thanks Man.. :)

    @ Harshita ::

    Thanku.. :P

  5. @ Thousif ::

    Thanks Man.. :) n Story thing is great..*sooo happy*

    @ Neo ::

    Thanks bhaiya.. :) yea i did it finally.. :D
    n Sure.. Vodka will be all over you.. ;)

  6. hey ...congo .. ! fr the placement thing first of al.....i find ur blog damn interesting ....though nthn to do with my business or i know or sumthing ..its just that its kinda exciting and fun ... i like it .. !

  7. @ viddhi ::

    Thank You bery-bery muck for liking my blog... :)) *speechless*

    You are welcome here on Notebook..

    see you later.. :)

  8. congratz yaar !!!
    so u finally got it !!!
    cool !!!
    we'll party next time I come to chandigarh !!!
    and o yes I am Ankit Beri friend of Abhi (if he has ever told bout me) and a great fan of ur posts.

    well , kick him one from my side just like that !!!

    happy blogging !!! tk cr. enjoy !!

  9. @ Ankit ::

    Thanks Man.. :)
    Yea finally got it.. :D

    N i knw bery-bery much abt u Mr. Beri... :P

    Mr.Pani talk abt u when he is drunk.. infact abi jab pi thi to usne bataya tha ki how you went for a movie n ur gf dint come... so you watched it alone...

    But bro.. you come to chd n you wont b watchin or drinkin akele.. coz we the assholes will be with u..*all the time*

    C you soon.. :)
    or han.. malpani ki milkar marengey.. :)

    Tk Cr.

  10. Congratsss...
    The same happens with me many-a-times... not the drinking-and-getting-placed thing but the entire luck and actions interdependence...
    I want a party too. Bol kaunsi drink pilayega? :P

  11. @ Kedar ::

    Thanks Man!!!

    Beer ll be great for starters.. :P

    Vodka in main course.. :))

    n Isse jyada me afford nai kar sakta.. ;)

  12. hey arpit...
    congo buddy...
    itz booze time...
    n read ur blog posts 2day aftr few weeks...
    i always like ur posts...
    n i posted 2 of ur lines on my facebook page..
    tc buddy..
    n keep posting...

  13. its hitesh ratnani here...
    (HRDiary)..begun lil bloggin..hehe

  14. Congratulationzzzz :D :D
    what coincidences :P

  15. @ Hitesh ::

    Thanks Man
    1. For your wishes
    2. Reading my post

    n Yea, Its booze tym... :)
    Cheers to life man. :)

    @ Princess ::

    Thank you sooo much.. :)

  16. Hey rastogi.. congos for placmnt man !!
    this blog is too good ,, keep up the punch !!
    Yuvraj here

  17. @ Yuvi Sir ::

    Thank You Sir.. :))

    I ll try to maintain the decorum.. :P

  18. wow.. thats great news.. congratulations and all the bst

  19. @ Kavya ::

    Thank you so much for your best wishes.. :)

  20. @ Prerna ::

    Hey.. Thanks.. :)

    Well as my final semesters are going on, so i am not able to put up any new post.. :)

    But i ll be back with one soon. :P

    till then.. Keep Smiling. :)

  21. CONGRATS!!! and my apologies too for such a LATE reply. Real life has been catching up bad :(
    oh btw, I got placed too :) more on that in a post maybe sometime.. adios!

  22. @ Smitzy ::

    Hey, Thanks.. :)

    all apologies are accepted.. :S

    abt ur JOB!!!
    Great yar..
    Party.. :)

    So much is happening with you.. hmm??
    Jo bi ho ra hai.. update us real soon..
    I wish that your real life turn out awesome pretty soon.. :)

    so, I will be waiting for your post o_O

    Cheers Mate. :))
    Adios.. Amigos.. Ciao.. :P


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