FUCKED UP! *RE-play*

There is something not at its right place... either my mind or

My Mind...

My mind is fucking up so hard these days...

The whole new class of Fuckology is working on me very badly...

And me somehow not able to handle it at this moment...

Seriously you can make a colourful shit out of my fucking situation right now...

I am done with my semesters just now... And my joining date is 15th may, which is not more than a week away...


But everything is messed up...

Actually I fucked my very last paper of the very last semester.... and I am wondering what will be the consequences if I get a RE in last semester...

Everybody is telling me that they won’t give you a RE in last semester but this mother-fucker mind of mine is not able to accept it...

I am so scared of every fucking consequence I have to face if I get a RE...

My joining will cancelled... My degree will be extended... & WHAT NOT???

I know this is all hypothetical but I can’t help it either...

May be I am thinking too much... May be my mind is working in night shift as well...

May be my mind is so happy to make a fool out of me....

I don’t know much... but what if it all turns out to be TRUE???


  1. haayeee raammmm... kitna sochta hai re tu...
    kuch ni hoga.. think good feel good..
    always remember its all in the mind..
    the more negative u think the more negative things will happen all around u cos u attract the negative energy..
    so think positive and u attract positive energy so u will not have ur RE
    ok chill maadi..
    go have ur usual fave beer.. (usike layak hai tu :P )

  2. pray to God, and dont be negative :)
    yeah, they never fuck up grades in the last semester...
    good luck :)

  3. abe jhandu..itna samjhaya tha that u wont get a re..aiven tension le raha hai..go n sleep, your mind is working not only nite shift but double shift..give it a rest.. :P

  4. @ Meghana ::

    hmmm... :|

    Ok, I ll think good & feel good now and ll attract lotza positive energy for sure... :)

    um chillin.. *phew* Its hard but i ll try. :)

    Anyways.. CHEERS to such positive comment.. :)) Thanks.

  5. @ Mads ::

    OK. I ll do that..
    "hey! Bhagwan pass kara do.. *last tym* iske baad kuch ni mangunga.. sachi!!! apki kasam!!! :P"

    n This last sem thing is my only hope.. :)

    Thanks.. :)

  6. @ Abhi ::

    No comments..
    We will see my result..

    agar pass hota hun to as usual DARU party @ RT. fyn?

  7. Fucking fuck this thought and throw it away :D :D


    Tu toh mera bhi guru nikla...itna sochne ka nahi :P ahem! sochne ka hain toh kuch mast soch.. :D

    Sab mast hoga... ;)

  8. @ Harshita ::

    fuck this thought and throw it away..
    i am fucking this thought..
    Holy shit, i din't use the protection..
    OMG.. ab kya hoga??

    Ab iss thought ka bachha ho jayega.. Vo mujhe papa-papa kahega..

    to be continued...

    OMG!!! My next post is going to be about this comment... :P

    P.S. Wait for it.. It is going to be LEGED-*wait for it*-ARY.. :P

    P.P.S. abi me ekdum mast-mast sochunga.. ;)

    Thanks. :)

  9. Beta yeh RT jaane ke naam se hum jo tujhe duaein dete hain unse hi tu ab tak pass ho raha hai..hahahaha..
    so keep it flowing, always.. :P

    P.S relax

  10. O kuch ni hunda kakke !!!
    Tu fikr na kar !!!!

    Aur ye first time thodi hai pehle bhi kayi baar ye hua hoga ki u thought they wud fail u and u passed !!!

    Baaki kuch ni hone waala
    itz just a stupid thought do chaar botlein gatak ja sab theek ho jayega
    ye thought chorr koi bhi thought nahin aayega dimaag mein !!!

    Nahin to go and watch 'Phoonk 2'
    it'll change ur state of mind !!!

    lol !!!

    but uske baad kya hoga can't say !!!

    aur agar fir bhi koi kasar reh jaye to go and watch Tushar Kapoor ki
    and maybe
    'Phoonk 1' or 'Darna Mana Hai' or 'Darna Zaruri Hai'

    uske baad to ye jeevan, paper,marks,job etc sab moh maaya lagne lag jayenge !!

    try !!!

    Happy Blogging !!!
    Tk cr !!

    P.S. - Think about the post mentioned in the comments above, It'll surely be a rocking post if posted by u !!

  11. @ Beri ::

    Bhai.. Aag laga di apke comment ne.. :P

    Just of the thought of drinking n watching such movies changed my whole state of mind.. ;))

    I am a happiiee Person now..
    I just pissed on your FB wall as well.. :P

    I am working on the post.. lets see what will come out of it.. ;D

    Happy Blogging.. :))

  12. @ Beri ::

    Nice to have a comment larger than my post... :P

  13. Dhanyawaad !!!
    Ye to apna style hai,
    jab hamari posts itni lambi hoti hain ki log half ke baad padhna chorr dete hain to comments bhi to humein ussi level ki rakhni padengi !!!

    Waise bhi u see it goes with my size
    the bigger the better.

    Ya checked out ur thoughts on the Facebook wall and replied as well !!

    lage raho m waiting for the post !!!

  14. don't woryy.... b happy .. !! :) ..

    is what i would have said if u wouldn't have "fucked " your thought in the next post .. :P

    but seriously it happens with everyone or ppl like u and me ... :P
    hehe... !

  15. @ Viddhi ::

    Okay.. I am happy.. :)

    awww, poor we.. :| lolz..

    Thanks for dropping in.. :)

  16. Hahaha lol a great fuckin post!!! loved thoughts over the Fuckology. don worry pappu tu paas ho jaayega!!! ;)


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