FUNNED UP... Fuck RE, Just Play... :P

This post is a work of fiction

Ab tak apne padha :: FUCKED UP! *RE-Play*

Ab aage >>>>>>>

First of all... Thank you all for your optimistic comments...

I worked on every part of the suggestion provided through your lovely comments...

But there was this very comment which caused me to write a POST... *so touching*

Comment of HARSHITA on my last post goes as ::

Fucking fuck this thought and throw it away :D :D


Tu toh mera bhi guru nikla...itna sochne ka nahi :P ahem! sochne ka hain toh kuch mast soch.. :D

Sab mast hoga... ;)

I took it a bit seriously...

I implemented it by using BOTTOMS-UP approach... *my favourite*


She Said - itna sochne ka nahi :P ahem! sochne ka hain toh kuch mast soch.. :D

Sab mast hoga... ;)


OKAY... *ab me sab kuch ekdum mast sochunga* :)


She again Said - Fucking fuck this thought and throw it away :D :D



I ll fuck this thought right away...

I am fucking this thought... Oh... Man it is so hot... :P

I am cumming... I am cumming...

finally... I came...

And when i came then i came *again* to realise about what i have done??

Oh Man! I am Fucked. :|

Guess What guys???

I just fucked my thought....... without using a condom... *anxious*

my mind started working up on that again...

Fuck Man! Ab iss thought ke bachhe ho jayenge.. Vo mujhe papa-papa kahenge..

Fir kya hoga??

Mei college me kya muh dikhaunga??

Log mujhe gandi nazron se dekhenge ---> Mujhe badchalan kahenge??

Is baali umar me mei kahan jaunga??



& then HARSHITA’s words echoed in my mind

throw it away :D :D


Yes... it is so simple... I will throw this child away...

But then father side of mine cried :: *AKAASH-VANI* types

"You can’t abandon your own child... *blood running through her veins is yours*

How can You commit such a henious crime?? *STOP FEMALE FOETICIDE* "

so, I Decided to raise her against all the odds & this society of hypocrites....

-The End


Q: See guys what happens, When you fuck up??

A: Yes.. You get a family.


P.S. My 'child thought' is so beautiful & moreover she does not look like her mother... I call her khushi...

P.P.S. My 'wife thought' is pregnant again... For more on her keep reading Notebook...

*CONTEMPLATES* To comment or not to comment?? - Harshita's take on this post :P

This is me taking off for my third honeymoon... *but Don't you worry guys.. I will have only 2 kids*

apart from that,
they also say - HUM DO, HUMARE DO *one more saying to support my 2-KIDS Theory* suggested by VIDDHI.. :P

See You Guys later... :)


  1. *contemplates* To comment or not to comment?? LOL!!

    ;);) Massssssst!!

  2. I read ur post yesterday n today a follow up for the was an awesome read... really made me :) :)

  3. hahha...kitna sochte ho rasto bhai..Mast likha hai vaise...:)

  4. ur daughter "khushi" seems beautiful ~i could sense that :P

    i hope ur 2nd child is as beautiful as the first one and "hope" its not as troublesome as ur "wife thoughts" (still i like ur wife sometimes ..she's good...)

    waise apart from "CHHOTA PARIVAR, SUKHI PARIVAR"


    n yess sochne ka to mast sochne ka

    nyc *i lyk i lyk*

  5. hahahah!

    Cant say more :P... mast!

  6. Mast hai Bhidu !!!!

    Best part is the 1st line of the post

    "This post is a work of fiction"

    lol !!!!!

    Lagtaa hai meri suggested movies nahin dekhin, tabhi this awesum kind of a 'Thought Ka Bacha'
    who is also beautiful as u say !!!

    Chalo now u r a family man and u will have lots of responsibilities on ur shoulders !!!

    U didn't mention anything bout ur inlaws !!!
    lets wait for them !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care,
    waiting for the next one and signing off !!!

    P.S. - Yippee this time my comment is smaller than the post !!!!

  7. chah raha hai chote....
    p.b. will love u and ur post...
    hidden talent

  8. Dude wat was that....I mean can't stop laughing ...but on the contrary u have got the solution of the problem...just stop thinking and wait for time to come ...wat say...

  9. HAHAHA!!!
    LMAO...i can't stop laughing yaar..
    your mind is a devil's workshop bro..

    tumhe ye sab thoughts aati kahaan se hai?? :O
    BDW this is reader of ur blog.;)

  10. @ Harshita ::

    arey, BINDASS comment karne ka... :P
    Thanks. :D

    @ Urvashi ::

    Thanks.. :)
    Good to hear that.. :P
    Keep Smiling.. :D

  11. @ Simpu ::

    Thanku Simpu.. :D

    @ Vidhhi ::

    Yes.. She is beautiful.. :P

    awww... Thanks V for your best wishes for my 2nd kid.. :)

    n @ you like my wife..
    DEVIL YOU!!! :X

    @ hum do humare do, i added it to the post itself with a thank note.. :P

    Thanks V for liking it.. Thanks a lot..
    Keep Smiling. :)

  12. @ Harini ::

    Thank You. :)
    Keep Smiling. :)

    @ Ankit ::

    Thanks Bhidu.. :)
    ha ha ha

    dost apki batayi hui movies ke naam sunkar hi kaam ho gya tha.. ;) *mood swings* *bus naam hi kafi hai* :D

    @ me being a family man:
    yes sir.. i am loaded with all the responsibilities..
    apki bhabhi ko teesri baar honeymoon par le jana kya chhoti baat hai.. :P

    @ in-laws:
    arey yar marwaoge tum... :P
    but i ll try a hand on them as well for making my life hell... ;)

    Happiee Blogging to you Too..

    @ your comment:
    I love to have your comments.. *bada hai to better hai* ;)

    P.S. kai saal baad kisi ne fir BHIDU bola.. senti kar ditta yar.. :)

  13. @ Anonymous Amby ::

    Thank You bhai..
    kash teri baat sach ho jaye,
    or vo humare ab ho jaye. :P

    @ Niraj ::

    Very rightly said...
    Just Stop Thinking & Wait for the time to come..

    kal ki sochkar abi kyun tension lena.. :P

    Keep Rolling Man!!! :))

  14. @ Alkshendra ::

    Ha Ha hA hA.. :D
    @ my mind as devil's workshop
    I ll take it as a compliment.. Thanks. :)

    @ thoughts aati kahan se hain?
    Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar hota hai.. :P *unused brain i have* *never used it in studies* :D

    Welcome to my blog bro!!! :))

    Keep laughing your ass off!!! :D

    @ Abhi ::

    Lolz... Ye ek bahut ganda majak tha.. :D

  15. ahem.. seriously? you managed to write a WHOLE post abt an imaginary f**ked up thought family???


    lage raho :P

  16. @ Smitzy ::

    ha ha ha ha... :D

    *hum to bhai aise hain, aise hi rahehge* :P

  17. lmao.. i seriously cant stop laughing... thought ka bacha!!!! hahahhaha!!! kyaa hi baaat hai :P

  18. @ Ananya ::

    Sometimes i write kuch bhi.. Even i wonder at times that i actually wrote such post.. :D

    Anyways nice blog u have.. Keep blogging..

    P.S. ananya n vandita, nice names.. do naam n do blogs.. badiya hai.. :P

  19. lolzzz... ur blog is great.. wenever one feels low he should come n read ur blog :P
    n my sis recommended ki have some pen name.. heheh... then i thought of some names and this was the first one which came to me ;) :P

  20. @ Ananya ::

    mast hai.. :P
    i hope to see more of you on my blog n on your blog as well.. :)

    Keep Blogging. :)

  21. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks


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