Pehli JOB se Pehle NASHA

Today, It was my first day on the JOB... :)

& i would like to tell you, my-story behind this JOB... :P

9½ hours before the JOB ::

My FB status says "Um fuckin 6 pegs down.. N um gonna join my company today only.. Precisley after 9½ hours later.. So u shud wish me luck.. Cheers!"

I wrote that kyunki,
I was truly-madly-deeply TALLI at big FAREWELL night following by the biggest morning of my life...

& when the biggest morning of my life arrived, I was Hanging-Over the De-Hydration effect...
My all body-water was drained out because of Alcohol...

So i drank a lot of water in the morning... I even drank one Ice Tea *not* worth Rs.70 to get over the Hang-Over effect...
But it actually turned out as Excessive Mutra-Visarjan effect...

here comes the all new PISS song for you::

I pissed before signing the Employee Form.. yea!
I pissed after signing the Employee Form.. yea-yea!

I pissed before signing the Agreement Form.. yo!
I pissed after signing the Agreement Form.. yo-yo!

I was Fucked n Lost
My head kept spinning n i kept pissing all day long.. whoa!!


Songs Apart... It was no fun being drunk on the very first day of your job. :|
*Do not try this stunt in your life, Performed by very trained cum talented srewers* :P

Few hours after the all day long tiring JOB(back in hostel) ::

I was sitting idle but comments shown in above pic inspired me to write a post about whatever happened... :))

So here I am.. :)

P.S. I wish that from Monday onwards I ll do something else then Pissin 'my balls out' or Spinnin 'my brains out'!

P.P.S. Thank you guys for being such a nice reader of mine... & your best wishes rock guys!!! *FUEL FOR MY LIFE* keep me Runnin 'out of water'...
"Oh teri fir De-Hydration ho jayega, Ab mera kya hoga?? Kalia.. :P"

MORAL of My-Story - Never get drunk before your day of joining... ;) *wisdom quote*

-Arpit Rastogi
(Software Developer)


  1. ahem !!!

    signed by 'Arpit Rastogi' (software developer)

    Impressive !!!!

    O kuch ni hunda kakke bas saath mein ek bottle le kar jaya kar (It won't be difficult for you to find one, U must be having a collection of those) and U can piss off whenever wherever u like & considering the quantity of them that you can manage leave them anywhere therez no need even to carry them back home !!!

    Waise I can imagine the situation and the after + side effects !!

    Enjoy the job and take care !!

    Happy Blogging !!!

  2. AWESOME!!! :) impressive signature dooode.. if this doesnt attract the chicks, dunno what will :P ;)!!

  3. @ DuDo ::

    pehla din was completely fucked up..*seriously*

    hey, its good to have you as my regular.. :))

    Thanks yar..
    I ll get back to your blog. ASAP!

    Keep Smiling. :))

    @ Beri ::

    Thank You Man!

    ha ha ha..
    Your problem to my solution is fucking awesome..

    I ll take this advice in account..
    vada hai apse, jitni khali ki hain.. sari bhar dunga... :D

    Thanks Again.
    Happy Blogging.
    Keep Smiling. :))

  4. @ Smitzy ::

    a big THANKS goes to you...

    ---> signature
    aaye-haye.. kya baat boli yar..
    dil khush kar diya.. ;P

  5. Arpit, u r hilarious !
    lol..nice posts, great blog ! ..u have so many followers ya! wow..!
    Now, i'am following too :)

  6. impressed.....:P

    Mr software devoloper....:)

    nyc nyc *i lyk*

  7. @ Isha ::

    Thanks for liking n following my blog. :))

    you too should have that FOLLOW gadget on your blog..

    Keep Writing. :))

    @ Viddhi ::

    thank u.. thank u.. :)

  8. hahaha, funny and entertaining as usual, nd next time make sure you don't get drunk that much.. :D :D

    All the best!!.. :)

  9. ha ha ha...that wa sfunny, specially the pissed ;)

    hey log on

    u r surely gonna love it!!!

  10. Arpit, Same happened with me actually. I had drank a lot one night. Fultoo high. Next day, i had my 3rd day of job. I was in a terrible hangover in the morning. And thanks to that hangover that i got fired that day.
    It was just a part-time job. So, i was not concerned about being fired. Infact, i happily posted it on fb. :D (Shameless me)
    Btw, honey too helps in recovering from hang-over.
    And u have a nice and funny blog. You earned a new follower. :)

  11. tallli ho gaya first day par hi.... teri himmat ki do laat deni padegi :P

    saale.... you survived and congrats for that.... loved the fine print.... keep em up buddy.... or naya post likha hai... check it out.....

    take care and keep writing..........

  12. @ Kittu ::

    han yar ab jada daru ni peeni...
    ll drink like professionals.. :P

    Thanks for the wishes. :)

    @ Tripat"Prerna" ::

    Hey thanks for visiting.. :))

    n yea, i ll check out the blog..

  13. @ Kedar ::

    You're funny man... ;)
    n u knw what? --> being SHAMELESS is the biggest fun... :D

    ohk, i ll buy some honey for next time...

    Thanks for following, bro... :))

    Happy Blogging. :))

    @ Raza ::

    Thanks man... :))

    n i ll check your post... :D

    Have Fun.

  14. DuDe its my pleasure to follow such blogs which has similar thought flow to mine... i do catch up wid every single blog i like...

    U really blow my mind wid your simple posts :)

    Here is your award from me

    njoi ur day

  15. hey all the best...keep drowning work and not in beer...he he he..

  16. @ DuDo ::

    Even i do the same.. :PP
    Thanks a ton for the award man.. :))
    It made my Night. ;)

    @ Niraj ::

    Thanks.. :))
    I ll try to drown to the bottom of the Work.. *not in beer mug* :P

  17. thanx yar 4 gvng a gud compliment 4 my xperince...........................
    Really i too had luv stry is awesum novel literally i was cried wen i read dat khushi died.....................


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