Love Story 2010

Hi guys, this is a true story of mine.. so please take it seriously...

Tonight, There was a party at my flat... My roomy was throwing the party as his bro get through in one of the prestigious college for engineering....

I was quite over drunk, so I said that i need to go for a walk to get some fresh air...

'My present scene is that I like someone & you know what kinda looser I am.. bloody, I am still hiding my feelings deep inside... :('

So whenever I am drunk, I think about the girl I love most at that moment.... :P

As I already told you that I was drunk like Devdas and I needed some fresh air so I took a leave from my friends & I went out for a walk at night...

It was drizzling outside...

I was completely lost as I was alone & drunk & in love at the same time... :|
It was raining outside... so I cried a bit for the Chick I fell in love lately...

“Love to walk in the rain, because no one can see me cry.”- Charlie Chaplin.

Leave the saying apart...

I was completely lost in the darkness of night....

After some time I realised that I am getting late... I have to go back to my flat...

I was walking back to my flat then I realised that someone is following me...

Well it was a Dog & I am afraid of Dogs...

I did nothing but I kept walking towards my flat...

After sometime i noticed that the Dog is stalking me...

I kept walking...

Then I sat in the park in front of my building... &

That Dog came in the park n sat in front my bench...

I was no more afraid of that Dog.... I started whistling & tried to communicate with that Dog but It seems that he was not interested in me... :|

I was disappointed by that...

I walked out of the Park... & that Dog came just after me...

Now it was interesting, coz i saw him coming after me..
I stopped right there & started to communicate with him again by my whistles n all.. but he dint show a bit of interest in me...

I was disappointed again...

But there was lil hope that he really likes me... so I gave him one more chance...

I started walking again n noticed him...

He was stalking me... :P

I again went inside the park & sat on the same bench I was sitting before...

That Dog came n sat right in front of me...

Now, I was sure that he likes me... :)

I went close to him & started talking to him in my drunk language... He appreciated that & showed his love for me...

It was the first time when someone showed me that much of love...

Otherwise I always kept running for the wrong person..

That Dog was the first one who came for me...

I patted him for a while...

He was feeling comfortable with me...

We two were there in the park for half an hour... I was no more alone in that dreadful night...

Then it started raining heavily... He was fast asleep there...

I said goodnight in his ear & then left him with a hope that tomorrow he will recognise me & show me the same love...

Now I can understand what true love is...

P.S. Please don’t make fun of this post... I am quite serious tonight... Good Night.


  1. I am afraid of dogs too! I hope I dont find a dog stalking me at midnight :P

  2. Loved the post buddy!!! its nice that your feelings towards the dog has changed... :)

    apart from that.. i would like to just advice you, why don't you open up to your loved one... Never hide your true feelings, let everyone know exactly how you feel, you never know what the outcome may be. Give it a try. all the best bro!!!

  3. boss mast experience tha yaar....great learning in the end too....
    ur ex roommate...

  4. very touching.. :) nice read.. :)

  5. @ Surbhi ::

    ha ha ha.. :D believe me they are good.. :P

    @ DuDo ::

    Thanks Man.. :)
    Yea, i am thinking for giving it a try as well... may be someday!! :)

  6. @ Anonymous ::

    yeah.. it was really great.. :)
    but you left me in confusion bro..I am not able to recognize about, my which EX you could be... May be Bakshi but y dun u left your name behind.. :P

    @ Arpitha ::

    Hey.. Good to hv you on my blog.. :)
    Thanks a lot dear.. :)

  7. hmm..the flow ws great line after the tell us if the dog recognises u the next day...I m sure it would.. :) :)


  8. @ Urvashi ::

    Thanks for your comment.. :)
    I dint saw him today.. :(

  9. Nice one buddy !!!

    Cant say more !!!!

    The thought is itself self sufficient that u r serious !!!

    All the best for talking to ur loved one and
    May u get all the love in this world !!!

    Happy Blogging and tk cr !!!

  10. @ Beri ::

    Thanks Man.. :)
    Thanks a lot for your sweet wishes.. :)

    Keep Smiling.

  11. so sweet yaar... really to be very frank...emotions conveyed in silence are far more impact full then through some sweet words...

    One more thing from my side...its better to show the feeling then its late..coz what if some1 say no as it is other person don't know..but wat if some1 say yes...think about after long time...keep coming in..

    P.s - Personal Experience :)

  12. :)

    I smiled thru this one...

    I have two pets at home... things I cant talk to any1.. I talk to them... they jst give u too much of love without asking for anything in return n judging u :)

    You are awesome... aivayee

  13. really very touching...god bless u

  14. @ Mr Lemon ::

    Hey Thanks man.. :)
    Well um showing my feelings.. *thodi-thodi* :P

    baki, i would like to listen more of your personal experience.. :)

    @ Harshita ::

    Seriously. your every word is true..
    they dun judge u n luv u unconditionally.. :P

    :) :) :)
    I am happy that you liked this post.. :P

    I am overwhelmed.. aivayee.. :D

  15. @ Tripat Prerna ::

    Glad you liked it. :)

  16. awww.....this is sooo sooo ...(no words) i have tears in my eyes .... :(

    this is what i call awesomeness....

    i just hope both of you have a happy ending ... !!

  17. arpit lemme tell you its not funny at all... you are one of the most loveable and understanding persons i've ever met in life

    you spread smiles like a butterfly on a sunny day...

    whoever you are loving would be the most luckiest girl on earth... and for my sake say to her once... i know its scary as hell but i'm sure she would say yes....

    i just wanna say... that dog even though its dint knew you... loved you in a matter of mins and this girl... she knows you rgt?.... think of the possibilities.... honestly... she would be the luckiest girl..... :)

    best of luck for everything bhai :)

    take care and keep writing...........

  18. @ VIDDHI :

    Thanks for dropping by.

    @ RAZA :

    Hey man..
    Your comment means a lot to me.. :))

    Thanks bro for such an awesome comment.. :))

    Your every word make me feel top on the world.. :))

    You rock bro!

    n Yes gal knws me n i ll try to tell her about my feelings.. :P

    Tk Cr.

  19. Lol..uski breed pata kar, agar "Gotra" match kar gaya toh inshaallah we'll marry u guys off..hakunamatata..hahahaha..

    - this post made my day..! :D

  20. @ Abhi ::

    I am happy that my post made ur day... :)

    luv u bro!!! :P

  21. "i think bout the girl i love at that moment" =p

    i ws actually expecting sum girl who wud hav stalked ..but turned out 2 b a dog...unexpected..hahaha =D
    anyways i loveeeee dogss <3<3<3<3
    anyways who knows uss kutte ki malkin z sum hot chick..u neva know..;) :D

  22. You were stalked by a dog who didn't show interest in you :D
    No not making fun of you. Am a bit confused :p
    Nice doggy tale :)

  23. @ RV ::

    Glad you liked it.. :)

    Thanks for such an optimistic comment.. :D
    N malkin thing is cool.. I never thought it that way!!! :P

    @ Shas ::

    Ha Ha.. :D
    You guys are cruel.. :\

    anyways Thanks for dropping by.. :)

  24. no new post..???

    where hv u been?/

  25. keep a dog as a pet.. it will work wonders fr u.. n no, i m not joking.

    really sweet touchy post :)

  26. @ Tripat "Prerna" ::

    Well thr are some new sad posts.. :)
    I am not sadist but can't control my emotions either.. :(

    @ Smitzy ::

    Thanks for the suggestion..
    Even i think of having a pet Dog.. :)
    Lets just hope for the best.. :)


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