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3 months back, I finished my engineering & get into a job immediately.

Everything was perfectly fine at that moment.


I was happy for two big reasons

  1. I was the first one to start with professional life.
  2. I was staying back in chandigarh for like one more year & that will give me more time to spend with my college friends.

In this particular way, I will be enjoying my extended college life while working at the same time.

I thought it would be fun.

One month passed quickly...

Everything was just fine at that moment.


It was my 2nd month at job.

I left hostel & moved to a flat.

Then I hit the ground of reality.

REALITY... that my college life is over & I can’t re-live it.

It was the moment when I start missing home. I felt alone.

All this time I was away from blogging as well, like I was hiding or something.

I must say, things were under control till that moment.


It was my 3rd month at job & I did something really terrible.

Guess What???

I fell in love with a girl. (Oh YES.. I am straight)

See... It was my mistake. The girl doesn’t have anything to do with it.

& as always it was me who screwed up.

I shouldn’t be falling into anything but damn she is so cute.

For now, leave all the details apart... I will save this story for next time.

And from that day on I have been like a dark character.

Seriously guys, I have lost control over my fucking head & this time even the heart part is not with me.

You know that I know that I should not behave like a shit-pot... I should take life as it comes... I should enjoy every moment of it...

But hello, I am doing the exact things I should not be doing.

I act like a jerk at work.

I used to be all smiley & funny at work but now I am like all sad n gloomy.

Anyways guys that’s just me with my not so regular problems.

Let me tell you one more story –

में और दर्द

ये भगवान एक ITEM है जिसने मुझ जैसे खूब सारे ITEM बना कर नीचे भेज दिए और बोला - “जाओ बेटा खेलो”

बचपन में खेलने के लिए खिलोने पकड़ा दिए...
खिलौना मिलता था तो हम खुश बहुत होते थे... लेकिन जब वो टूटते थे या कोई छीन लेता था तो दर्द भी उतना जादा होता था...

देखते-देखते बचपन चला गया... और खिलोनो से खेलने की उम्र भी...
पर वो दर्द आज भी यहीं है..
एक वो ही तो है जो बचपन से मेरे साथ है.. बस कभी छुप जाता है इधर उधर.. लेकिन में भी उसे ढूंढ ही लेता हूँ.. आखिर पुराना दोस्त है ऐसे कैसे जाने दूंगा..

समय बदला और समय के साथ वजह भी बदल गयी.. लेकिन अपनी दोस्ती आज भी कायम है..

कभी-कभी जब हम साथ बैठकर बतियाते हैं तो मुझे बचपन की वो बात याद आ जाती है कि-
‘कैसे में खिलोनो को अपना दोस्त मान कर खेलता था और जब होश संभाला तो पाया की दोस्ती तो मैंने दर्द से कर ली थी’

This is it for now guys... I am having fun days with my good old friend...

& I am sure he won’t be staying here long so I will be back with another post when he will be gone.

Till then you guys tell me your story n I ll catch up with you... :)


  1. Oye..pagal ho gaya
    Tu mil zara kal biatch, i'll set u str8..fuckr..

  2. heyyy
    finallyyy a new post /... !

    don't worry things will eventually fall right into place ..

    you'll find a better girl ... way more cute and beautiful......

    and i would not really like to comment on the screwed up thing .. i am too screwed-up bigtym ... :O

    have fun with your friend relax and keep smiling :)

  3. kya kiyaa!!!! Aese life shife destroy mat kar be!!! Get to work and be good at it. That's all that matters. Ladkiyan to aati rahengi...

  4. o paaji ki ho gaya !!!!

    O yaar dard aur aadmi ka rishta to aisa hai jaise sine mein dhadkta dil aur ragon mein daudta khoon !!!

    ye donon ek dusre ke bina kuch nahin hain and na hi ho sakte hain !!!

    shayad hum zindagi mein jo kuch bhi paate hain ya khote hain uske peeche koi na koi dard zarur hota hai !!!

    so just chill life goes on and ye dard to ab zindagi ke saath hi khatam honge !!!

    U either accept it or cry over it !!!

    Its ur personal choice !!!

    and regarding the girl,
    tu tnsn na le bas ye bataa kaun hai !!!
    chakk laange !!!
    usko apne blog padhaa de wo waise hi maan jayegi !!!

    tu tnsn na le and come back to ur true self !!!
    the true Rasto, the mast bhidu types!!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

    chal ab jaldi se ek mast post chipka daal !!!

  5. Finally arpit is back....kooll...i can understand ur feeling times nothing seem to be rite and when its has presence of heart...then its pure zig saw puzzle...Dude...charge yourself...coz u look better when u write like wat u wrote in earlier post...just remember "Mard ko Dard" nahi hota...

  6. Lol..But who's the mard in this dastaan-e-dard..!!

  7. @ Abhi ::

    Onkie... Milte hain.. :)

    @ Viddhi ::

    Things are just happening & I am hoping for the best..

    I tell you that my life is getting back on track.. :)

    or teri life me jo bi ho ra ho but tension ni lene ka.. k..

    You take good care of yourself..
    Relax now..

  8. @ khanna sir ::

    okay sir.. :)
    or han meine kuch nahi kiya.. sala sab kuch apne aap hota chala gaya.. :P

    @ Beri bhai ::

    beri yar.. tera comment padhke dil GARDEN-GARDEN ho jata hai..

    me theek ho jaunga..

    or han agar kuch nahi bhi hota hai to fer chak hi laange.. :P

    vaise.. jab tak tum log ho to life me kisi or cheez ki tension le hi nahi sakta.. :P

    bbye for now.. tk cr. :)

  9. @ Kittu ::

    Love you bitch.. :P

    @ 'Lemon' ::

    i am all charged up bro..
    on a funny note i would like to add one line to your one liner ::

    You said ::
    Mard ko dard nahi hota..

    Um saying ::
    Jisko dard nahi hota vo mard nahi hota..

    Peace. :P

  10. @ Abhi ::

    Its rhyming.. :)
    Abhishek malpani.. tu kavi bana gaya mere bhai.. :)

  11. ah arpit... yaar... i am missing the happy wala arpit... kya frena hain hum dono... heartbreak ek hi time par :P

    but khilone wali baat bahut theek kahi tune.... yaar.. kya talafuze hain... :P

    hope everything turns out good for you buddy :)

    i really hope that :)

    take care and keep writing........

  12. @ Raza ::

    Thanks for your wishes..

    baki apni dosti zindabad!!! :P

    Keep Blogging. Keep Smiling. :))

  13. rasto.. main humesha se tere ko kya kehta tha bae???... but still, i don't blame you, happens to everyone... koi na launde, you'll be over it before you know it... just concentrate on your job, the girls will come n go... :):)

  14. Sexy post dude... One tip don't show your desperation and spoil your career for a gal... if you hav a gud career gals will run behind you... U better mark my words in "quotes"

    Lead a good professional lyf the other half of your like will follow you...



  15. @ Bamba Man ::

    Ohk Bamba Man.. if you say so, i ll do so.. :P

    @ DuDo DuDe ::

    Thanks Man. :)

    n I ll remember your mark your words i quote -

    "Chaukri ke nahi Naukri ke peeche bhago, Chaukri tumhare peeche Jhak mar ke ayegi... " :P

  16. Glad to see you back. Sorry to know about your heartbreak :(
    Cheer up dude! After gloom there will be a bloom :p
    Hey you better come back to blogging world and dare if you go back to hiding, again. Am missing your wacky comments on my posts :D

  17. @ Shas ::

    Oh, dun be sry.. :D
    Thanks a lot for dropping in..

    n Yea, i wont go hiding now.. :)

  18. omg.. yar nt good.. i get net access after ages, i make a beeline to ur blog in high hopes and i see u all sad-y sad-y.. nt gud.. and it doesnt suit The Rasto.. chin up soldier.. love is but an illusion :)

  19. @ Smitzy ::

    Hey good to see you back.. :)
    I am sry to disappoint you.. :(
    This soldier will be back in action pretty soon.. :D

  20. i think the post has been editted. !

  21. @ Viddhi ::

    Nope.. :)
    same hi hai yar.. :)


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