This is my first fucking time that i am unable to write anything...

Not actually 1st time... Obviously it has happened to me before but only in Exams... ;)

I know my last few posts were so NOT LIKE ME..

But jo hua use bhula dete hain kyunki,
I think I am back..

Yeah.. I am out of Love & Shit.. :P

Job is going just great.. :D

It seems that MUNNA *Male-Version of MUNNI* is back in form..

MUNNA lifestyle is good.. :D

Lekin ek baat to pakki hai ki BHAI senti to hua tha.. :P

& Mere Senti hone se BLOG ko problem ho gayi thi yar.. :|
Meri NOTEBOOK dard bhari kahaniyon se bhar gayi thi.. :(

So my NOTEBOOK wants to dedicate this song to THE DARRLING...


NOTEBOOK badnaam hui Darrling tere liye -2..
NOTEBOOK ke awards Gulabi, Posts sharabi, followers Nawabi re..
Le zhandu balm hui Darrling tere liye..

Executive Diary sa figure, Classmate si ada.. Classmate si ada..
Tha meri posts me FILMY maja.. re Filmy maja.. :)

Haye tu na jane meri Posts peyyyyyyyyy..
Haye tu na jane meri posts pey lakhon Comments uda.. :)

NOTEBOOK bakwas hui Darrling tere liye..
RGV ki AAG hui Darrling tere liye.. :P

NOTEBOOK badnaam hui...........

E notebook.. E notebook..
O notbook re.. O notebook re..
Tera google-voogle pe charcha re..
Chapa ishq ka parcha re.
O Notebook re,

Kaise Anadi se pala pada, ji pala pada -2.. *Anadi is suppose to be me* :P
Bina response ke peeche pada, Ladki ke peeche pada..
Popat na jane uske peeche vo SAIFUuuuu...
Popat na jane uske peeche SAIFU se leke LAMBU pada... *Popat is suppose to be me* :P

POSTS sab aam hui Darrling tere liye..
NOTEBOOK badnaam hui Darrling tere liye..


See.. My NOTEBOOK was so much in pain because of the Darrling..

I am moving on & Its time that YOU guys welcome My NOTEBOOK into your life once again.. :)

I will be back with more flavors of Life. :) *happieee-yipppiee types*

  1. My all friends are into professional life now. :)
  2. I am done with my Game & it will be launced in a month or so. :) Yes i am a Mobile Game developer. :P
  3. I bought 1 ESPIRIT T-Shirt, 1 UCB T-Shirt, 1 Ginger-Lemon T-Shirt n They are Awesome.
  4. Ghar par nayi Santro Xing aa rahi hai within a week.
  5. I am going home day after tomorrow... Its been 3 moths since i have been home... So i am kind of SUPER-DUPER Happy. :)
  6. My this month's saving is 8,000 +

But jo bhi ho.. Lekin ek baat to pakki hai ki BHAI senti to hua tha.. :P




  1. It’s been a really long time since the last update.....

    Welcome back buddy :)

    live life to its fullest....
    n appreciate wht it has to offer...
    never dwell on past....
    the best is always yet to come...

    keep on blogging... :)

    Lalit Shakya...

  2. chul bul pandey is backk...awesome post dude...great to c u back in ur own color...keep going...thats the spirit..

  3. thats awesome news :D... bhai khush hai bhai key liya... munna tu rocks re :)

    glad to see you back... and i'm kinda back too :P

    take care and keep writing.......

  4. Hey nice to see you back in your elements. Your version of the song was funny. Why don't you click yourself in that ginger-lemon T-shirt (sounds quite exotic) and update your display pic? It might make your notebook feel Isspecial :)
    Have a funtime at home :)

  5. @ Lalit ::

    yes bro.. kafi time baad apne rang yaad aye the to post kar diya.. :P

    Thanks a lot for such a lovely comment.. :)
    I appreciate the way you appreciate me & my blog.. :)

    Thanks Man.. :)

    @ Mr. Lemon ::

    hee hee.. :)
    Thank you.. :)

    btw, It was your blog which always kept me connected to the blogging world.. :)
    you rock man.. \m/

  6. @ Raza ::

    Oye Raju pyar na kariyo-kariyo.. Dil toot jata hai.. :)

    ha ha ha.. kaisa hai bhai tu??

    tu bhi Take Care re!!!
    See you at your blog.. tada.. :)

  7. @ Prerna ::

    tum itna jo muskura rahe ho.. kya comment hai jisko chupa rahe ho..
    ha ha ha.. :P

    thanks.. :)

    @Shas ::

    Oh ji.. Awesome Idea hai ji.. :)
    Thanks a lot.. :)

    I ll do it ASAP.. :)

    Me n My Notebook will be so happy... :)

  8. O paaji is post ne te dil khush kar diya once again !!!

    Last ke points to too good hain !!!

    and baaki the post is as always bindaas and jhakasss !!!

    and its gud to see that u r out of the senti scene,
    tujhe suit bhi nahin karta !!!

    Sorry yaar time nahin mila pehle padhne ka nahin to pehle hi comment karta !!!

    baaki aal iz well !!!

    U rock bro !!!

    waiting for the agli post !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

  9. @ Ankit ::


    um sorry for replying so late..

    tere comment padhke tan dil garden garden ho jata hai beere.. :D

    der aaye durust aaye.. :)
    it is always great to ve you on my blog.. :)

    You take care bro.. Keep smiling.. :)

  10. ahaannn ...ye hui naa postt....


  11. superb jaaneman...kabhi kabhi tu bahut sahi parody kar leti hai chhamiya.. :p

  12. hey bee nhere after quite a long time..seems like u wote so much here that i ahd missed...

    Good luck wid ur job..hope u enjoy n have a great time.. n hey the "Munni" version of the song for your blog was awesome.!! just loved it..! :P

  13. @ Urvashi ::

    Yupp.. So long!! :)
    n this is more like a surprise visit from your side.. :)

    well. i am surprised.. good to have you back on my blog..
    Thanks for the wishes.. :)


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