how I met my friends?

You know 4 years back, I never cared about friendship but then they came n made me realise the value of friendship... They came n become my friends... I didn't ask them to be my friends... Still they came for me...
We met for various reasons n ended up becoming the best buddies...
Now when they are gone, I am looking for the same friendship again... I found some guys to hang out with but the element of friendship is nowhere..
Today I have job but still I am missing on the biggest thing in life n that is friendship...

All I want to say to my friends is that I love you guys more than anything.. I wish that we could be together like good old times...

I don't know what is up with me these days...
Sometimes I read my old posts n laugh about ME, who I used to be...

I am asking God to show me the way out of this situation...

P.S. Hey bhagwan bachalo yar... Fati padi hai.. or Kitni fadoge??? :(
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  1. Happens .. and though I cant get into your shoes, i can very well understand the value of'old times' wid friends .. Thats life buddy , i knw sounds philosophic, but then maybe you are too stuck with old times ? Maybe someone out there in the world is in need of your friendship and waiting for you , just like the way your friends did !

  2. Beta aesi hi hai duniya ki reet... That is why we have technology - to connect us with those whom we want to remain connected to, always...

  3. there is a sayin tht 'Friends are the ones who reach for the hand and touch the heart'.. very true.. i too miss my old frns.. it happens..
    take care.. :)

  4. @ Aarti:
    Ya may be you are right..
    I am dying to meet same guys like my friends..
    Before, I never expected anything from them and they gave me friendship.. n now my expectations are killing me...
    Still I hope for the best..

    Welcome to my blog..

  5. @ Sir:

    You are right Sir ji... Technology do help us but vo hostel wali baat nhi aa paati.. :(

  6. @ Muskan:

    Thanks n welcome to my blog..

  7. @ Arpitha:

    So true.. :(
    U too take care.. :)

  8. i hope everything gets ok... tab thak maangte raho... bhagwan jaroor dega... :) will pra7y for u too yar :)...

    take care an keep writing........

  9. @ Thousif :

    Sure man.. Thanks for being there.. :)

  10. Can't do anything bout it buddy !!

    Part of life !!!

    dnt worry all will be fine soon,
    they say it is darkest before the dawn so just wait good times are just ahead !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!

    P.S. - koi tnsn de rela hai ye de reli hai to bataa uski *** ki
    utha lenge aur thok denge !!!!!

  11. don't worry everything will eventually fall into place...till then have faith and be strong and patient ...

    take care ! :)
    happy blogging.

  12. @ Beri ::

    tera ye thokne-peetne wala style rapchik hai bhai.. :)

    bole to ekdum bindass.. but aisi koi tension nahi hai re..

    bus beete dino ka sochkar thoda emotional ho jata hun..

    Happy Blogging Man!

  13. @ Viddhi :

    It seems like a Herculean task..
    but i am trying to be strong n patient..

    anyways, thanks for your concern..

    Happy Blogging. :)


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