Just like that.. Quick update

Hi guys..
I am posting this one from my mobile..
I just want to share something on my blog..
My life is going through shit..
I can't put up my whole situation right now..
All i want to say is that my blog is the only place where i can be Me apart from this weird world..
This statement might not seem appropriate..
But believe me guys thz days i am not even true to myself..
I am afraid of my other half..
FYI, i disconnected my blog from FB due to some personal reasons.. I can't be myself at FB.. So i chose to disconnect myself from my social network..
Notebook is more like my personal diary n i shared everythin here..
From now on, i ll be cribbin here all the time as this is the only place left for me..
N i hope to see myself here more often..
I ve got lots of sad stories to share with me-myself..
Its time that i be true to me..


  1. Thats the spirit..dude this world try to suppress your emotions when u give a single chance to them...so kick the world...and be true to urself their is one person who need you to be true to him and is ur best friend that "U" urself...:)

  2. i'm sorry that things have been going bad for you yaar... i sincerely hope they get better... will be waiting for you... and there are people who think the better for you arpit... you just have to trust and keep faith :)

    take care and keep writing..........

  3. tnsn nahin lene ka bhai !!
    m with you !!!
    bol jisko thokne ka hai abhi thokte hain !!!

    bas tu fikr na kar !!!

  4. @ Mr. Lemon ::

    Thats right man..
    but seriously yar.. When you are stuck with the wrong kind of people around, you forget yourself..
    n I am so missing myself.. :|

    This time i ll try to find myself through my blog.. :)

    Lets see.. if this idea works out for me..

  5. @ Thousif ::

    Bhai.. :)
    Thanks a lot for your best wishes..
    n you know that every time i read your comment..i feel good & thats a fact. :)

    Love you man in totally non-gay manner.. :P

  6. @ Beri ::

    Oye beri.. Beri oye!!!
    O Beri.. Beri oye!!!

    Thanks for being there man.. :)

    or han.. tere sath beer peene ka mauka kab milega?? ;)

  7. hey, i can totally comprehend your frustration. i cannot post what i want to just because i am not an anonymous blogger..

  8. @ Harish ::

    thanks for the understanding man.. :)

    u seem ...upset ???

    were there for always :)

  10. @ Viddhi ::

    Kuch nahi yar.. I am fine..

    It is just that sometimes i get negative vibes & i want to screw the whole world right there..

    n hey.. Thanks for being there.. :)

  11. i cud so relate..i too quit fb some time back and m glad to be back to my first love- blogging:)

  12. @ Aditi ::

    Hey. Welcome to my place.. :)
    You read something very old..
    I think you should read the new post! :)

    Anyways. Thanks for dropping in!

    Happy Blogging! :)

  13. oh!so u back to the addictive FB?:P

  14. Yup.. Kind of..
    Its so addictive after all.. Can't help it. :P

  15. hahaha
    i still m adamant on not cmng back.
    PS- if u dun mind, change the older posts link to a diff color. Its getting camouflaged

  16. Good luck with that. :P

    I changed the color!
    I hope you find it easy now to go through my blog.

    Vaise i came back to FB with my new found love Photography! :)
    I just love to collect all the Likes n Comments!

    It was good catching up with you. Would love to do that more often. :)


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