My New Phone


Its 1:20 AM.. I am quite sleepy right now but i can't wait to tell you guys that I bought a new mobile..

The all new HTC WILDFIRE is mine & i am so yippee-happy..

Ha Ha Ha.. :D

I was dying to get an ANDROID phone & now i have it.. :)

P.S. I would like to thank Thousif, Niraj & Ankit for still reading my blog & I am sorry for not being regular on their blog.. :(
But koi na bhai log.. Mei vapas aunga.. Mei vapas aunga..*in BORDER movie ISHTYLE* ;)


  1. sexy phone dude... But why the stress of Android?? Hate iOS kya???

    Anyways, Congo!!! :)

  2. @ Sir ::

    Thanks Sir.. :)

    I love iOS but Money Matters!! :P

  3. O paaji the phone is sexy !!!!
    Jhakasss !!!
    and so is the OS !!!

    Enjoy the phone !!!

    Happy blogging and take care !!!

  4. plus not to say tnsn nahin lene ka isi phone se nayi taarein jodne ka !!!

  5. congrats....treat treat treat we want treat ! :P

  6. and yess i too still read your blog .. :P

  7. @ Beri :

    Thanks Beedu Bhai.. :)
    Or tarein jud rahin hai na.. Tum logon se..

    I updated last two posts from my phone.. :)

    My phone keeps me close to you guys.. :)

    Happy Blogging.

  8. @ Viddhi :

    Thanks oye.. :)

    n i am with you..
    shout out loud- "treat treat we want treat".. :P

    I know.. Missed you name.. sry. :|


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