Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally.. I become an Engineer.. :D

This post is just to tell you guys that...

I transformed from

Mr. Arpit Rastogi to Er. Arpit Rastogi... *claps*

Yeah, Finally i become an Engineer with 68.00% marks... :P

Thanks to my Family, Friends & GOD, I am a proud engineer now... :)


P.S. My job is going pretty well... I ll get back to you with some more about Me.. Myself etc..
till then you guys have fun n KEEP ME UPDATED ABOUT YOURSELF... :D *Take Care*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pehli JOB se Pehle NASHA

Today, It was my first day on the JOB... :)

& i would like to tell you, my-story behind this JOB... :P

9½ hours before the JOB ::

My FB status says "Um fuckin 6 pegs down.. N um gonna join my company today only.. Precisley after 9½ hours later.. So u shud wish me luck.. Cheers!"

I wrote that kyunki,
I was truly-madly-deeply TALLI at big FAREWELL night following by the biggest morning of my life...

& when the biggest morning of my life arrived, I was Hanging-Over the De-Hydration effect...
My all body-water was drained out because of Alcohol...

So i drank a lot of water in the morning... I even drank one Ice Tea *not* worth Rs.70 to get over the Hang-Over effect...
But it actually turned out as Excessive Mutra-Visarjan effect...

here comes the all new PISS song for you::

I pissed before signing the Employee Form.. yea!
I pissed after signing the Employee Form.. yea-yea!

I pissed before signing the Agreement Form.. yo!
I pissed after signing the Agreement Form.. yo-yo!

I was Fucked n Lost
My head kept spinning n i kept pissing all day long.. whoa!!


Songs Apart... It was no fun being drunk on the very first day of your job. :|
*Do not try this stunt in your life, Performed by very trained cum talented srewers* :P

Few hours after the all day long tiring JOB(back in hostel) ::

I was sitting idle but comments shown in above pic inspired me to write a post about whatever happened... :))

So here I am.. :)

P.S. I wish that from Monday onwards I ll do something else then Pissin 'my balls out' or Spinnin 'my brains out'!

P.P.S. Thank you guys for being such a nice reader of mine... & your best wishes rock guys!!! *FUEL FOR MY LIFE* keep me Runnin 'out of water'...
"Oh teri fir De-Hydration ho jayega, Ab mera kya hoga?? Kalia.. :P"

MORAL of My-Story - Never get drunk before your day of joining... ;) *wisdom quote*

-Arpit Rastogi
(Software Developer)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I won't QUIT... :D

Background Music **Give me someshine, Give me some GRACE.. ** :P

I just came back from the college after checking my marks in Soft Computing... :)

My last to last post was about this paper only... ;)

And you know what???

That post was worth writing as i actually failed in this subject... :P

I have got 23 marks in it.... :D *lowest in class* & *that is my class* :P

But tension nai lene ka bhai log...

Ma'am ne Monday ko bulaya hai...
By the GRACE of Ma'am n GRACE of Grace Marks... Pass toh me ho hi jaunga...


Chalo... Aage mera jo bi hoga... I will let you know...

P.S. Pata hai yar... Copy dekhne ke baad MIND cool ho gya... *ekdum tension free*
Now i can enjoy my last days of college life... :)

P.P.S. Parso se meri joining hai... :) Wish me luck for future... :P

now I am enjoying.. You too go have some Fun..
It's time to Tell this motherfucker world out there...

You can pour us with your shit...
but Assholes,


Monday, May 10, 2010

FUNNED UP... Fuck RE, Just Play... :P

This post is a work of fiction

Ab tak apne padha :: FUCKED UP! *RE-Play*

Ab aage >>>>>>>

First of all... Thank you all for your optimistic comments...

I worked on every part of the suggestion provided through your lovely comments...

But there was this very comment which caused me to write a POST... *so touching*

Comment of HARSHITA on my last post goes as ::

Fucking fuck this thought and throw it away :D :D


Tu toh mera bhi guru nikla...itna sochne ka nahi :P ahem! sochne ka hain toh kuch mast soch.. :D

Sab mast hoga... ;)

I took it a bit seriously...

I implemented it by using BOTTOMS-UP approach... *my favourite*


She Said - itna sochne ka nahi :P ahem! sochne ka hain toh kuch mast soch.. :D

Sab mast hoga... ;)


OKAY... *ab me sab kuch ekdum mast sochunga* :)


She again Said - Fucking fuck this thought and throw it away :D :D



I ll fuck this thought right away...

I am fucking this thought... Oh... Man it is so hot... :P

I am cumming... I am cumming...

finally... I came...

And when i came then i came *again* to realise about what i have done??

Oh Man! I am Fucked. :|

Guess What guys???

I just fucked my thought....... without using a condom... *anxious*

my mind started working up on that again...

Fuck Man! Ab iss thought ke bachhe ho jayenge.. Vo mujhe papa-papa kahenge..

Fir kya hoga??

Mei college me kya muh dikhaunga??

Log mujhe gandi nazron se dekhenge ---> Mujhe badchalan kahenge??

Is baali umar me mei kahan jaunga??



& then HARSHITA’s words echoed in my mind

throw it away :D :D


Yes... it is so simple... I will throw this child away...

But then father side of mine cried :: *AKAASH-VANI* types

"You can’t abandon your own child... *blood running through her veins is yours*

How can You commit such a henious crime?? *STOP FEMALE FOETICIDE* "

so, I Decided to raise her against all the odds & this society of hypocrites....

-The End


Q: See guys what happens, When you fuck up??

A: Yes.. You get a family.


P.S. My 'child thought' is so beautiful & moreover she does not look like her mother... I call her khushi...

P.P.S. My 'wife thought' is pregnant again... For more on her keep reading Notebook...

*CONTEMPLATES* To comment or not to comment?? - Harshita's take on this post :P

This is me taking off for my third honeymoon... *but Don't you worry guys.. I will have only 2 kids*

apart from that,
they also say - HUM DO, HUMARE DO *one more saying to support my 2-KIDS Theory* suggested by VIDDHI.. :P

See You Guys later... :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

FUCKED UP! *RE-play*

There is something not at its right place... either my mind or

My Mind...

My mind is fucking up so hard these days...

The whole new class of Fuckology is working on me very badly...

And me somehow not able to handle it at this moment...

Seriously you can make a colourful shit out of my fucking situation right now...

I am done with my semesters just now... And my joining date is 15th may, which is not more than a week away...


But everything is messed up...

Actually I fucked my very last paper of the very last semester.... and I am wondering what will be the consequences if I get a RE in last semester...

Everybody is telling me that they won’t give you a RE in last semester but this mother-fucker mind of mine is not able to accept it...

I am so scared of every fucking consequence I have to face if I get a RE...

My joining will cancelled... My degree will be extended... & WHAT NOT???

I know this is all hypothetical but I can’t help it either...

May be I am thinking too much... May be my mind is working in night shift as well...

May be my mind is so happy to make a fool out of me....

I don’t know much... but what if it all turns out to be TRUE???