Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Story




3 months back, I finished my engineering & get into a job immediately.

Everything was perfectly fine at that moment.


I was happy for two big reasons

  1. I was the first one to start with professional life.
  2. I was staying back in chandigarh for like one more year & that will give me more time to spend with my college friends.

In this particular way, I will be enjoying my extended college life while working at the same time.

I thought it would be fun.

One month passed quickly...

Everything was just fine at that moment.


It was my 2nd month at job.

I left hostel & moved to a flat.

Then I hit the ground of reality.

REALITY... that my college life is over & I can’t re-live it.

It was the moment when I start missing home. I felt alone.

All this time I was away from blogging as well, like I was hiding or something.

I must say, things were under control till that moment.


It was my 3rd month at job & I did something really terrible.

Guess What???

I fell in love with a girl. (Oh YES.. I am straight)

See... It was my mistake. The girl doesn’t have anything to do with it.

& as always it was me who screwed up.

I shouldn’t be falling into anything but damn she is so cute.

For now, leave all the details apart... I will save this story for next time.

And from that day on I have been like a dark character.

Seriously guys, I have lost control over my fucking head & this time even the heart part is not with me.

You know that I know that I should not behave like a shit-pot... I should take life as it comes... I should enjoy every moment of it...

But hello, I am doing the exact things I should not be doing.

I act like a jerk at work.

I used to be all smiley & funny at work but now I am like all sad n gloomy.

Anyways guys that’s just me with my not so regular problems.

Let me tell you one more story –

में और दर्द

ये भगवान एक ITEM है जिसने मुझ जैसे खूब सारे ITEM बना कर नीचे भेज दिए और बोला - “जाओ बेटा खेलो”

बचपन में खेलने के लिए खिलोने पकड़ा दिए...
खिलौना मिलता था तो हम खुश बहुत होते थे... लेकिन जब वो टूटते थे या कोई छीन लेता था तो दर्द भी उतना जादा होता था...

देखते-देखते बचपन चला गया... और खिलोनो से खेलने की उम्र भी...
पर वो दर्द आज भी यहीं है..
एक वो ही तो है जो बचपन से मेरे साथ है.. बस कभी छुप जाता है इधर उधर.. लेकिन में भी उसे ढूंढ ही लेता हूँ.. आखिर पुराना दोस्त है ऐसे कैसे जाने दूंगा..

समय बदला और समय के साथ वजह भी बदल गयी.. लेकिन अपनी दोस्ती आज भी कायम है..

कभी-कभी जब हम साथ बैठकर बतियाते हैं तो मुझे बचपन की वो बात याद आ जाती है कि-
‘कैसे में खिलोनो को अपना दोस्त मान कर खेलता था और जब होश संभाला तो पाया की दोस्ती तो मैंने दर्द से कर ली थी’

This is it for now guys... I am having fun days with my good old friend...

& I am sure he won’t be staying here long so I will be back with another post when he will be gone.

Till then you guys tell me your story n I ll catch up with you... :)


**Happy Independence Day**

Hi everyone,

There are things happening to me which i don't know how to put into words so i will be back with a post on that real soon..

My real life scenario is that i don't exist there anymore..

I don't want to start over with my life tonight.. Leave it for some other night..

Still i would like to thank all my bloogger buddies for being around my blog..

I will get back to me first then i ll get back to you as soon as possible..

GOD bless you all..