Happy New Year

Dear All,

I Wish you guys a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.. :)

'May this year brings you everything you ever wished for...'

Because STARS are telling me that 2012 will be the END of the world.. :(

Yess guys, I have the power to watch & read the STARS...


John Cusack & Amanda Peet are the STARS
& I saw them in the movie 2012.. :P

At first, I did not believe them saying it...
so I DOWNLOADED the SUBTITLES of movie & read it by myself.
2012 will be THE END. :D

Now, what i want to say here is that no matter
whether 2012 comes or not..
I wish that each & every good thing happens to you..
in year 2011.. :)
We will deal with 2012 later.. :P

My 2010 was not as Good as it supposed to be.. :
There were so many first time bad experiences in my life,
Technically there was only one but it was so huge..
..that it made everything else a bad experience.. :(

but B-LOGICALLY, my 2010 was real Good

of 2010 was super awesome.. :)

Then i won so many of blogging awards in year 2010...
I would like to show off these awards in my New Year post..

Awards presented to my Notebook





IT's The Time To Disco.. la la la lala..

Hold Your Breath..
IT's YEAR 2011 & i am going to present the BEST BUDDIES AWARD to the bestest of my BLOGGER BUDDIES...


Thousif Raza :: Soul Space
Ankit Beri :: An Image of Shadow
Viddhi :: Ariel's Men, Matters And Memories !
Niraj :: Masalla Lemonade
Smita MIshra :: To Be Continued...
Nitin Khanna :: Nitin Khanna's Ghast
Abhishek Malpani :: UNWRITTEN

Thanks for always being there... :)



  1. Hey Arpit...u made my year...wat better to kick off the year with an award....Dude u rock..Thanks for the award...I am on cloud 9....And Wish you a lemon free year ahead with some really good time on the 'Notebook and lot of happiness...

  2. @ Niraj :

    Hey.. you have earned this award just like bournville.. Congrats..
    Thanks for such wonderful wishes..

  3. holy shit... i got an award :D he he sale ... i'm so happy.... purrrfect award hai.... you always make me smile man :D... love you... and tujhe pata hai na in which manner ;) toh samjah lay ok :D.... and a mast happy new year to you too :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  4. O paaji dil khush kar ditta !!!

    Award wo bhi saal ki shuruaat mein !!!
    Jhakassssssssssss !!!!
    Its worth Oscars for me probably the last time I got an award was in class 1 in Fancy Dress competition.

    but sadly I have not prepared the speech for it.

    Koi na I would dedicate my award to all the bloggers who read my blog and specially to you coz itz because you read that my blog exists !!!

    Thanx this one is special !!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!!

  5. @ Thousif :

    ha ha.. love you too man.. :P

  6. @ Beri :

    you are welcome beri bhai.. :)

    Fancy Dress Competition.. Wow!!!

    1st class se hi jalwe dikhane shuru kar diye the.. :P
    Cheers to you! :D

    Happy Blogging. Keep Smiling. :)

  7. heyii.....thank you thank you thank you foe the award :D ! :)
    plus spongebob bhi hia :P aur bhi awesome !
    thanks !

    and yess..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TO !

  8. @ Viddhi :

    You are so late to receive your award..
    But anyways you are welcome.. :)


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