Pappu & Card

Get drunk is out my friends... The new mantra is Stay drunk... :)

Today, I am thinking of yesterday & LoLing out loud on my own... :D


I was working on Saturday...

Well, in our company we do half days on Saturdays...

See, they fuck up with our weekends...Yea, this corporate world is after our Ass...

Man! We deserve two full days off...

SO THAT --->

  • we get drunk on Saturday mornings


  • survive the hangover on Sunday mornings

Sounds fun right??

But somehow I liked these weekend fuck ups more coz,

Somebody said –If you want to be any kind of HOLIC be workaholic...

& that somebody is me! *Enrique style* :P

Now, where the fuck was I??

Yes.. I was working full day on Saturday...

Then Me & the other guy left office @ 8:15pm...

He asked me if I have any plans... I said No...

Neither me nor he had any plans, so we decided to hit the Bar...

After few pegs... I was drunk enough to drink even more...

So we headed to my favourite place & that is Ruby Tuesday...

This place is awesome... I actually took the membership of RT...


Fun part is every time I go to RT with limited budget.... I pay bill by card

& next morning Bill is the only memory left out of the night...


Same happened with me today...

I opened my sleepy eyes & checked for all the things...

& you won’t believe me guys but what I saw today was the reason of my drinking...

This is it... All this time I was drinking because of my Card.

I saw my card in wallet wrapped up with that bill...

My Card was making out with RT bill shamelessly in front of my eyes...

Damn! I am a part of my Card’s dirty game...

My Card is so much into one night stands with those high profile RT bills that it makes me go there & drink...

Holy shit... I am paying thousand of bucks just because my Card wants to get hooked with RT bills...


I threw that RT bill out of my flat & came back to my Card & asked Why...??

*all emotional*

Me: Why Card... Why did you do this to me?

Card: Pappu, I was going to tell you about this... BUT *speechless*

Me: But what Card?? Aren’t those shopping bills good enough for you???

Card: They are fine... But they are not classy like RT bills...

Me: Oh Card! You are telling me that ESPIRIT, UCB bills are not your class??

Card: Pappu, It’s not like that... It’s you... You look happy when you drink.

Me: Now you are blaming me for your games. Card, I can be happy on my own.

Card: If it is so then I won’t mind sleeping alone.

Me: Well Card, if you think so much for me then I won’t let you sleep alone.

Card: Are we going to RT again???

Me: Shut up asshole... Your treat of tonight will be a movie bill.

Card: Which movie??

Me: Does it matter??

Card: Yes... Bills are like the movie. Last time I had candle light dinner with No one killed Jessica Bill... That bill kept crying all night long.

Me: Oh Man... So sad... I am sorry for you.

Card: Fuck you... What sorry? You watched it twice & you have no idea how hard it is to be with crying bills.

Me: Sorry man... & I didn’t know before that you were sleeping around with bills.

Card: Its fine bro... So what’s the program??

Me: Dude... I will get you Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji Bill...

Card: Adult movie??

Me: Yesss! ;)

Card: Sounds erotic... who is the hero?

Me: Emran Hashmi... Hi5!

Card: WTF!

Me: WTF?????

Card: These Hasmi Movie Bills I tell you... They suck man... Hashmi left nothing for us.. I remember the MURDER Bill... It was too tired that it slept all night...

Me: Hard luck man...

Card: Hmmm... Anyways it’s nice that we talked.

Me: Seriously Man... Chal we got to go now.


It was the story of Pappu & Card.

From that day on Pappu & Card become best buddy around.

Pappu do all the shopping & Card gets all the Bills.

People say they still go to the Ruby Tuesday sometimes. :)


  1. I am happy for your card.. =))
    hope you get more chances to visit ruby..and your card get to make out with even bigger bills.. :D

  2. haha hilarious tale of pappu and card! loved the conversation! You are the wingman of your card... You better treat him well :P Give him high profile bills :)

  3. h ah ah aha... that was amazing.... like so amazing... i loved it so much the conversation was insane :P... and saale poem samaj may nahi aayi kya tereko so u just conrajulated for the post :P... he he... sach bolu toh mjujhe bhi utni samaj may nahi aayi... ek din bas sube utha and wroite it down... it was like my sub consious was writing it or something... but thank you so much for the appri... hope ur life is going cool :) miss y man....

    take care and keep writing...........

  4. hahaha..... amaZingly good.... i just loved it so much..beautiful beautiful conversation ....!
    and yes Ruby tuesday is indeed a cool place ... classy hai apka card ...likes to make out with ruby tuesday bills :P

    Arpit Rastogi said...
    Off the records ::
    Do not Smoke/Drink.

  5. lol !!!
    This was cool !!
    the true rasto as he previously was or I dnt know if this one is the false !!
    but one thing is for sure !!
    u are back on rastogiri and that is what the best part is !!

    awesum !!

    The card is a big tharki i must say !!

    Keep Writing !!
    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

  6. @ Alkshendra ::

    Hey.. :)
    My Card is saying Thanks to you..
    Your wishes are working for him.. Just last night i was back in RT again & my Card got along with a super sexy bill worth rs. 2733 only.. :P
    He is with her right now @ his place & that is my wallet.. ;)

    Cheers Man!

  7. @ DuDo ::

    Glad that you loved it.. :D
    & sure i ll treat him well.. ;)

  8. @ Thousif ::

    thank u.. thank u.. :)

    my life is going great.. :)

    miss you too buddy.. :)

    bye, Take Care.

  9. @ Viddhi ::

    Thank you.. Thank you.. :)

    & you just gave me a shock with off the records.. ;)

    Life is different on the records.. :D


    Take Care.

  10. @ Beri ::

    Hey Beri Bro!!

    Good to see you man.. :)

    & yups.. Rastogiri is back in town man..

    I just wanted to listen it from you guys & you said it man..
    This post is the real taste of Notebook.. I missed it too..

    But now i hope that i will pour you with more fun, fiction etc.. :P

    btw, My Card is saying Thanks for the compliment you gave him.. :)

    Keep Writing.. Keep Smiling..

    Bye.. Tak Care.

  11. super hilarious, super awesome post.. loved it.. :) :)

  12. @ Arpitha Holla:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment.. :)

  13. lol...i have never crossed with f-word so many times in one post ;)

    you card seems to be hung to the 5-star bills....

    happy weekend! and yes...Cheers! ;)

  14. @ Megha ::

    Hey.. that is just F*ed up me.. ;)

    btw, i lost my 5-star card.. :(
    follow up post will be coming soon.. :P

    Good to have you on my blog.. :)

    Happy Weekend.. CheerzZ!!

  15. u lost that high-demanding card...good for u ;)

    Waiting for the next post!

  16. @ Megha ::

    It wasn't good for me.. :(
    He was my buddy after all!

    n It was great fun catching you up online.. :P
    Liked the blog chatting with you.. :D
    We should do it more often!

    Anyways, I ll be back with my new post..

    You go n do some shopping!

    Hope to see you soon.. :)

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahaha....
    Friggin Awesome bRo.. ROFLMAO..

  18. :)

    @ Malpani ::

    Ha Ha.. Bus yar kabhi kabhi apna bhi hath chal hi jata hai.. :P

  19. Hahahah... Sexy rasto.. Mast likha hai.. Miss u lots yaar.. We'll meet soon.. Then i'll c ur card make out with that bill. :-D

  20. @ Kittu ::

    Thanks kitty.. :D
    I missed you on my blog.. :|

    Hope to meet you real soon.. :)

  21. Good one there!!! :)
    Can I pass on my bills to your card too? It will make him happy I suppose :D

  22. @ Akanksha ::

    ha ha.. Thanks but my Card is no more..
    I lost him in my brother's wedding.. :P


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