Yaadein Bunkar Sweater Bana Lun To..

Lamha jo beeta hai,
Use fir se chura lun to..

Samne jo aya tha,
Use dil me basa lun to..

Sapna jo dekha tha,
Use apna bana lun to..

Geet jo likha tha,
Use gun-guna lun to..

Lamha Jo beeta hai,
Use fir se chura lun to..

Jo beet gaya vo sab yaadein hain,
Yaadein bunkar sweater bana lun to..

Sometimes I just want to keep my memories alive..
So how about if I knit a sweater out of them..

A sweater of sweet memories I ever had.. :)


  1. kuch lamhe waapas nahi aati hai magar yaade reh jaati hai... Unn yaadon ko sambhalna.... Unn Khushiyo ke mauke ko kaid karke rakhna....

    never loose them those moments at times may bring you joyful tears at the saddest of the moments.

  2. Awesome, Just awesome buddy!!! Well written!!!

  3. @ DuDo ::

    So true man..
    Memories sure do magic at times! :)

  4. aww..this is soo sweet ..NAICE :)

    keep smiling !
    happy blogging !

  5. O paaji this is jhakass !!!!

    kab bun rahe ho ye sweater ???
    this is excellent,
    o ji fida ho gaye aapke thought pe !!
    dil jit litta hai tussi !!!

    this onez my favourite of all your posts !!!
    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

  6. @ Ankit ::

    Dhanyawad Beri Bhai.. :)

    I am happy that your heart being stolen by these lines.. :)

    I wrote this piece at 1 a.m.
    n it was just plain words of what i was actually feeling that moment..

    It was a quiet night n i was enjoying some sweet memories from the past...
    tabhi ye socha ki agar in yaadon ka sweater bana kar apne paas rakh lun to.. :)

    It was more of a rebellion kind of thoughts..

    n what about your new post? kab aa rahi hai market mein? :P

  7. Hopped here from Harshita's blog :)
    Loved your writings, and the template too!

    Yaadein bunkar sweater ban jaye to yaadon ko sath lekar chalna asaan ho jaye!

    Memories are magical things which can make you smile and cry at the same moment! Loved the way you expressed!

  8. @ Akanksha ::

    Hey.. Welcome to my blog.. :)
    Glad you liked it.. :)
    Thanks for visiting.. :)

    Hope to see you again..

  9. kya hi baat hai ladke.... brilliant... :)

  10. @ Bambe ::

    Thanks Bambe..
    Tera kabhi-kabhi blog par akar comment karke bhaag jana is great.. :)

    lots of pappiyan from my side.. :)

  11. I love the similie -agar hum sab apne khuhi ke lamhon ke daaman bun kar rakhein to zindagi gham mein bhi sambhli rahegi.

  12. @ Varsha ::

    Hmmm. Yup.. :)
    Thanks for visiting.


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