I, Siya Seth, committed suicide.

Then and there, the novel started off with the death of our protagonist “Siya Seth”.

This book is her story. Her life. The reason why she died.


She had everything a girl or for that matter a boy could ever wish for... Like,

Mercedes, for the starters.

Centrally Air Conditioned Home, For Main Course.


For desserts, She had the money to call Hotel Taj her second home.

Oh Boy! You look hungry for her lifestyle.

Let me tell you that Millions will die to get into her shoes And She...

Well, she just died to get rid of them.

She was not happy for sure.

What was her story?

She was not a bright kid when it comes to study.

Maybe study was the reason...

Maybe not. You need big reasons to commit suicide. Right?

What if she had one?

What if she had all the fucking reasons to commit suicide?

You guys,

Just guess what it could be? *Run the horses of your detective mind*

Keep your guesses to yourself.

Don’t worry, I will give you the reason why she died.

Let’s continue with her story.

A crazy gal, she was.

A little princess of her awesome mom and super dad. :)

Awww... How sweet she sounds...

But this sweet Siya was no peace to her Best friend Reva.

Siya shared everything with Reva except the two things.

  • First, A guy kissed her on her second date.
  • And Second, Well second thing can be the reason why she died. So save it for later.

Siya was everything for Reva.

Reva was in complete awe of anything about Siya, be it her boldness, her attitude or anything

but still Siya always said to Reva,

“You have everything. You won’t understand.”

& After Siya died... Reva Spoke,

“I wish I could make her understand-Nobody has everything. For today, I don’t have her”

BTW, What was that thing which Siya thought that even her best friend won’t understand?

That thing is so disgusting that even you won’t be able to guess as the reason why she died.

That thing which caused her to commit suicide is known as ‘CHILD ABUSE’.

Yes... She was a victim of parental incest since the age of eight.

This is it... She was the arrogant princess for the world outside and for herself she was only a slave to the beast at home.

For some obvious reasons she kept quiet & never told it to her mother.

This is how the story starts.

Now it’s time for you to go and check it out yourself...

Go live the life of "Siya Seth" once lived..

Believe me it will take you to so many emotions like Mother's never dying love.. And a wonderful never dying friendship of always fighting friends.. But the beast will steal the show!!


  1. ok i will :) if i find a pirated book :p

    (dodges shoes thew by the author...)
    ok original one hi buy karlonga...

    and for starters... arpit... this punk is back on the blogging circuit ... n u have a a very... very :P special(i cant stop laughing imagining u in my post :P) mention in my post :)...

    take care cu soon,n oye keep drinking and keep writing bhai :)

  2. @ Thousif ::

    Sure Man.. Go for it. :)

    BTW, i visited your blog & showered you with my love.. :)

  3. Is it a depressing book? Don't wanna start with something that makes me sad...

  4. Hi Arpit..

    I have become a fan of urs after reading ur notebook.I liked it so much that I am thinking of blogging now.
    I read it all in just one go.
    Nice notebook..You write really nice..very interesting..
    Keep blogging... :)


  5. i posted a comment ...why it dint appear ? :/

    sounds really sad.

    i feel lucky.

    i have a lot of stuff on child abuse its terrifying .
    i wouldn't like to read the book. :(

    take care !
    happy blogging :)

  6. @ Akanksha ::

    Yea.. It sure will make you sad..
    So you can skip this one..

  7. @ Prerna ::

    Hey Thanks..
    I am glad that you liked my Notebook.. :)

    You are more than welcome in Blogging World.. :)

    Would like to catch up with your blog..
    So you better get started.. :)

  8. @ V ::

    You posted anonymously so blogger marked it as spam..

    And i know its all terrifying but i think you can gv it a try..
    Choice is all yours.

    Take Care.
    Happy Blogging. :)

  9. can't say anything bout it !!
    will have to read it and going by the description you gave,
    i'll buy it the next time I go to a book store !!

    nyways i wnt comment on the child abuse stuff coz its something very sad kind of a thing and I have only one word for it,


    Happy blogging and take care !!!

  10. @ Ankit::

    I can understand bro..
    Go by yourself..

    Happy Blogging. :)

  11. Hi Arpit, Would like our books to be reviewed by you . Could you give me your contact where I can send the books to you.

    Geetu Goel
    Zorba Publishers

  12. @ Geetu ::

    I mailed you my mailing address @ your work mail_id.

  13. i have read ur book............awesome book...good job sneha...


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