Who's My BaBy???

Heyyyy Guys n Gals......... :) :) :) :)
Look above.. Can you see a Flying Dad???
Well That's Me!!!!

I am High.. Totally High!
I am Flying..
Because, I am soooo yuppyy-duppyy HAPPY Daddy!!!!!

You know who's my Babe right??
*Arey NOTEBOOK yar.. I have told you about her???* :)

The question is Who's My BaBy????????

Come On.. Think Now..

Any Idea???

No Idea???

Then, Go To Abhishek Paaji & Get Idea..
But even that Small-B don't have any Idea..
So just drop this Idea and stuck to my Notebook.

And Check Out My New Born Baby right here..


Well That Cute Little Baby Boy Is All Mine.. :)

We call him Nikon P500 for now..
But I sure will name him..
Suggest me some good names for my kuchhoo-puchhoo BaBy.. :)

Me to My Baby :: "Beta Say hello to all Uncles & Aunties" :)

O! He is crying now.. :O
Maybe He is hungry.. OMG! I will charge him right away.. :)

It's too hard to take care of a baby on your own!!! *worried Dad* :P

Ok Doston, Will see you soon.. :)

Awwwww.. My baby is waving..
Bidding you all a very good life ahead! :)


  1. Shoo cute.. ?u love photugrafi a lot it seems ;)

    Maybe u shd call him "Click--O"...!!

    but watever u name him.. do let us know... :)

  2. O paaji ur baby is so cute !!!

    but going by your face it does not really look like you !!

    bhai tera hi hai na ???

    lol !!!!

    nyways on the serious note,
    kitne ka liya ??

    do tell me coz me also thinking to buy the same !!!

    Happy blogging,
    and this time,
    Happy Photographing too !!!

    now we'll wait for some of your masterpieces in photography !!!

    Take Care !!!
    and keep writing !!!

  3. @ Urvashi ::

    Yes i like photography.. a lot.. :P

    Thanks for the suggestion..

    I will consider it & sure will let you know the final name.. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

  4. @ Ankit ::

    Hey bro..

    sale.. 100 % mera hi hai..
    Mere paas iska bill bhi hai.. :P

    I bought it of 21,300 bucks.. :)

    And will share something pretty soon.. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

  5. Cute!!! :)
    I wonder when u have real babies, what would you post :P

    And hey, we're not uncles and aunties :@

  6. oh happy da baneka moment... :P... but i am confused yaar.. blog biwi hai aur baccha camera ? :) yea kaisi breeding policy hai :O he he :P

    but on a realistic note enjoy ur camera :)... will be waiting for its adventures to open up on the blog :)...

    take care and keep writing............

  7. aww how sweet :*
    congratulations big daddy.

    and am not an aunty !
    am your baby's babe :P

    special and beautiful babies need spacial care. make sure you do .

    have fun with your baby and post pictures soon.

    happy blogging. :)

  8. @ Akanksha ::

    hee hee.. Well that's a secret.. :P

    @ "And hey, we're not uncles and aunties :@"

    Ha Ha.. Dil toh bachha hai ji.. :P

    Happy Blogging.. Bachha!!! :D

  9. @ Raza ::

    LoLz.. :D
    Ye ishq ka jadu hai bavre..
    Jab pyar andha ho sakta hai to bacha camera nahi ho sakta kya.. :P

    Sure.. I ll enjoy it to the fullest..

    And will share dhamakedar photos. :)

    Keep Smiling. Tk Cr. :)

  10. V-D::

    Ha Ha.. :)
    Thanks V. :)

    I ll take care of it and will post pics pretty soon IF IT STOPS BLUSHING NOW.. :D
    *aisa kya bol diya tune?*

    OH GOD! Aajkal ke bache bhi na..

    You Take Care n Keep Smiling. :)

  11. I'd love to play with your baby someday.. :D thinking of having one myself.. these babies are really cute.. aren't they.. congratulations proud dad.. :D how about PICachu as the name.. :P u know it clicks PICs.. ;) ..hahaha...

  12. @ Kittu ::

    Thanks Kittu Paaji..
    & go buy one for yourself then our babies will become good friends.. :)

    Thanks for the suggestion as well.. :)

    Keep Smiling. :)

  13. ooooo.... new camera.. cool... :) :)
    ur baby is so so so cute..

    p.s: dont u think it shd be a girl..??

  14. @ Arpitha ::


    I just felt it like as my baby boy!

  15. Hi,
    M new to ur blog..

    found it interesting..

    btw,in this post...u described ur baby..and in the later on eeu said..u hav no good cam to take snaps..!?

  16. @ Gowthami ::

    Welcome to my blog. :)

    You misunderstood Miss Gowthami..
    In later post i said that i don't have time to click.. :P

    Thanks for visiting.. :)

  17. Wow I love the camera you have , I need one and have been toying what to buy jsut dont get the time to do anything ..


  18. @ Bikramjit ::

    Thanks for liking my baby!

    Take your time and go for the best.. :)


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