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*beep beep*

1 message received.

& here is the convo I had with someone special this morning


N :: Hey.. Good morning..

Me :: Good morning babe..

N :: Do you love me?

Me :: What?

N :: Say na.. Do you still love me?

Me :: Yes, I do baby..

N :: Then why don't you come n visit me more often?

Me :: I am busy.. But I think about you all the time.. :)

N :: It's been more than 2 years now..

Me :: I know..

N :: Remember our first night?

Me :: Yes.. We had it like Four in a row!!! It was amazing..

N :: Don't you wanna do it again?

Me :: I am so gonna do it again.. :)

N :: Then what are you waiting for? Come to me baby.

Me :: Ok.. I am coming love. <3

N :: What's "<3" ??

Me :: Oh.. It’s my FB heart beating for you.. ;)

N :: Ohk.. Come to me now.. :*

Me :: What's ":*" ??

N :: Well It’s my HTC kiss smiley for you...

Me :: OMG!! Hold on there.. I am coming for you..


And.. Here i am.. Back to my babe.. :)

Well this 'N' was none other than our lovely Notebook.. *she is wild at times*

I am back to her..

I want to dedicate this video to my love... *In Tom Cruise Style*

My Notebook Complete Me!


Hello Friends.. How are you?

Hope you enjoyed Me n My Notebook's love story.. :)

Well.. I am kinda busy with job..

I posted couple of lines few days back on FB n It will best describe my situation these days::

Nowadays my life is all EDCUKF..*messed up*


When I try to sort it out.. I see that its all FUCKED.. ;)

Me :: Nice Lines right??? *I am not asking, I am saying it*

Thanks guys for your sweet response.. I know i am Awesome.. :P

& Here is this photo i clicked few hours back with my mobile



Well... This is it from my side..

Now you can tell me What is up on your side.. :)

I will be back with more..

Till then keep reading it again n again.. :P

P.S. Your blog love you n miss you too.. I know because they are all good friends with my Notebook & i talk to my blog..

Talk to your blog.. Feel it.. Share your love story.. :)


  1. Nice!!!!
    Maybe I should return to my blog too!
    Life is keeping me buzy :(

  2. The 'N' just kept me guessing! :P

  3. Agreed buddy !!!
    as Amir said in Rang de Basanti
    "College ke gate ke us taraf hum life ko nachaate hain,
    aur is taraf life humein nachaati hai !"

    Saala this hectic schedule has screwed every passion of our life !!

    Still I loved this love story of your blog
    and regarding mine, I can just say,

    well I will post it some day but at present there are no thoughts to share or you can say there are many incomplete ones !!

    Photo was good piece of art !!

    But now therez a tough issue to sort out,
    You love your blog and I love your blog too !!
    Now thatz a kahaani mein twist !!!

    But koi baat nahin bhidu tere liye apun apna ye pyaar kurbaan kar dega !!
    lol !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

  4. @ Akanksha ::

    Thanks. :)
    Sure. Go visit your blog..
    Life is such! :(
    But take some time out for yourself.. :)

  5. @ Abhi ::

    Ha Ha.. Beech-beech me mein bhi feel le rha tha.. :P

  6. @ Beri Bro::

    Aaye-haye kya faad dialog tha..
    Sach me yar.. Collz ke baad se to zindagi ka janaja nikal gya.. :|

    Dude.. I am full of incomplete thoughts..
    Why don't you make a complete post with all the incomplete ones.. :)

    Thanks for appreciating the photo.. :)

    Ha ha Ha ha Ha.. Loved the twist part..
    Thanks for the kurbani yar.. Tu dost hai.. :P

    All in all.. Loved the comment.. :)
    Happy Blogging.. :)

  7. story is just like urs...

  8. ur blogpost was kinda complex, tuk time fr my timid bain to figure out abt wots happening, bt got it...naiice

  9. @ Vineet ::

    Well.. I ll take it as a compliment.. :)

    & Welcome to my blog.. :)

    Hope to see more of you here..

    Happy Blogging. :)

  10. aah even i love ur notebook.. its a love triangle now.. :D nice post n good i see u use home lights its very safe.. :P neways nice post meri jaan n keep writing.. :)

  11. that was a great story man loved it... i initialy thought it was a beer :P he he.. loved it so much :)

    take care and keep writing...........

  12. @ Seth ::

    Ha Ha..
    I can share Notebook with you babe! :P

    & yea.. I like to play safe.. :P

    Thanks Kitty..
    Take Care.. Keep Writing. :)

  13. @ Raza ::

    Ha Ha..
    Thanks for taking some time out from your busy schedule.. :P

  14. hmm.. nyc love story.. got some *weird* thoughts in between though.. xP (;


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