50th POST

Hey Guys.. :)

Here are few more clicks coming out of my Bucket. :)

*You can click on the images to view them in full size.

BTW, This is my 50th post.. So you can congratulate me.. :D

Yayy.. I am so happy.. :)

Maybe someday I will write a post about how I started out with blogging.. :)

For now, I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers.. Who always been the fuel of my blog..

Thanks Guys.. :)

I hope that you enjoy watching these pics as much as I enjoyed clicking them.. :)

*~*~*~THE END~*~*~*



    50th post... WOW !!good going!

    all the pictures are beautiful as always !! keep it up.

    i wouldn't mind reading your story "how i started blogging"
    they are interesting. BTW you can also start a tv program "how i started blogging"since she's is your gf.

    happy blogging.
    take care!

  2. Gr8 shots...loved the B/W one..and congrats for the 50th post !


    Cool man..here i am finding it difficult to write a blog..

    Hope u remember, I am Prerna, who commented on 1 of ur blogs some days before saying that now i am thinking of writing a blog..

    there r only 2 posts i wrote in my blog..

    Keep writing..
    n i'll keep enjoying reading ur blogs..
    kudos for ur 50th blog..
    n yes i must say brilliant fotugraphy..
    take care!

  4. Awww! All the pics are so amazing. Really beautiful! Congratulations for your 5oth post! :D

    Keep blogging.

  5. @ Viddhi ::

    Thank you so much V. :)

    @ start a tv program "how i started blogging"

    ha ha ha.. Sure.. What an Idea.. :P
    Tu invest kar de mein bana dunga.. Beri bar bar dekh kar apni TRP badha dega.. PROGRAM HIT.. :D
    kya bolti hai??

    Happy Blogging. :)
    Keep Smiling. :)

  6. @ Shashank Modi ::

    Thank you so much.. :)
    I hope to see you again.. :)

    Keep Blogging. :)
    Keep Smiling. :)

  7. @ Anonymous Prerna ::

    Thanks Prerna. :)

    Hey.. So good to see you back here..
    Its nice that you finally started.. :)
    Share your blog's url,
    so that i can come n check out your place as well. :)

    I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog.
    Thanks again.

    Hope to see you soon. :)

    Keep Blogging. :)
    Keep Smiling. :)

  8. @ Harsha ::

    Thanks Harsha. :)
    Good to see you again. :)

    Keep Clicking. :)
    Keep Smiling. :)

  9. hearty congratulations on your 50th post!!
    heres wishing you plenty more!!


  10. WoW! Arpit!! Congratulations on your 50th step in the journey of blogger!

    I should mention those were the best pic(k)s from your bucket!

  11. WOW..!! u hav become quiet a photographer..
    superb pics.. loved them..
    esp d one wit bangles.. :)

    take care

    keep writin nd keep clickin.. :)

  12. O paaji ye half century to shot ke saath maari hai aapne !!!

    Awesum pics !!!
    Saw them at facebook too !!!

    BUt these are brilliant !!

    Mazaa aa gaya !!!

    jhakasss hai bhai jaan !!!

    Happy Blogging, happy clicking and take care !!!!

  13. Spectacular!!!! Its really hard to find more words! The Contrast, the color composition... you just made it to the list of My Fav Photographers!!!! COngrats! and u got urself One More FAN (please switch me off when u are not using! :) )!

  14. Amazing pictures. Congratulations on your 50th post. Happy for you.

  15. Hey Arpit your photographs are fabulous!!
    Blogging is such a nice way to meet interesting folks.Was pleasantly surprised to know that you are from Chandigarh. I too spent long and happy years in my teens and twenties in that City -and it gave me my free spirit.
    Which SLR camera shd a beginner buy?

  16. @ Indiana Amrita ::

    Thanks. :)

    @ S R Ayyangar ::

    Thank you. :)

  17. @ Magiceye

    Thank you magiceye. :)
    Good to see you. :)

    Cheers Mate!

  18. @ Spicy Sweet ::

    Heyie.. :)

    Thanks a lot for your 'Spicy n Sweet' wishes. :)

  19. @ Arpitha ::

    Hey Holla.. Thank ew so much. :)

    Glad you liked them.. um so happy. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

  20. @ Beri Bro ::

    Oye Paaji..
    Balle Balle oye.. :)

    veere, Twadi silver jubliie se inspire hokar maine apni golden jubliie kar di.. :)

    Thanks so much for being such awesome inspiration. :)

    Happy Blogging Paji. :)

  21. @ "Purple Heart" Sam ::

    Hey Uncle Sam.. Wassup ??
    Thanks alot for making me feel like top of the world..
    Yayyy.. Man!!!

    Earning a fan is Awesome.. :P
    & lolz @ your last point.. I will remeber to switch you off.. :D

    Keep Smiling.
    Keep Visiting.

    Happy Blogging. :)

  22. @ Barkha Dhar ::

    Thanks Barkha. :)
    Good to see you here. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

  23. hey the pics r so lovely.......... u really clicked them..?? they r looking so professional...

    gr8 work n yeah congrats for the half century..keep going.. :P :D

  24. Congrats! This is a stunning blog!
    Great going.
    Hope to see you on my blog.

  25. @ Varsha

    Thanks Varsha.. Glad you liked my clicks. :)

    So good to know that you are connected to The City Beautiful.. :)

    You can go for Canon 1000D (Entry Level DSLR Camera)
    Though i have Nikon P500 (Super Zoom Camera)

    Personally i will suggest you to go with superzoon camera,
    You can go for FujiFilm HS10 or HS20 depending upon your budget. :)

    I don't know much abour SLR cameras, so can't really help you out with SLRs..

    For any further assistance you can drop a comment anytime. :)

  26. @ Urvashi ::

    Thanks for your appreciation. :)
    & your question marks made it even more delightful. :)

    I ll keep going. You just keep visiting. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

  27. @ Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) ::

    Thanks S B Mjee for dropping by.. :)
    I ll visit your place soon. :)

    Happy Blogging. :)

    @ CooperJal ::

    Thanks. :)

  28. congrats on half-a-century :-)))

    btw Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
    I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!
    The Emotional Lava
    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  29. @ CATGIRL ::

    Thanks CATGIRL. :)
    I will visit your place soon.

    Take Care!

  30. cograts on the 50th post
    loved the pictures .. and hey that tree looks lovely are those wires around it to hold it together or what ...


  31. who is the little girl?

    very pretty pictures-show a definite talent and a good camera ;)

    following your blog now as well

  32. @ Bikramjit ::

    Thanks Bikram..
    nah.. those wires were just wrapped around it to make some kind of boundary or something..

  33. @ Raam Pyari ::

    Hi Ruchita..
    That girl was playing in the park.. i don't know her..

    Thanks for liking & following my blog. :)

  34. Congratulations on your 50th post. Lovely clicks. Thanks for sharing them.

  35. @ Shas ::

    Hey.. Thanks for dropping by.. :)
    Glad that you liked the clicks. :)

  36. Hey Arpit,

    Ypur Photography is really cool and awesome. Keep it up.


  37. @ Sonia ::

    Hi Sonia..

    Super Thanks for checking out my blog & photography!!! :)

    Would love to see more of you on my blog.

    Keep Smiling. Keep Visiting. :)

  38. Congrats on your 50th post buddy :)
    And yeah great pics!

    ....Here I Am!

  39. Brilliant clicks.

    Very aesthetically captured.

    keep it goin;)

  40. @ Amit Charles ::

    Thanks a ton Amit for dropping by! :)

  41. my my..wot pics
    simply gr8...!!

    my fav s of bells..n bangels...n dat kido..n...al of them..:)

    congrates on ur 50th blog..

    n i think i shuld thank ravinder singh also, as i ws searchin abt his links n his novel " i too had a luv story" that i reached u...

  42. @ Anonymous ::

    Hey.. Thank you soooo much.. :)

    I am happy that you visited my page.. :)

    Would love to see more of you here on my blog!!!

    BTW, who you are? o_O

    Tk Cr.

  43. All photographs are really awesome.Keep it up.

  44. seriously...
    i love photography.. n ur is one of them.. (:

    1. WoW.. You like everything about me! :)

      Yo Um Happy.. Thanks Lazee Bumm.. Welcome to my blog. :D


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