life is shit!!!

Hi guys..
Here I am, rock you like a hurricane.. ;)
'Scorpions' apart..

My life is shit yar..

I know I am awesome but the world I am living in, don't give a shit about me being myself..

I am so tired of being anyone but me..

I spend 10 hours of my day working as an Ass..
An Ass I don't want to be but on the other hand I can't help myself either..

I need a job to survive..
And I am just surviving..

I have a camera but don't have time to click..
If I click at times then I don't have time to upload it on blogger..
What the Fuck man???

I am so pissed with me, myself & job that I just want to quit on everything..

Fuck off man... let me live my own life...

Only good part of job is that salary comes on time.. That's it!!!!

Half of my life goes in company, working on God knows what technology & quarter of my life goes on getting drunk..
& Rest of my life goes in either sleep or hangover...

When I wake up in the morning, I think::
I will do something cool today, I will take over the world..

And when I come back home with my sore Ass, all I can think about is Pain in my Ass, which got fucked by the world all day long..

Then reality strikes,
In morning, I think that I will take over the world..
In evening I realise that world took over me again..

This post is nothing but the frustration of a poor soul..

P.S. I ll post some pics soon.
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  1. A piece of advice - Go watch Pyaar ka Punchnaama :-)

    And yes, hang in there.Yehi IT pros ke jivan ki amar gaatha hai - har roz ek nayi umang ke sath uthna aur raat ko 'laut ke budhdhu ghar ko aaye' types aake so jana

  2. Yo Jumbo! Steps to get a grip over your life -

    1. Stop Drinking, you're paying to destroy your brain. I'm not completely against it, have fun, drink quality stuff. But don't let 1 binge ruin 2 days.

    2. You know you want to do it, then make the time; everyone gets 24 hours in a day. How can you find the time to upload pics? By MAKING the time! You seriously need to understand that you have all the time and energy you need. Just look for it.

    3. Get connected but get in control.

    You must be wondering- what the heck, he's just rambling, no idea how tough life is! Well, you've inspired me to write a nice little post on my blog on how you should manage your time or at least, what you should do to get a firm grip on what you have. Head over there in a few hours and you'll have your solution manual, not that Life ever gives you one! :)

  3. ok, here you go -->

    Here's my blogpost about what you need to do about "Life"

  4. @ Akanksha ::

    I have seen it already.. :)

    But reel life & real life me antar hota hai..

    Anyways, I am fine now..

    Thodi si frustration thi, nikal di.. :P

  5. @ Nitin ::

    1. I am too tired of drinking, i ll quit drinking pretty soon..

    2. Point taken!

    3. Din't get this one.

    Well i am gonna read your post now.

    Ciao! :)

  6. Thats bad.
    STOP drinking.It makes you more sad , makes feel more useless. trust me it does.

    working..hmm..hmm.. its a part of life...we all have to work hard.
    And you know life things always get never works the other way round make the most of it ...
    if you don't , you will never get time. right now you only have a job later you will have a family and kids-more RESPONSIBILITY . if you don't learn to manage time now you will never be able to learn to do so .

    so RELAX. be happy .
    STOP drinking and upload pictures soon. just think you are too blessed to be stressed ! :-)

    take care !
    happy blogging!

  7. oh. and this one's for you :-)

    "Work It Harder Make It Better
    Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
    More Than Ever Hour After
    Our Work Is Never Over "

    - by DAFT PUNK

  8. @ V ::

    ha ha ha..

    @"too blessed to be stressed"
    Nice lines.. kahan se chori ki?? :D

    And you have a strong point there that i need to make my own time.. :)

    Thanks for dropping by,

    Bbye.. Take Care!
    Keep :)

  9. O paaji remembered the name of serial,

    "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki"

    lol !!!

    well jokes apart yaar sabki band baji huyi hai we have no time to live our passions and enjoy them or even remember them !!!

    Roz subah uthte hain ye soch ke ki aaj duniya ki maa behan ek kar denge !!
    BC shaam tak apni ho jaati hai !!!

    nyhow well we can only hope all getz well !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care buddy !

    WIll wait for your pics kuch to facebook pe dekh bhi li hain and un par comments bhi padh liye hain !!


  10. @ Beri Paaji ::

    oye hoye paaji. kiddan??

    i know ki ye ghar ghar ki kahani hai,
    fir bhi mujhe dohrani hai..

    mana ki sabka band baja hai,
    par frustration nikalne ka apna alag maja hai.. :P

    & yea, i found the imprints of you on my photos..

    Thanks for dropping by..

    Take Care!

    Keep Smiling. :)

  11. nice read ,do visit me some time i'm following you hope you to find my blog interesting and do the same thank you :)

  12. *sigh* the frustrations are all so familiar!

  13. @ Prathi ::

    Thanks, & as for your business deal.. i am following you too.. :P

    I ll catch up with your blog soon. :)

    Hope to see you again.

    Tk Cr.

  14. @ Raam Pyari::

    hmmm.. :\
    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  15. arpit u are a really cool dude... work is something which we all have to do no matter what... so go the 3idiots way and try to do something which u love... if u cant leave ur job. then try doing something u like, by restricting ur drinking to atleast 4 days a week.. p p ke marna hai kya sale? :P... idiot... if u do that then sleep wil be god no hangovers, and money saved too... so try that... i know that's the best thing u love to do but try once and see no...

    other than that i hope u have a awesome life... n take over the world soon...

    P.S: haey bhagwan, i hope that day will be... 21st December 2012... :P he he :P

    take care and keep writing...........

  16. Hmm every word u used in this post depicts ur frustration..
    some people say life is what we make it..and some say we need to live life as it comes...


    hmmmm...look at the things that happen there will be some among them that make you smile they will make u happy..I'm sure...
    And might be ur personal interest to take this word..Please stop drinking if u wish to live ur life happily and healthily :)

    Huh..this is first time I gave an unasked advice to my fellow blogger...M sorry if u feel like 'who asked you..etc'

    U have an interesting blog and for this you should feel happy! ;)
    Gowthami commented for you and for this you should feel happy! ;);)
    Gowthami is following you and for this you should feel happy! ;) u feel who dis gowthami is..?!!It's me me me me!!!

    (Added the last lines to amke u smile but not to boast myself)

    keep smiling!
    ~gowthami :)

  17. @ Thousif ::

    Thanks for your concern bro..
    han, daru to chhad deni hai yara.. :)

    or sale serious post par bi sense of humor marna to koi tujhse seekhe. :P

    Bye, Tk Cr.

  18. @ Gowthami ::

    Ha Ha Ha. :D

    Killer comment!!!

    Thanks for the advice.. :)

    Its an honor to have your comment & followership on my blog..
    I am much obliged.. :)

    Keep Smiling. :)

  19. Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    Plight of EVERY damn SE!!
    No time which will translate to Not i me!
    We always feel this is not me.. :D

  20. Nice blog you got .. I would Suggest take a break, go on a holiday or something and then come refreshed
    or do something that you have been wanting to do for long ..

    Take care now


  21. @ Spicy Sweet ::

    Exactly.. No Time to Not I Me.. :\

    Thanks for visiting..
    Hope to see more of you here.. :)

  22. Hope you are feeling better after writing your feelings. I hope it all works out for you :)

    ♥ from ©

  23. @ Bikramjit ::


    Yeah.. I ll take a break soon..

    Hope to see you again.. :)

    You too take care!

  24. @ Tanvi ::

    Yup, Putting out your frustration sure feels great.. :)

    Thanks for visiting.. :)

    Hope to see you again.. :)

  25. @$$#%#^%# enjoy life u ass.. :)

    I think my posts have no effect on you.. hahaha..

    BE HAPPY!!!.. :)

    Start loving life and everything will be fine..

  26. lol... i'll take over the world in the morning and then hand it over to u.. hehehe will dat be fine.!!!??? :P


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