Just Saying...

In english ::
What is life???
It's a fucking joke..
People laugh at yours n you laugh at others.. :)

In hindi ::
Zindagi kya hai??
Ek chutiya Majak hai..
Dusre aap par hanste hain or aap dusron par.. :)
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  1. short but meaningful.

    i hope you are fine though you don't sound fine.

    just believe in your self and leave everything to god. sometimes that helps!

    take care! :)

  2. hmm...quite true on sad days actually...hope all izzz well...coz on sunny days, life is like the sunshine...it warms you and those around with brightness n hope...

    okay before i sound Mother Teresa-ish...take care:-)

  3. As long as you can laugh it off.. You are safe.. Only when you crib.. Trouble starts..
    Just saying.. :)

  4. @ V ::

    hey.. I am fine yar but thanks for pouring in. :)

    @ Suruchi ::

    Yup.. feeling is only matter of time..
    sometimes you are up, sometimes down!
    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  5. @ Spicy Sweet ::

    Nice saying. :P

    @ Holla ::

    Thanks. :)

  6. When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade!
    So, Enjoy the joke everytime! :)

  7. Nahin yaar dusre aap par zyaada hanste hain aur aap dusron par kam !!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!

    Chadd kakke tnsn na kar !!!
    mazaak to mazaak hai,
    us par hansna to padta hi hai !!!

  8. hmmm arpit ke gyan... bhagwan he jaane.. :P

    arey yaar... i know it happens but as suruchi said abt something regarding sunshine n all :P... life is like that.... hope everything turns out fine... :) i loved the pics by the way... the 2nd batch is like so good, one with bangles and all.. awesome yaar too awesome :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  9. @ Akanksha ::

    Okay.. :)

    @ Ankit ::

    ha ha ha.. right paji. :)

  10. @ Thousif ::

    Yeah.. things are great with me buddy.. :)

    Thanks for liking my fotugrafy!!! :)

  11. aur tu bada serious hota phir raha hai... kya huwa... pe nahi kya do din say haan...idiot... mujhe mera pura arpit chahiye..(dont get any gay vibes from me because i am not resonating them :P) soi want him back... nahi to padenge saale... virtual kode barsaoonga.... iddo(thats a swt way of saying idiot ok:P) so iddo ji... jaldi say theek hoja and give me an awesome n sweet say post jaldi... missing u.... :)

    take care and keep writing.........

  12. @ Thousif ::

    Aye haye janeman.. you came back for me.. :P
    Ab tu aa GAYa hai.. To mein bi vapas aa jaunga.. :D
    I ll be back with a bang bro!!!!

    & you are missing too man.. So jaldi se vapas aaja Raza!!
    Happy Blogging.. Keep Smiling.. :)

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  14. @ ITB Team ::

    Thanks guys for enlisting my blog to your website.

  15. Rastogi ;) ;) tujhe meri yaad nahi aati.. nalaayak!

  16. what is life ???

    u r quit ryt.but life is given to enjoy/ so be happy.keep chirping

  17. hi,

    you are tagged here!



  18. @ Felicity n Rishika ::

    Welcome to my blog. :)

  19. @ Anu ::

    Thanks for visiting. :)

    @ Gowthami ::

    Thanks for the award! :)


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