है भरोसा मुझे


रुक भी जाऊं गर, में किसी मोड़ पे..
देख लेना मुझे, पीछे मुड़के तो तू..

चल अगर तेज में, दूर आ भी जाऊं तो..
रोक लेना मुझे, एक कोशिश से तू..

में आवारा भले, बन भी जाऊं अगर..
दूर खुदसे कभी, जाने देना न तू..

रूठ जाऊं अगर, में किसी बात पर..
देख मुझको जरा, मुस्कुराना तो तू ..

खो भी जाऊं अगर, में इंही राहों पर..
दोस्त मेरे कभी, भूल जाना ना तू..

है भरोसा मुझे, बस तेरी बात पे..
तेरी यादों में मुझको, बसा लेगा.. ^-^



  1. reminded me of someone..
    nice effort!

  2. kya baat hai ..kavi admi nikle ap toh ! ;)

    wonderful thought !
    keep them coming !

    happy blogging and take care :)

  3. @ Rishika Sharma ::

    Thanks Rishika..

    n Its great to see you here at my place..
    n I would love to ve you as my regulars!!! :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  4. @ ~*~V~*~

    Thanks V.

    n Seriously Yar.. You are my greatest follower.. :)
    Thanks for being there.. always. :)
    Hats off to you.. You Rock.. \m/

    Cheerio! :)

  5. You should write a transliteration or a translation for people who can't read hindi. :)

  6. oh... its so beautiful... tu kabsay mush stuff likhna shuru kiya hai haaan... but its very beautiful arpit... :)... love it a lot :)...

    take care and keep writing......

  7. simple lines.. yet expressive.thnx to follow me

  8. O paaji !!!
    Its Jhakassss !!!

    Beautiful !!

    What a thought
    what a feeling !!

    Can only say paaji lage raho !
    The wait for the post was worth it !!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!

  9. awwwwwwww :) i just took a deep breath :)

  10. sab wahi karegi to tum kya karoge ?
    just kidding ;) nice lines :) keep writing

  11. @ Felicity ::

    Thanks for the suggestion.. :)
    I ll keep in my mind for the next time.. Um lil busy thz days so can't really update this post..
    Anyways thanks for dropping in..
    Happy Blogging.. :)

  12. @ Thousif ::

    Kya sale bus tu hi likh sakta hai kya.. ;)

    Thanks a lot for sweet sa comment.. :)

    Happy Blogging.. Keep smiling..

  13. @ Ankit Beera ::

    Thank you paji..
    Matlab dil khush kar ditta ji twade comment ne..

    Cheers Man..

    Happy Blogging.. :)

  14. @ Chintan ::

    Welcome to my blog..
    Yippee, I am glad you liked it.. :)

  15. @ Megha ::

    Hey Megha...
    I am so happy to see you here.. :)


    Kahan gayab ho gyi thi???

  16. @ The feeling lioness ::

    Thanks! :)
    n you are welcome to my place..

    Hope to see more of you here.. :)

  17. Loved it meri jaan.. nice to see u posting something other than life being a joke.. :P the last post was like.. I couldn't comment on it.. sorry but was not in agreement with it.. remember the time when you told me to never feel down in your life.. same applies to you bro.. Enjoy life.. :) and I am trying to get back to blogging.. :D

    Oh nd ya.. njoy life u ass... :)

  18. Loved your poems... keep it up buddy :) :) :)

  19. @ Kittu ::

    Thanks Kitty.. :)
    I am enjoying my life babe but not as much as i wanted to.. :\

    & its really good to find your friends around the blog..
    n you have been a great companion through out my blogging life. :)

    Kudos to our friendship.. :)

    Happy Blogging.


    @ Samik ::

    Hey.. Thanks Man. :)


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