My BaBy! :-)

I just brought my Baby home.. :)

Canon 550D is all mine now.. :)

I hope my baby will make me proud someday.. *all emotional* *wiping my tears*

My lil Nikon P500 is so so excited to meet his brother.. :)

I hope that the legacy of Arpit Rastogi Photography will continue.. :)

Kindly join me to bless my baby for his new beginning of life.. :)

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who encouraged me with my passion for photography.. :)

*whether you posed for me or simply liked my photography.. that means whole world to me*.. ^_^

Finally, Special thanks to My Brother
Arjit Rastogi not only for understanding my feelings for photography but also giving me the extra bit of money required.. :)

Thanks to
Manyu Bahmani for being such a mindblasting inspiration.. Man-You Rock! \m/

Thanks to Anshul Bhardwaj for being the best photographer buddy.. :P

Thanks to Navpreet Bains Ma'am for the salary-in-cash-on-time.. :)

Thank GOD & Thanks All For Your Kind Love & Support! :) :)

Presenting you now my loveliest baby - CANON 550D.


P.S. I was too tired to write anything so just copy-pasted my FB status message.. :)


  1. congratulations...and the post following this proves what a great buy this is:-)

  2. well done you!! i have a nikon but i would like to try cannon some day

  3. @ Suruchi ::

    Thank You Suruchi! :)

    @ Chintan ::

    N sure gv Canon a try! :)

  4. this calls for a treat :)
    congratulations !!! big daddy !


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