iHATE those who HATE Steve Jobs!!!!


I have been observing on Facebook that there are two kinds of people who are intrested in Steve Jobs...
  1. Who appreciate him being the visionary
  2. Who are against him just for the publicity sake or whatever

I hate that sharing thing on Facebook.. Some assholes keep sharing bullshit just for the heck of it..

One of my friend shared this picture few days back -

I mean what the fuck are you doing for those kids if you share this pic???

How the fuck that sharing of yours gonna help those under priviledged kids???

And what the fuck steve jobs has to do with those kids???

Matlab jab Steve Jobs nahi mara tha to tumne share kyun nahi ki???

Or ab share karke ki bhi BC kya ukhad rahe ho???

For God sake, first reach out for these kids, help them & then share such shit.

And For Your Fucking Information, your cries/shares are not going to help them 'you mother fucker morons' so please stop crying/sharing for them & start to do something for them today.

Oh you seem quite busy now..
What are you doing??
Well i guess you are busy updating your next status message on FB!
Fuck Off Now Please.. Will You?

P.S. Even i don't do anything for these kids but i don't share such pics & collect sympathies on their behalf as well.

P.P.S. I believe that Helping hands are better than praying lips.


  1. i am neither in the love nor the hate side-but i believe that mindless "sharing" is so stupid and anyways there is absolutely no relation between the two scenarios-remembering a genius has should never be condemned for taking up people's mind space!

  2. true what you said is true. Helping hands are much better, and as soon as i saw those images creeping up i was thinking, what kinda sick pervert makes these. people are retarded sometimes... seriously.
    I hope those kids find what they wanna, dont be mad arpit.

    Jab gadho ko itne saalo say akal nahi aayi, to abhi nai ayegi. We'll do what we can and hope for the best... :)

    Take care and keep writing..........

    Take care :)

  3. seriously this is so freaking annoying.
    I see baqwas sharing every now n then on my wall.

  4. Agreed Buddy !!!

    Well for me Steve Jobs was and will always be the father of modern day computing and Music devices !!

    The person I admire the most !!

    Sharing of these pics on walls is disrespect to this legend.

    Happy blogging and take care !!

  5. Yeah!!Steve Jobs has done so much.He has created first successful mp4 player all over the world

  6. @ All ::

    Thanks For Dropping in with your thoughts! :)

  7. People post anything and everything, mindlessly. Those irritating posts range from gud-morning. gud-evening wishes to morphed images of celebrities...heights of vellapanti.
    There's no connection between the two images.
    People have found "fb-sharing" a means for doing nothing about a situation and showing to the world that they care.
    Jobs is and will remain the boss of technology!!


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