Birthday Gift & Wedding Photography!!!

Can you see this phone???

This is
Nokia - X7....

& This is *
truly-madly-deeply* MINE.... I Won It!!!! :)

This is a gift from Nokia.. Our Company PlayBuff's two games
"DOUBLE TRAP" & "TRAIN DEFENDER-II" were the category finalist @ Calling All Innovators 2011.

So we got two X7 for the same...

& My Boss decided to give away phones to the respective developer of the game...

So I got this for

& LUCKILY, I got it on My Birthday on 2nd of November!!!!!!! Super Awesome Gift I Ever Had!
:) :)


Okay Now moving onto the next part of the post..
It was my friend's wedding on last sunday in Delhi & these are few of the clicks of my Dear Friend's Wedding under the title of Arpit Rastogi Photography... :)




P.S. I am very busy these days... But i ll try to catch up with you all pretty soon.. :)
P.P.S. If you want to check rest of the clicks of wedding then you have to add me on FB & then you can see rest of the pics. :)

See you guys later! :)


  1. Wow cool enough..congrats!

    happy belated b'day too :)

    Pictures are nice :)

  2. P.S. the quote mentioned at the bottom is not written by me.I read it somewhere and just couldn't get it out of my head!rest the entire stuff i write on my own :)

  3. Now thats as close to perfect as it gets in life on a birthday. Congratulations

  4. the pics look amazing and the phone is awesome too... congratulations on the win :)... i am so happy for u :D.. see good things do come if u wait :)... just take a lil time thats all :)

    Take care and keep writing......

  5. and happy belated b'day man... sorry that i couldn't wish... agar mile to laat maar dena ok :P

    take care

  6. that phone looks like the devil himself-congratulations and wish u a very happy belated birthday Arpit and all the joys...may you be busier but happier, richer and more loved:-)

    and yes hopefully you keep getting so many of these awesome gadgets that you decide to give some to your loyal readers*hint, hint*:-)

    the black n white pic is out of this world-soooooooo beautiful!

  7. you lucky boy !! and happy birthday toh bilkul happy ho you into proffesional fotography kya ??fab pics ya...

  8. Lucky you!!!!
    and yes...ur photography is what's in your toolkit?

  9. Congratulations mate.. :) and nice photography..

    Really like the P.P.S .. add me on fb.. huh.. nice move.. ;) :D

  10. That's so cool :-) budday happy budday ho gaya :-D

    I should check photos on fb...looks like you did pretty good job....

  11. COngrats and lucky you..

    I jsut saw ur profile are you from chandigarh :)


  12. @ Sunakshi ::

    Thank You for the Wishes!! :) :)
    & will read your post soon. :)

    Happy Blogging!

  13. @ Thousif ::

    Thanks Bitch for the Wishes!!! :)
    Ya good things do come if you wait.. :P
    Par saale itne saalon se teri bhabhi ki wait kar ra hun wo kyn ni aayi???

    @ Thousif again ::

    Thanks for the B'day Wishes! :) :)

    Happy Blogging!!
    & send my regards to Evil M. :)

  14. @ Suruchi ::

    Thank You soooo Much for Super Awesome Wishes! :) :)

    @ Give Away
    Ha Ha.. Kyn nhi.. Sab apka hi to hai! :P *not literally* but *emotionally*:D

    Thank You Once Again!

    & Your comments are out of this world-sooooo amazing! :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  15. @ Sulagna ::

    Hey.. Good to see you! :)
    Yup b'day jada hi happy ho gaya.. :P

    & i am not into professional photography.. i do it for fun! :)

    Thanks for visiting!

    Happy Blogging! :)

  16. @ Megha ::

    Thank You! :)

    My Toolkit ::
    Canon 550D + 18-55 kit lens + 55-250 lens :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  17. @ Kitty ::

    Thanks Kittu! :)

    Ha Ha.. Saale… *me karun to sala character dheela hai* :P

  18. @ Chintan ::

    I dint see your footprints on FB yet.. :)
    It will be gr8 if you drop 1-2 comments over there.. :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  19. @ Bikram ::

    Thanks Bikram! :)
    I am not from chandigarh.. I did my engineering from chandigarh..
    & now working here in chandigarh only! :) :)

    Its been more than 5 years now!

    Happy Blogging! :)

  20. woah! Congrats !:):)
    n for teh photography- brilliant,this!:)

  21. O paaji Gift is aweusm !!
    Koi na sambhal ke rakh le jab milenge tab operation karunga is ka !!

    Photos are awesum as always !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!


    ye toh bohat heeee aweeesooommmmeeee haiiiiiiiiii

    and pictures tohhhhh aurrr bhiiiiii zaddddaaaa amazing hain.

  23. Belated Happy birthday to you. Photograph is really nice. Keep doing good job.

  24. That's coooolll!!
    Happy birthday!!

  25. Multitasking... Interesting.. M

    y photography is still on btw... Cool clicks!

  26. @ V ::

    Thank You Soo Much Viddhiiiiiiiii!!!! :P

    @ W.P.S. ::

    Thank YoU & sure i ll keep it up!!

    @ Canlove HappenTwice ::

    Thanks! :)
    BTW, hows your promotion going! :P

  27. @ Deepika ::

    Thanks For Dropping In! :) :)
    Hope to see you more often! :)

  28. hey! lucky you!
    and i must tell you, u r doing a great job with ur camera :)
    Well, I am back to following you!
    good to see you r so popular here in the blogosphere! 225 followers..woooo! :D

  29. @ Isha ::

    Thanks Isha.. :) :)
    Glad that you are back. :)

    Happy Blgging! :)

  30. Dude, you you must be a writer. Your text is so great.

    From Computer Addict

  31. Yaara da tashan.. :P

    Mubarakaan ji... badey hi-fi ho gaye tussi.

  32. Lovely pics. Congrats for being the winner :)

  33. @ Me ::

    Thanks.. Bus ji kripa twadi! :P

    @ Shas ::

    Thank You!!! :) :)

  34. ooo so cool! congratulations and pics are really nice!


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