RASTO ~ It's Me!!! :P


It was a fun weekend with my college friends..
One day trip to Morni Hills was great & I totally enjoyed it :)

After all the fun i had with friends, i came back & logged into FB.. *i just can't live without it*

And there it was the testimonial kind of wall post from my junior Surbhi which made me SUPERRRR HAPPPPPY.. *only extra P's can define my happiness*

Who is "Surbhi" :: well, She is super junior to me.. She joined the college just when i passed out.. *not like i drank too much & passed out but when i cleared my degree & PASSed out* *By GOD's Grace & obviously Teacher's Grace - Marks* :P

How i Know "Surbhi" :: She is a part of DRAM-E-BAAZ family & thats how i know her.. :) *you guys know DBZ right?* *if no, then dig deep into my blog & you ll find out* ;)

& she is a true Dram-E-Baaz & very dedicated theatre artist &.. thats pretty much about her..

Moving on...

This is what she wrote ::
*RASTO* sir!!

first time i met him: the shy introvert yet freak kinda soul!!
in sheer contrast to what i had heard about him !
as in hes agressive while he acts, talkative and a leader!!

and now when i see you..you are such a lovely "bubbly" champ..!!:):)
full of life, enthusiasm and yeah the vitality to do smthg different in life reflects on ur face..

the lill guy with a cam in his hand (everytime we have met)..
teaches me smthg new , unspoken -untold..

and yeah a dramebaaz in himself!!
full of that witty humour, that childlike innocence, a hidden talent (the photography), talkativeness and nautanki on the spot..:P:P

indeed a true dramebaaz..!!
or maybe this is what we inherit from u guys being a dramebaaz..:P:P

truly, i really do not know even an inch of THE ARPIT RASTOGI,
but all i know is u r a storehouse of unspoken inspiration!!

humble, down to earth and inna CUTE TALKS!!:P
ahh UNCLE " you rock"..!!:)

~ Surbhi Kalia


AwwSome It Was.. So I captured it on my blog! :)

Check out My Reaction To Her Sweet Post ::

1. I was humble outside.. *o ni yar.. me kahan itna sab kuch? aiwe hi, she wrote all of it to make me happy*


2. Jumping Inside.. *O Yes!!! I am super awesome..* \m/

3. Finally i was like this for few hours : *SUPERRRR HAPPPPPY..*

Okay Guys.. This is it for now..

Important Announcement - I just created a Fan Page for you, me & my photography named 'Arpit Rastogi Photography'
I won't say anything but you must have got my point.. :P
*You are suppose to go there & like it*

Stay Connected! :)


  1. Hi Rasto uncle!!

    I can testify all that the testimonial does, except the shy, introverted part.......

    Loved your three photos, the third one in particular....

  2. already 142 likes awesome yaar :)

    and i am very happy for u... to khush hone par bada accha lagta hai... nazar na lage *slaps arpit acros his face* :P see ab kisi ki nazar nai lage gi :P... he he... enjoy man... and remain happy always :)

    Take care and keep writing.....

  3. My god-this gal likes you...and your reaction-omg, why didn't I notice earlier that you were THIS cute??????????????????why? why? why?

    facebook me and we'll find a way to find you with another testimonial, may be:-)

  4. haha...damebaaz post, like u and ur super-juniour ;)

    u always have something hatke to post :)

    btw Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Nice ! girls are queuing-up for you ay ! Or is it a testimonial for a cool mentor ;-)
    Congrats on your photography page, lage raho !

  6. @ KK ::

    Thanks Babe!! :)
    Happy Blogging! :)

  7. @ Thousif Raza ::

    Thanks for the slap bitch! :P

    Happy Blogging! :)

  8. @ Suruchi ::

    Ha Ha.. She is a kiddo!

    & Your comment brought out the CUTEness in me.. remember?? *blush-blush*

    FACEBOOKed You!!! :)

    Happy Blogging.. :)

  9. @ Megha ::

    Ha Ha.. :)

    Thanks for the wishes..

    & Wish you a super-duper X'mas! :) :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  10. @ Manu ::

    This one goes for a Mentor! :)

    Thank You Bhaiya! :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

  11. ahem ahem.. can't believe even girls like you.. :D :D and I have liked your page.. what m i supposed to get in return?.. :P

  12. You have such an awsm bolg....i lofffff it!!!!!
    Lov yo photographs! Js soooo natural!
    So mch bta dan mine!

  13. Rasto Paaji becomes Uncle !!!

    That was an awesum matrimonial (O Sorry !!!) Testimonial about you !!

    but "shy" !!!

    Kahan se ???

    Cute to tu hai bhai no second opinion about that !!!

    Great going dude and ur photographs are jhakasss !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

  14. @ Kitty ::

    Once you are in chandigarh.. You gonna get a photoshoot.. :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

    @ Ankita ::

    Thank You Ankita. :)
    Glad you liked my blog..

    Hope to see you more often!

    Happy Blogging! :)

  15. @ Beri Bro ::

    Ha Ha..

    Thanks Beere!

    Happy Blogging! :)

  16. haha! what your junior wrote was indeed true and am happy that you had a great time... meeting old friends is always fun.

    and yes.. i loved your reaction.. especially that jumping -super happy one. :)

    hope you have many such jumpy moments in your life.

    happy blogging and take care !

  17. @ V ::

    Even i loved that moment!
    Thanks for the wishes!

    Happy Blogging.. Keep Smiling! :)

  18. hey! interesting blog you have here.

    maybe we want to follow each other? :)


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