Thursday, October 20, 2011

iHATE those who HATE Steve Jobs!!!!


I have been observing on Facebook that there are two kinds of people who are intrested in Steve Jobs...
  1. Who appreciate him being the visionary
  2. Who are against him just for the publicity sake or whatever

I hate that sharing thing on Facebook.. Some assholes keep sharing bullshit just for the heck of it..

One of my friend shared this picture few days back -

I mean what the fuck are you doing for those kids if you share this pic???

How the fuck that sharing of yours gonna help those under priviledged kids???

And what the fuck steve jobs has to do with those kids???

Matlab jab Steve Jobs nahi mara tha to tumne share kyun nahi ki???

Or ab share karke ki bhi BC kya ukhad rahe ho???

For God sake, first reach out for these kids, help them & then share such shit.

And For Your Fucking Information, your cries/shares are not going to help them 'you mother fucker morons' so please stop crying/sharing for them & start to do something for them today.

Oh you seem quite busy now..
What are you doing??
Well i guess you are busy updating your next status message on FB!
Fuck Off Now Please.. Will You?

P.S. Even i don't do anything for these kids but i don't share such pics & collect sympathies on their behalf as well.

P.P.S. I believe that Helping hands are better than praying lips.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On this saturday, I bought 55-250 lens for my camera and went out for shooting that evening.
I was in National Craft Mela, Kala Gram Chandigarh and clicked the following -
And i call it :)

**** MY PRECIOUS ****

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Life Through My Eyes [Extended Version]


This is me reporting live somewhere from Chandigarh.

You know I have been thinking about my life lately... More than ever...

I have been thinking about my life and how it has become more and more sad & gloomy, even after I have got everything I was destined for, I guess.

Let’s rewind my story... You know even I need to rewind my life to check from where it all began.

School Life: [Till 2004]

I am from Meerut (U.P.), city located near Delhi.

I was an (below) average child. I never did my homework.

I was good for nothing, and I mean it literally.

I was always scared of the shit my teachers gonna give me each and every day for me being not so particular with my studies and homework.

Every night I used to calculate the number of periods I'll be getting my ass whooped next day on the scale of 8 periods. Then i used to pray God ‘kindly save me this year’ and i promise I will be regular from the next session at school.

I will complete all my homework from day 1.

But I never kept the promise and so even God started rejecting my prayers too.

Every morning I was scared to death just about thinking of my [would-be] ass whooping periods all day long.

This is how it used to be throughout my school life.

I never did my homework. I always got my ass whooped by one or another teacher for the same old reason. THE HOMEOWRK!

My teachers were always pleased to tell me that – I am good for nothing.

Here is a piece how they used to put it :

“Arpit... tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta... or Bak-Bak...thodi si or Bak-Bak...”

And i was like (in back of my mind): “Tere se poocha kisine *beep-beep*??” I don’t want to show any disregard to my honourable teachers so i beeped the interesting part!

Soon enough I was done with my schooling And I did not enjoyed it at all.

Drop Years: [2004-2006]

I dropped twice before i get into any college.

1st Drop Year: I cleared the IIT-Screening test to much of my own surprise!

It was the first time i felt proud of myself. :)

I was not able to crack the Mains though but who cares...

Screening qualified was more than life time achievement for someone like me.

For someone [below average][good for nothing] student like me.

2nd Drop Year: I again failed to get into IIT but somehow i managed to get 11636 rank in AIEEE.

It was not that bad for a student like me.

And for your kind information, I was like in top 4 students of my school who did something of that level.

Oh boy! Wasn’t I feeling top on the world at that moment! :)

College Life: [2006-2010]

July 18th 2006: I Joined Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology, Govt College. [Namesake]

It was the time of life when i left my schooling much behind in the streets of Meerut.

I was here to start afresh.

For all those weird relatives/well-wishers/padosi back in Meerut :

1st I was in Chandigarh. [The City Beautiful]

2nd I was pursuing engineering from a govt college. [To shut the fucking mouth of all the relatives or well wishers of that sort]

And if above two facts were not enough,

3rd My stream was computer science.

[Believe me it’s a dreamy trio for someone like me, you know [below average] [good for nothing] student]

So, any of my well wishers never actually tried to fuck me up at any point of time during my college days.

Though my Uncle tried it once or twice asking me if my college is in main Chandigarh or whether it is in some remote area near Chandigarh, But i kept my calm & asked him to come and visit me sometime & i will show him which place i live in and which bar i visit on weekends... #fuckingbastard.


As you have noticed that i was living the life of my dream (maybe better), But there was something troubling me inside.

What I mean is that though i was mean to the world outside & i declared myself to be living the better life than they ever thought of, but there was something missing from inside.

Satisfaction... it was!

I was not satisfied with my achievements. No Sir.

Because what I achieved was not something I wanted to achieve for myself.

I did it all because I wanted to prove it to the fucking world outside and somehow I got lucky enough to fool them.

[As the matter of fact I did not even studied in the drop years as well, it was all luck that my mind was capable of doing all those sums without much effort]

You can fool the world outside but you can’t fool YOU inside.

I was not satisfied for the reason that I disgraced study throughout my life.

And after all of this, all the achievements & everything I have to tell the world outside was just because of my study, which was not even the last thing I would do in this world *if not forced*.

Then it happened to me like a miracle.

I become the integral part of The Dram-e-baaZ [Dramatics Club].

In fact we guys build that club out nowhere. All credit goes to Sohrab Khandelwal.

[He was kind of guardian angle to me]

We believed in him and that faith kept us all going and eventually we become the best club of the college in no time. :)

Dram-E-baaZ brought the peace in my life.

For once I had something beyond study to talk about myself.

For once I was in the News Papers like all other bright kids.

For once I was the chosen one.

For once the boy was shining, you know the [below average][good for nothing] fellow... don’t you? ;)

It was something i was made for.

And at that time i found my second love as well.

Something else i was made for.

DrameBaazi being the first one.

Can you name the next love??

Well it was blogging.

I started blogging on March 22 2009, the very same day i was in news papers because of our street play performance.

And it felt awesome.

Now I had all the things to talk about other than study.

And for a change I was quite good with both of them.

I was a true Dram-E-Baaz and a very true Blogger from my heart and soul.

I was enjoying it, celebrating it...

But it all ended very soon...

I was done with my college life and I loved every part of it.

It gave my life some motto. I was ready to take on the world.

Professional Life: [Since 2010 till Present]

I joined a company in Chandigarh only.

That way I stayed close to the place, once I lived my college life.

But it was different this time. There was no DrameBaazi now.

And the blogging was not enough for me.

I soon fell in love with the girl from the same company. [READ]

But she was in no mood for falling for me.

So it was only me who fell. :P

Did I tell you that falling alone hurts so much that you become The Dev-D kind of fella...

And I was no exception either... :D

Not-So-Soon enough she shifted somewhere else & I somehow managed to forgot her after listening to the song ‘Tujhe bhula diya’ infinite number of times.... :) *BTW, wo apki [hone wali]bhabhi ki ringtone thi..* :P

Finally, I moved on...

But there was nothing much left in life. I was super bored of anything.

Then in March 2011, I found my third love.

My love for Photography.

Since then, My blog has become more of a photoblog.

But today I wanted to look over the life once again.

I wanted to tell you guys the story of [below average] [good for nothing] fellow once.

Today I have almost everything I was told to achieve in life.

I have a degree and a decent job, but the only thing is missing.

Happiness... It is!

I go looking for it. It’s nowhere near me.

Maybe that is the price I paid to this world in return of which I got everything I was asked for. :)