Monday, December 19, 2011

RASTO ~ It's Me!!! :P


It was a fun weekend with my college friends..
One day trip to Morni Hills was great & I totally enjoyed it :)

After all the fun i had with friends, i came back & logged into FB.. *i just can't live without it*

And there it was the testimonial kind of wall post from my junior Surbhi which made me SUPERRRR HAPPPPPY.. *only extra P's can define my happiness*

Who is "Surbhi" :: well, She is super junior to me.. She joined the college just when i passed out.. *not like i drank too much & passed out but when i cleared my degree & PASSed out* *By GOD's Grace & obviously Teacher's Grace - Marks* :P

How i Know "Surbhi" :: She is a part of DRAM-E-BAAZ family & thats how i know her.. :) *you guys know DBZ right?* *if no, then dig deep into my blog & you ll find out* ;)

& she is a true Dram-E-Baaz & very dedicated theatre artist &.. thats pretty much about her..

Moving on...

This is what she wrote ::
*RASTO* sir!!

first time i met him: the shy introvert yet freak kinda soul!!
in sheer contrast to what i had heard about him !
as in hes agressive while he acts, talkative and a leader!!

and now when i see you..you are such a lovely "bubbly" champ..!!:):)
full of life, enthusiasm and yeah the vitality to do smthg different in life reflects on ur face..

the lill guy with a cam in his hand (everytime we have met)..
teaches me smthg new , unspoken -untold..

and yeah a dramebaaz in himself!!
full of that witty humour, that childlike innocence, a hidden talent (the photography), talkativeness and nautanki on the spot..:P:P

indeed a true dramebaaz..!!
or maybe this is what we inherit from u guys being a dramebaaz..:P:P

truly, i really do not know even an inch of THE ARPIT RASTOGI,
but all i know is u r a storehouse of unspoken inspiration!!

humble, down to earth and inna CUTE TALKS!!:P
ahh UNCLE " you rock"..!!:)

~ Surbhi Kalia


AwwSome It Was.. So I captured it on my blog! :)

Check out My Reaction To Her Sweet Post ::

1. I was humble outside.. *o ni yar.. me kahan itna sab kuch? aiwe hi, she wrote all of it to make me happy*


2. Jumping Inside.. *O Yes!!! I am super awesome..* \m/

3. Finally i was like this for few hours : *SUPERRRR HAPPPPPY..*

Okay Guys.. This is it for now..

Important Announcement - I just created a Fan Page for you, me & my photography named 'Arpit Rastogi Photography'
I won't say anything but you must have got my point.. :P
*You are suppose to go there & like it*

Stay Connected! :)