Come Feel The Frustration

So.. Hows the feeling of last post???


So Who Am I Actually??

Have you seen a 40 hazar ka Dog or better we Call it Kutta?? *ab aayi na feel*

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven person or better we say Kutta in this case.  

Well here i am guys.. *claps* I am too costly to keep for personal use.
Sapno me aane ke bhi paise leta hun mei... so stop dreaming!!! :D

But my feeling are for free & you can have shitload of them.

Point is.. Why the fuck am I so frustrated?
*Truth : I need all the fucking attention of this world & want them to 'what you do to dogs, jiske baad wo peeche peeche aata hai?' ME*

But the reason i ll project here is as follows :
Because this Kutta has to work all day long without any feelings & i have no option to leave my Job... Because I need money & work profile is just too great that so many dogs will bite their latki hui tongue to get into such Job...
But yar Job me feeling nahi hai.. :\

And you know by now that,
FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven kutta.

I am even tired of photography these days because there is no fucking feel/inspiration behind my clicks.

So i quit clicking for few days.. because there is no feel..

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven Kutta.

I love my blog because It has captured all of my feelings till date.. It has seen true Me..
It is the only place for me, jahan meri Feel Baaki Hai..

So I come Here.. Kyunki.. *got the point?* :P

Besides, Yar mein to BC wo kutta hun jo saala ssuussuu karte hue bi taang utha ke Ped/Pole ki feel le jata hai.. ;)
Par saalli dheere-dheere khatam ho ri hai yar.. FEEL!

Oh Meri Feeling.. Ek Baar Aaja-Aaja Aaja-Aaja Aaaaaaa Jaaaaaa.. :-)

Okay Guys Gotta Go..
Bahut tej aa ri hai... By God Control Ni hO Ra...

Wo dekho aa rahi hai.. Bus aane wali hai.. paas me hi hai...

Finally.. AA GAYI...

NEEND! :D *har baar saali feel hi nhi hoti* Neend bhi jaruri hai. :P

But the FEEL is still missing.. Kahin mile to batana.. Pata ni kahan rehti hai.. Kiss kisske sath muh kala karti hai.. :P

See You!!!!

P.S. Everyone of you[Friends+blogger buddies] is Awesome & create the best of the feelings around me... :)
I ll name the few here who read my blog :
HI5 Thousif, Viddhi, Suruchi, Beri, Kittu, Harshita, Megha, Manu, Karunesh, Ankita, Rucha, Isha, Sunakshi, Chintan, Bikram, Sh@s & etc. etc. [waise jada naam bache ni hain but fir bi etc. se lagta hai pata ni kya hi lambi list hogi] HA HA HA...
Majak Majak Me Kaafi Fan Following Ho Gayi.. Nai??

& Bloody I have 250 followers of My Notebook <3!!! YAY YAY!!!
Pata ni roj 2-3 badh jaate hain.. Par comment sala koi karta ni.. :\

But ki farak painda hai? 250 Looks Good On The Blog!!!! :D




Kahan se shuru kiya tha. BC kahan pahunch gaya. :P

Aadhi Post to BC Post Script me Likh Daali!!!!

See This Is Who The Fuck I Am!!!! & I So Want To Remain The Same In My Real Life As Well!!!!

Who Knows.. Maybe Next I ll Be Up With COME FEEL THE HAPPINESS!

Okay Gals 'n' Guys Logon.. Apke Samay Ki Jada Na Lete Hue Mei Widayi Leta Hun..

& Here Comes My Finishing Line To All The Posts & Comments:

Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed!!! *So fucking inspired by Stevey Bhai* God Bless Him!

Jaun Ab???
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love You All!!!!


  1. hehe. Nice post. Feel hi aagai ye parh ke!
    Monotonous job and routine, sabki hoti hai sir, par aisi 'feel' se describe toh aap hi kar sakte ho! :)
    Stay blessed! I look forward to ur posts!

  2. Well Feel is important but feeling which feels right is more important still ! *I know it sounds like a cliche. Keep looking and don't quit, feel aa hi jayegi. Waise bhi abhi to job ka dusra hi saal hai, aage aage dekh hota hai kya !!

  3. No doubting the fact that there's no feel in our lives, I think this post was the result of momentary stress ('momentary' as in matter of weeks/months).

    Just yesterday evening we wanted to talk on this issue but somehow it could not happen. Hopefully you are feeling a bit better after two posts in a row.

    1. I am feeling much better now bro.. :)
      I am relieved from the *momentary*stress.. :)

  4. i love u re saale... if u were a girl i would have shamelessly proposed u... but as ur a guy i dont my mom singing "maa da laadla begad gaya :P"

    Arpit... tu jaisa hai waise hi reh, tere may feeling hai, tu accha chokra hai...(cigrate peta hai but its k :P)

    In life sometimes we have to sacrifice some things for the better, u may not be happy with ur job but a time will come when u will be... just keep faith, trust me hoga... maina bola hai na toh hoga... dont worry too much... feeling aayegi... its not something that u'll on a tap and get... u have to wait for it like rain... it'll come...

    Lovely post... the last one and this one too... likhte reah and congos on the 250... may abhi bhi 77 may latka hoon :P...

    Take care and keep writing...

    Love u ;)

    1. ha ha ha.. you love me.. *YaY YaY!!!!*

      han bhai.. ab mei apni feelings par hi kaam kar ra hun..
      you will see a lovely post in no time! :)

      & saale numbers dun matter much if we have each other! :)

      Keep Smiling Meri Jaan! :)

  5. Rust-oh-gee!!

    Betey, gaya tu toh.. samajh le :P

    yeh feel ke chakkar mein, poora ghanchakkar banaa diya humein :)

    Smoking se nahi aayegi feel tujhey... pyaar wyaar kalle kisi se.. sab feelings ki kasar nikal jaayegi :P

    khair!! aish kar.. aur aise hi mast post-ta reh..

    sunn! u stopped doing plays kya?

    1. Har-Shii-Taa.. :) :)
      Ek rapchik post coming your way! :)

      Yo Me.. See You! :)

  6. baap re...itneeeeeeeeee saala feelings kar le ki baaki kisse ke liye kuch chodha he nahi...and abhi bhi feel nahi aa rahe?:-)

    yeh kaun se genre ka humour try kar diya Arpit ji...waise jo bhi kiya kamaal kiya...I have not ever read such a kind of post! so kudos man...

    and comments se kuch nahi give us the "feel"...woh zyaada zaroori hota hain!

    and baaki naukri chalo rakho beta..."feel" karne ke liye bas thoda time kahin se squeeze kar lo(it all sounds very double meaning but then you started it)

    i like being here and after this madness would do so even more:-)Happy New year...may you get all the feel and feel karane waalis this year:-)

    1. ha ha ha... The Ever Entertaining Suruchi! :)

      Thanks for super fucking awesome comments & wishes! :)
      Matlab feel aa gyi! :)

      & um squeezing now.. *the time obviously* ;)

      I ll be up with something cool now..

      Till then Keep Smiling! :)

  7. @ IJ :

    ha ha.. Thanks for being regular here! :) :)
    really appreciate it! :)

    @ Manu Bhai :

    ha ha. bhaiya aapke *aage-aage* wale dialog ne to by god or dara diya.. ;)

  8. u seem 2 be pretty fucked up... duncha wry... its jus a passing phase!
    well... wanna tel u, jus followed ur blog... n evn i dont kno why, jus as u dont kno how u got 250 followers :P
    well jokes apart, 2 be very frank.. ur posts hv nthn concrete (content wise), bt i guess i liked them coz they r straight frm da heart :)
    gud job!!
    - a fellow blogger :)

    1. Thanks For Following Ankita.. :)

      Hope to see more of you! :)

      Happy Blogging! :)

  9. BC this is something Direct Dil Se !!!

    O tu fikr na kar sab theek ho jaana hai !!

    All u need is a Jaadu ki jhappi !!

    U r the best and ur posts are something I can really feel, dnt worry !!
    baaki duniya ki ***** !!!

    Happy Blogging and take care !!!

    1. Yo beere.. :)

      Jaadu ki jhappi is really Awesome.. :)
      Thanks Man for being there. :)

      Happy Blogging! :)

  10. FEEL JARURI HAI & you are a feel driven person. - pata chal gaya :P
    last wali post ki feeling strong thi boss.
    hope everything is fine now. :)
    and you are happy again ! :)

    take care !


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