Tuesday, January 24, 2012

कुछ अनकही बातें.

कुछ दिल से
जाओ कहदो उन हवाओं से की अपना रुख मोड़ लें..
जाओ कहदो उन हवाओं से की अपना रुख मोड़ लें..
आगे भीड़ बहुत है कहीं दम ना घुट जाए..

अकेला हूँ तो क्या हुआ?
मगर गुरूर मुझे इस बात का है कि..
यहाँ कहता भी में हूँ और सुनता भी में हूँ..
सोचने की मुझे अब कोई जरुरत महसूस नहीं होती..
क्यूंकि मेरे आस-पास ही नहीं बल्कि दूर तलक भी में हूँ..


~Pour Me Some Sunshine~

~ Smile Of All Smiles ~

I go looking for such Smiles.. :)
If you have one, believe me I AM ALL YOURS... :)

This is my Pursuit of Happiness! :)

आज मत रोको मुझे..
आज मेरा उड़ने का मन है..
आसमान बड़ा पास लगता है..
आज उसे छूने का मन है..

आज मत रोको मुझे..
आज मेरा उड़ने का मन है.. :)

© All Rights Reserved To Arpit Rastogi 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Come Listen The Big News!!!

UPDATE :: I wrote it then uske baad meri beshtesht friend Harshita aka "Me" se baat hui... Or kaafi kuch clear ho chuka hai guys.. Don't worry i ll be back with something Good about life... Being fucked is too monotonous thz days..

Special Thanks To
# HARSHU OYE.. Love you soo soo much for being there at the right time.
And please always & i mean *always* stay there at the other end. :)

# SOHRAB.. Kya bolun Sunny.. Love you beere! :)

# MALPANI.. Chamiya apni company khol le na bhai.. fir koi fadda ni hoga.. me chup chap side me baitha FB karta rahunga..

# KARUNESH.. Yo mote. Same Pinch Beere for sharing the same company with me.. Atleast you can testify all of it..

# ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED OR READING IT*aap logon ko apne naam pata hain same 2 same pichli post wale*.. kya meine bataya ki aap log Rock karte ho meri life mein.. You Rock. \m/


Now you can go to the FRUSTRATION vol.2 "the next level"

So.. I am back guys..


How the fuck are you guys????

As you have noticed my emotional outburst earlier.

Its time to break the big news "KI AISA SAB KUCH AAKHIR HUA TO HUA KYUN????"

Dhan Te Tannnnn!!!!
Here Comes The BiGGGG News!

Bhai Ko Pyar Ho Gaya Tha.. Har Baar Ki Tarah SACHA PYAR.. :P

Par iss bar scene Bandi ke sath nahi tha.. *before you raise your eyebrows*

Let me make it clear ki Bande ke sath bhi nahi hua tha.. *God Bless Your Dirty Minds* :P

Toh Ji.. Iss baar bhai ne Pyar kiya apni Job ke sath..
Background Bullshit :
I am a game developer in some startup company*CHOTI SI COMPANY*. Where you report to the CEO directly.
I was a TL till date & was in elite group if we may call such term in professional field.
I was working here for almost 2 years now.
We have been working on a 3D Car Racing Game for iPad n all.
That game is going to be launched by tomorrow or so.
I was working on this project for over 6 months now.

So.. Since i have been working in such company where your work is in highlight all the time.
I developed my feelings for the job.
Initially, They were appreciated & i become more and more committed to the job assigned.

I stopped meeting my friends & limited my visits to home & started working for the game as if it is my personal thing, as personal as my own blog.

Just on previous weekend i worked for 60 hours straight with another guy to make the credit screen for the game.

I lied at home that i am resting at my place so that they don't feel worry about me.

I did it for the game & thus for me.

On Monday, when i went to the company.
Something interesting happened.

& the news finally broke to me today, though i had the idea already. *REASON OF MY LAST 2 EMOTIONAL OUTBURST*

News :
I was not the TL anymore & i had to work under someone else now for the next project.
I accept the point that i lack in 3D Technical Knowledge somehow but what hurts that he did not said it to me.
He just took some action & today i knew the reason behind it through my friend who was & still is the part of elite group.

And i broke with the news as well.

The feeling is like as if you are walking naked in a crowded place.. & damn its not a dream.

BC Game ke liye apna sab kuch laga diya tha yar.. Doston se milna band.. Ghar jana ekdum minimum..

& today i got the reward!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come Feel The Frustration

So.. Hows the feeling of last post???


So Who Am I Actually??

Have you seen a 40 hazar ka Dog or better we Call it Kutta?? *ab aayi na feel*

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven person or better we say Kutta in this case.  

Well here i am guys.. *claps* I am too costly to keep for personal use.
Sapno me aane ke bhi paise leta hun mei... so stop dreaming!!! :D

But my feeling are for free & you can have shitload of them.

Point is.. Why the fuck am I so frustrated?
*Truth : I need all the fucking attention of this world & want them to 'what you do to dogs, jiske baad wo peeche peeche aata hai?' ME*

But the reason i ll project here is as follows :
Because this Kutta has to work all day long without any feelings & i have no option to leave my Job... Because I need money & work profile is just too great that so many dogs will bite their latki hui tongue to get into such Job...
But yar Job me feeling nahi hai.. :\

And you know by now that,
FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven kutta.

I am even tired of photography these days because there is no fucking feel/inspiration behind my clicks.

So i quit clicking for few days.. because there is no feel..

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven Kutta.

I love my blog because It has captured all of my feelings till date.. It has seen true Me..
It is the only place for me, jahan meri Feel Baaki Hai..

So I come Here.. Kyunki.. *got the point?* :P

Besides, Yar mein to BC wo kutta hun jo saala ssuussuu karte hue bi taang utha ke Ped/Pole ki feel le jata hai.. ;)
Par saalli dheere-dheere khatam ho ri hai yar.. FEEL!

Oh Meri Feeling.. Ek Baar Aaja-Aaja Aaja-Aaja Aaaaaaa Jaaaaaa.. :-)

Okay Guys Gotta Go..
Bahut tej aa ri hai... By God Control Ni hO Ra...

Wo dekho aa rahi hai.. Bus aane wali hai.. paas me hi hai...

Finally.. AA GAYI...

NEEND! :D *har baar saali feel hi nhi hoti* Neend bhi jaruri hai. :P

But the FEEL is still missing.. Kahin mile to batana.. Pata ni kahan rehti hai.. Kiss kisske sath muh kala karti hai.. :P

See You!!!!

P.S. Everyone of you[Friends+blogger buddies] is Awesome & create the best of the feelings around me... :)
I ll name the few here who read my blog :
HI5 Thousif, Viddhi, Suruchi, Beri, Kittu, Harshita, Megha, Manu, Karunesh, Ankita, Rucha, Isha, Sunakshi, Chintan, Bikram, Sh@s & etc. etc. [waise jada naam bache ni hain but fir bi etc. se lagta hai pata ni kya hi lambi list hogi] HA HA HA...
Majak Majak Me Kaafi Fan Following Ho Gayi.. Nai??

& Bloody I have 250 followers of My Notebook <3!!! YAY YAY!!!
Pata ni roj 2-3 badh jaate hain.. Par comment sala koi karta ni.. :\

But ki farak painda hai? 250 Looks Good On The Blog!!!! :D




Kahan se shuru kiya tha. BC kahan pahunch gaya. :P

Aadhi Post to BC Post Script me Likh Daali!!!!

See This Is Who The Fuck I Am!!!! & I So Want To Remain The Same In My Real Life As Well!!!!

Who Knows.. Maybe Next I ll Be Up With COME FEEL THE HAPPINESS!

Okay Gals 'n' Guys Logon.. Apke Samay Ki Jada Na Lete Hue Mei Widayi Leta Hun..

& Here Comes My Finishing Line To All The Posts & Comments:

Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed!!! *So fucking inspired by Stevey Bhai* God Bless Him!

Jaun Ab???
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love You All!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Come Feel The Pain


When a new soul come into this world, they pinch/slap the butt just to make sure if it feels the pain.
IF NEW BORN CRIED: That means child is alive & child is allowed to live in this world.
Otherwise child is declared dead.

My point here is that It is the feelings which make us alive or dead.

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven person.

Just now, I was smoking in backyard.
You ll ask me why?
I have no answer.. maybe I just want to feel the smoke coming out of my fucking mouth.
I continued with my smoke & my mind keeps thinking about the FEEL.

My friends laugh at me when I talk about the feel.
But hey friends it was the feel which made me WHO I AM today.

There were some guys, who never laughed at my absurd FEELINGS waali bc.
Infact they appreciated it and it was the foundation of something big in my life.
Those friends were my Dramebaaz buddies... There was no Dramebaaz before it. *literally*
First that feel came & It brought out best of us guys and we formed The Dramebaaz.

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven person.

I still remember the first time when we were working on the script of our Street Play. I was with Sohrab & RDB. *It was like 3 years before*

I chose the theme of circle. I mean everything go round & round.
I created the circle of WomanHood  of what i have seen throughout my life but never felt that way..
That day for first time i was narrating & feeling it the same way:
It goes as :

1.       People try to kill the girl child before she was born but she survived it & came into this world. [Saying this i moved on an imaginary circle on the road][I was loud and calm]

2.       But the world is still no good to her, they do not allow her to go to school, but she gives this world a fight & went to school against their will.[Saying this i moved lil bit more on the circle][I was louder now]

3.       She was in college now & you know the bloody roadside romeos, they teased her. Eve teasing it was. [I continued with my circle][I was shaking now]

4.       Somehow she cleared her degree & went for her first interview, well sometimes you know... you need to make some compromises to get the job or later to survive into the job. Compromises it was.[Circle was still in progress][I was feeling the pain now]

5.       Now her parents forced her into the marriage & people expects a fortune form their bride, they tortured her for being the less fortunate bride. Dowry System it was.[Circle was about to complete now][& I was trying to cop up with my feelings]

6.       She was pregnant now, & to this worlds’ despair she was cursed with a girl child.[Circle was complete now][And i was left numb there, maybe a tear or two escaped from my eyes]

That night, I not only completed the circle but found myself with my feelings exposed & for a change they were appreciated.. I was relieved..

FEEL JARURI HAI & I am a feel driven person.

This post is not complete neither am I.. I feel more than i can ever write!