H N Y 2 0 1 3

 C H A O S

What to do.. What not to do.. Life & such is a complete chaos..

And we live through it.. Merrily Happily or Drunking-ly.. Personal Choice!

Well, talking about choices..

We make the Choices but in a long run Choices are what Makes us.. The Us we Chose to Be..

For this year, I would say - Choose Wisely! :-)

Happy New Year
Best Wishes

Happy New Year Everyone. :)  *everyone**As if million readers would follow up the post* :P

P.S. For all the readers.. You are my Millions! \m/ :)

P.P.S. On a personal front i am all confused about so many things.. & When i am confused i do not write. So judging by the all time low number of posts in 2012, You can guess my state of mind.

My *secret* Wishlist For This Year ::
  1. Control My Mind & Be Happy [My Mind Sucks][Makes Me Sad]
  2. To Do What I Love or Love What I Do
  3. Spend More Time On Blog, Writing About Good/Funny Things
& For you guys, I wish you the same. God Bless. :)


  1. Chaos-Choice...Something similar I am going through and saying to myself too! Good to see you back blogging after a long time. Writing helps to unclog, so sometimes when you are confused, why not blog it out? Bdw happy New Year, hope 2013 brings million fans for you :)

    1. Hey. How u doing?

      I thought of writing as well.. but you know mixed emotions always screw my mind..
      Whether its going to be happy post/sad post/frustrated post.. Every emotion seems so temporary that i just quit on the idea of writing..

      There is a choice i want to make but few choices are hard to make.. I am stuck in a situation where i dont like my job & apparently not doing anything about it. *sigh* plus other things!

      I told u.. My mind is the culprit..

      Anyways.. Glad to see you here. :)
      & Again you guys are my Millions! :D

      Have a happy life :)

  2. Good to see you writing again.. Missed u meri jaan.. :) Don't worry things will get better for you in 2013.. just believe .. ;) & Well said..

    "Do what you love, Love what you do" :)

    Happy New year :)

    1. Oh I am a believer janeman! :)

      Good to be back..

      & The lines you have mentioned are tagline of BlackBerry.. Took it from there! ;)

      Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed! :)

  3. oh posting after a long time ..

    happy new year jee :D
    P.S. i keep waiting for *notebook* post to be on my dashboard.. buh poor me u r no where to be found.. ur posts really inspire lazee bumm u see..

    && ur to do list is almost the same for me :/ :| :) :P
    *mixed emotions u know*

    hope u write more this time

    1. Yes.. Long time..

      Well I ll be around this time.. Lets see what this year has in store for us.. :)

      My best wishes with you and the to-do list, hope you check all of em this year! :)

      Mixed emotions, i tell you.. Screw up the things!

      We have to make our mind.. And again *mind* dont listen up a single word.. It thinks what it has to think! *unstoppable* :\

      I ll be writing..

      Have a happy life & Stay Around! :)

  4. Hey, Happy new year. Give your mind some rest and it will be free of chaos(not that it is easy. I am struggling for the same).
    BTW, the pics are good and photography can become a reason to keep ur blog alive. So best wishes for your Photography too!!

    1. Hey Megha. :)

      My mind dont want any rest.. it works in night shift as well! :P
      I want to shut it off but no.. It creates problems for me out of nowhere.. :D
      So sometime, i jst kick it with alcohol and relax while it is out of senses..

      On a serious note.. My mind really sucks! :\

      Yes i think so.. Only good thing for me thz days!
      Thank you so much for the wishes.. Really appreciate it!

      Have a happy life! :)

  5. Rasto Meri jaan,
    I think thoda sa late ho gaya hoon HNY mein !!!
    I was away for quite some time !!
    Still same to you !!!

    And well my secret wishlist is the same as yours !!

    Happpy Blogging and take care !!

    P.S. - I love this Movie Kung Fu Panda and have learnt,
    "U've got to believe"

    Believe in urself !

    Try it helps !!!

    1. Beri Bro.. Tu to jaaneman hai.. So you are never too late to wish :P

      I too totally loved Panda.. So inspiring it was. :)

      Thanks for the tip buddy.. I will surely believe in myself! :)

      Happy Blogging Buddy! :)


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