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Mega Post : February 2013

It seems that i live virtually only on facebook these days...

I decide whether my life is cool by the number of likes on my photos/status update! :P

So here are few facebook statistics, which predict that apparently i am doing good with my jobless life :D

1. Profile Pic - 112 Likes [My first century ever on facebook]
Being Happy

2. Cover Photo - 135 Likes

Laugh Out Loud

3. Experiment with Levitation Photography - 150 Likes

~ Up In The Air ~

4. Experiment with multi exposure and flash photography - 98 Likes

Three Faces

5. Last but not the least :: My status update about leaving the job has got most likes ever - 176 Likes


Thank You!

Thanks for reading! :)

P.S. Share your FB story!

Until next time, God Bless You All!


  1. Replies
    1. haha.. yes i know..
      tabhi to likha Mega Post! :D

  2. jobless and like?? you have really a good bunch of well wishers..:P anywayzz good people gather good number of lyks!!!

    1. Yes. I left my job recently.

      Haha.. I don't know about well wishers, its just that i represent myself as the coolest thing on facebook! ;)

      Welcome to my blog..

      Happy Blogging! :)

    2. So we have an entrepreneur among ourselves..I hear cheers, do you? And thank you Mr. rastogi... finally someone formally welcomed me to their blog!

      Your levitation photo should have harnessed more likes...No..actually superlikes!

    3. Yes i just did.. :)

      Arey you are always welcome in the blogging world.. Just don't give up on it! :)

      And thanks for the appreciation.. :)

      Have a happy life! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Aaye meri puppi.. You are the backbone of my blog..

      And i love you for that! :)

  4. 176 likes on a left out job status..:D
    it seems people are happy for u or about ur leaving tha job..:D
    just kidding..nice pictures..:)

    1. Haha.. Almost everybody hates their job so it was kind of obvious that they like it if somebody leave the job! :P

      Thanks for dropping by Mani! :)

      Welcome to my blog.. Happy blogging! :)

    2. if the job is of ur choice then u will not..:)
      do have a look at my blog too...:)
      keep writing..:)

    3. yes thats true! :)

      i ll visit your place soon!

  5. Thats a lot of likes.. how long is your friends list ?!?

    1. Yess. :P
      and I am 675 friends strong/weak on fb :D

      Welcome to Notebook! :)

  6. I hope you liked mine too!!
    Do visit

    1. Yes sure.. your blog looks great.. :)
      I ll catch up with you :)

  7. you are a star! hahhahaha :P

    1. And i missed your comment! :P

      Thanks V :)


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