WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

Hello friends, so here i am with another post for the contest... Yay!!

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

But this time It's different!

This morning i clicked a series of photographs with a pattern :
Blurred background of the first photo will be the main subject for the next one and see where it lead me from my room.


It took me from WeChat to YouConnect!

Then i realized that Asli Maja Toh Sab Ke Sath Aata Hai [Real Fun Comes With Everyone]

So this time, YOU guys will connect to ME in association with WeChat.

Now what should we talk about?

So i called up a quick meeting with my chat representatives on my rooftop,

Here is a photograph of Open-Air-WeChat Secret Mission! :P
Meeting With My Chat Representatives

It was crazy out there... Everybody except one was blabbering about their own super-duper hit ideas but there was this one guy in the center who was happily jumping and celebrating as if he has won the Macbook already,
So i got this crazy idea if i win a Macbook air then what would i do?
And we agreed upon sharing this beautiful piece of art and the happiness with you guys in some way

So here is the deal :

If we get the Macbook Air, worth rs 1Lac
Then we will give away, 100 Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers worth Rs 200 to the first 100 Commentators* on this post! :)

Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers

Yippeeeee... :)

All you need to do is to put up a comment answering my few questions..
Lets do it old chat room style.. Okay? o_O

So lets start with :
ASL please! [HaHaaHaaa.. Remember it??]

[Just kidding]

Chaliye ab hum or aap khelte hain Kaun Banega.. Kiska Pati?

Kidding, Once again.. :P
Well here are the questions, before you guys kill me virtually in your mind!
  1. What do you want right now or for a lifetime??? [Name? Fame? Chocolate? Anything?] 
  2.  What is your all time favorite movie, which you can watch over and over again? [If Any] 
  3. What is the best thing you can get for 200 bucks or less which will make you super happy? [From anywhere]

- Name [email-id]

I know its all based on an assumption but still it is worth a try... :P
Nonetheless, Question 1 will remind of you what you actually want, so that you can go for it atleast in your thoughts!
Question 3 will remind you that happiness is not that costly and just a state of mind! :)

and Question 2, well it is for me as i have unlimited bandwidth and need recommendation of some excellent movies! :P

Hey here i am talking about Macbook and WeChat...
and see what i have got today?
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
My copy of Steve Jobs' Biography!
Isn't it cool?? Another Yipppeee moment for me! :)

That's all for now!

Keep Chatting.. Like | Share | Comment :)

P.S. Notebook hits 400 followers this month! One more reason for Yaayyy! :)

*I get to choose the genuine comment !


  1. A1.
    I want to be pampered in love for now and forever...
    Chameli Ki Shaadi... ;) main aatthvi mein 3 baar fail hui hooon
    Golgappas... and no money for those extra katoriiis of khatta meetha paani :)

    1. Hey Harry! :P

      First of all.. Thank you so much for the first comment! :)

      @ A1. I like that too :)
      @ A2. You know i just googled the movie, at first i thought you just made it up par ab toh lagta hai dekhni padegi.. HaHa! 3 baar fail hue?? No kidding? :O
      @ A3. Go Golgappa!

      Stay blessed! :)

  2. Answer 1:- ANYTHING.
    Answer 2:- I have a long list of movies which i can watch over and over again.
    Answer 3:- Petrol (Rofl)

    1. Hey bro.. Good to see you here! :)

      @ Ans1 : kuch bhi chalega? :P
      @ Ans2 : Name One then!
      @ Ans3 : Petrol?? haha saale kahan aag lagani hai??

  3. first thing first.. TUSSI BADE MAZAKIA HO !! :p

    1. fame+CHOCOLATES ;) :D
    2. tangled :)
    3. DOMINOZ ka pizza :D :D

    and congrates on the 400 followers budd.. :)

    PS. I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITES YOUR THOUGHTS.. and the meeting with your chat representatives wali foto is awesome.. actually the fotos from we chat to you connect are also awesome :)

    1. Haha.. Thanks Bum ♥

      @ 1 : hehe.. deadly combo i guess! :P
      @ 2 : Oh Man, amazing movie.. have seen it already!
      @ 3 : you are so realistic! Khushiyon ki Home Delivery! :)

      Thank you so much.

      @ Photos : Glad you noticed.

      Have a happy life bum! :)

  4. 1. Everything i can think of
    2. a walk to remember
    3. Roadside icecream(any brand):P

    best of luck launde :-)

    1. @ 1 : Laalach buri bala hai balak.. be specific! :P
      @ 2 : Good movie, seen it already!
      @ 3 : Cool, i ll buy you one! :)

      Thanks bro. Happy Life! :)

  5. A1. get through M.A.

    A2. The reader

    A3. A book or a pen.

    1. Hey V.

      @ A1 : Oh, you will pretty soon :P
      @ A2 : Havnt seen this one.. yayy! got one on my watching list!
      @ A3 : Thats cool.. A blogger's choice! :)

      Happy Life! :)

    2. haha! i hardly blog now.
      all this is fine but..
      .. you have to .. have to win okay?

      i want my flipkart coupon.

      All the best! :)

    3. Haha.. Thanks! :)

      Me too want it so bad! :P

  6. A1 - Friends
    A2 - rocky 4
    A3 - a coffee walk with love one.....:)

    1. @ A1 : Hmmm, You made a pretty good choice bonge! :)
      @ A2 : +1 to the list!
      @ A3 : Haha.. Bonge romantic ho ra hai! :P

      Wish you get all of it bro! :)


    ANS 2- hmm tough question but still i am the best..so it is non other than gangs of wasseypur part-1...:P

    ANS 3- A Full day with my dramz team with tea maggieeeee and lots of fun and it takes less than 200..:)

    1. Oh My Katto Gilhari is here.. :) ♥

      @ Ans1 : That would be amazing, a wish right from the heart
      @ Ans2 : Haha and guess we have seen it three-gether! :P
      @ Ans3 : Oh Yeah Baby! Me too.. :)

      May your wishes come true jaan! :)

  8. the pics..hats off! _/\_
    Answer 1: to be a mbbs doc!
    Answer 2: A walk to remember
    P.S. i love you
    Answer 3: would like to gt pasta,pizza base,mayonnaise and cheese and bake pasta and pizza fr them! they'll like the food and i'l like there smile! :)

    1. First time on my blog, welcome here :)

      Thanks for your honest feedback!

      @ A1 : Ban jayegi. Best of luck!
      @ A2 : You are the second one to name that movie! Oh and P.S. I love you bhi amazing movie hai! :P
      @ A3 : okay but for whom?

    2. thank you but i guess..is janam mein mbbs tough ae..apni jaadu ki stick chala do! shayad scene bn jae..:P

      food for friends! bhukkad saare :D

    3. mere paas koi jaadu ki stick nahi hai!
      okay cool!

  9. 1.a super intelligent functional brain,loving heart and(dil always maange more) a perfect physique
    2.All hugh grant movies and all the classic love stories

    1. Sandy Beere.. Kaisa hai beere :P

      @ A1 : hahaha.. haan saale sab kuch tu hi leke baith ja.
      @ A2 : Kya baat hai londe romatic ho riya hai :P
      @ A3 : Oh.. Yes Abhi.. Cheers!

      Good to see you here :)

  10. Tussi to chaa gaye contest kholte hi ! Maine socha me bhi thoda free me khaalu, so here's my not-good-for-anything-comment:

    1. i want to have some peace.!
    2. umm...this one's hard..umm..maybe..welcome
    3. less than rs.200..i can buy the world for it !

    Yay! I just spammed your comment list!!!

    And 402 followers..damn! You are good! No seriously..amazing!
    I am kinda sleep drunk!

    1. Haha.. Arey aaja bhai, tera hi intezar tha.. :)

      @ A1 : Oh you will get it soon! :)
      @ A2 : "Welcome" is your pick? Hilarious movie! Control Uday Control!
      @ A3 : You bet! :)

      Haha.. Such spams are always welcome!

      Thanks buddy!
      Have a happy life! :)

  11. things change...jaaneman...life mein har kissi ko har koi cheez chahiye hoti hai...right now...friends...lifetime ke liye..dost hone chahiyen darling tere jaise..baki to sab milta rhega...!!!

    Fav movies...tere ko pta hi hai...movies ka fan hoon...list is endless....kuch nayi movies chahiyen ho to bta dena...will send my harddisk...to your place

    For 200 bucks...food and water....baki sab ke bager i can survice but not without these two things..

    1. @ A1 : Kya baat hai baklshi! :)
      @ A2 : Haha.. saale, bakshi video parlor khol le tu toh!
      @ A3 : Wah! Bada intelligent ho gaya ladke!

  12. 1. Professional Writer(Dream) + Getting rid of my plaster(immediately)

    2. Scent of a Woman(Al Pacino ka role to kamaal hai), In Bruges, Casablanca, Jaane bhi do yaaron.. to name only a few

    3. 200 rs mein main tere ko hire karunga 5 photos kheechne k liye... [zada to nhi lgaa liya rate tera??.. ;)]

    1. @ A1 : Cool, Banegi meri jaan writer bhi banegi! :)
      @ A2 : Scent of a women> faadu movie
      In Bruges, Casablanca > On my list, Jaane bhi do yaron > Great movie
      @ A3 : Main ka sardar ji, tussi book publish karo fer uske cover page ke liye main hi larunga tera photoshoot :)

  13. This really made me think quite a bit about myself ;)
    1. To be real Happy,Plump and smiling :) .... To Have gorgeous and beautiful Hair.. Some day--->To be an awesome mom ..and awesome lecturer at a good college :)
    2.Hum Apke He koun, The Holiday, Vicky Donor, Jab We Met, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Pursuit of Hapiness, Karate Kid, Titanic
    3. Smart and Cute Footwear from a road side shop ;)

    1. Cool :)

      @ A1 : That is like everything you want for a lifetime! :P
      @ A2 : Oh my, itni badi list.. Badhiya hai! :)
      @ A3 : Wah! Kya baat hai! ;)

      Happy Life!

  14. Here are the answers :D

    1. I so badly wish to clear my exams which I'm failing from last two attempt. *jaan nikal jaani hai CS vich*
    2.Karate kid & bhootnath xD Two sane movies which i love to watch again and again :D
    3.Its definitely the street food.Sev puri, Gol gappe, Tikki, Faluda icecream & what not xD Yummay in my tummay! xD

    And here comes your 403rd follower. *Showers beer* :P

    1. @ A1 : Best of luck with that, hope you get through soon :)
      @ A2 : Haha.. Bhoothnath?? :O
      @ A3 : Street food it is.. thats cool!

      Cheers! :)

  15. Hahahhh...Hope u win Boss! First time here and lived it. The meeting with your chat reps was beyond amaaaazing.
    A2-Silence of the lambs
    A3-Pizza mania combo frm Dominos.

    1. Hey, caught you red handed on my blog! :P
      Good to see you here.. welcome!

      @ A1 : I would love to have some love on my platter too! :D
      @ A2 : Anthony Hopkins! Amazing. :)
      @ A3 : Well you are the second one here to order the same, Khushiyon ki home delivery! :)

      I wish to see more of you here.. Happy Blogging!

  16. I didn't see you following the brief for the contest... though I'm sure the WeChat judges will find your attempt hilarious!

    Arvind Passey

  17. Very interesting - The questions, the answers to it, and how it reflects what we want and what life is all about.

    My answers are: 1) Fame and 3) A cup of coffee in a good cafe.

    Good luck Arpit, quite out of box!

    1. Hi Saru.. So good to see you here :)

      @ A1 : I would also love that, btw you are quite famous already but we can always use some more! :P
      @ A3 : Thats cool! :)

      Thank you so much for the wishes!

      My best wishes are with you too! :)

      Hope to see more of you here.. :)

      Happy Life!

    2. Would love to stalk you more often, please add 'subscribe by email' on your blog.

    3. Done.. added the follow by email button! :P

      Happy Blogging! :)

  18. Cool, my answers are:

    A1) Love
    A2) Can't name one movie.
    A3) Books

    First time here, instant fan :)
    Best of luck for contest.
    Following. care to follow back?

    1. @ A1 : Love is in the Air! :)
      @ A2 : Okay
      @ A3 : Cool! :)

      Thank you so much for your wishes, means a lot to me!

      Welcome to my blog.. hope to see more of you here! :)

  19. Hey sweetheart.. sorry i am late.. :P Anyway loved the post & the whole idea of you connect. Very Innovative :) And to answer the 3 questions:

    1. I want my name to last through the ages (Like Achilles :P hehe)..
    2. Shawshank Redemption , pirates of silicon valley, swades.. there are just too many
    3. Book, chips, coke & a movie :D All four together if possible.

    The photograph with many rasto's is super cool :)

    Now give me my flipkart coupon.


    1. Better late than never honey! :*

      @ A1 : What's in a name? ;)
      @ A2 : Sahi hai.. P-O-S-V is on my list!
      @ A3 : Cool!

      Thanks babe for dropping by!

      Oh you ll get one soon! :D


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