Dream, what?

So its been six months now since I am out of my job and I don't have any clue about anything now..

For my friends from real life and virtual life, I am kind of following my dream.. which is apparently very cool thing to do.. like setting an example or something.
For my family,  neighbors and relatives I am some crazy guy who left his great job for some cheap idea of photography or something..

And here I am out of every single clue of what the fuck I am going to do with my life.. for all I know I have not done anything good/valuable in  past six months..

I am not even sure of dream thing.. I mean what it is exactly?
Define dream for me? I know google have all the answers but this time question is more about what I think/feel about it.

And I don't feel a thing about dream or shit. I just want to be into some super awsome job/assignment and I don't know what it is or maybe i know but it is as stupid as getting name+fame+money for watching animated movies at home.. stupid right?
Its all blank on my canvas..

A job was my final destination from childhood.. I went to school, college to get a job and when I got my job, magically everything should have been fallen into right places and I should have been living happily ever after but none of it happened for real.. and everything actually shattered in front of me.. all the facts that money can straighten up absolutely everything of your life..

From childhood I was told to do something and I followed the given instructions until I left my job, after then I was on my own for the first time.. It was my decision to leave that job and move further in life..
And after six months it turns out to be a big disappointment of not knowing what to do next..
It's hard to explain but I know you have got my point..

I just want to lead a normal, satisfying and happy life but that platform looks nowhere near on my track of life.
Journey of life

I hope things turn out good and clear before me, I am done dealing with mystifying signals of the world, i am too old and dumb for that serious crap.
At the age of 25 if you know not about your life/goal then something is really wrong with you in indian society and I am more than half past 25.


  1. I've been through this phase but, I guess, you being a man, makes you a more visible target for tantrums and taunts.
    Anyway, I always felt that, unless you don't stop hating Mondays, unless you can work even without being paid, unless you don't feel like leaving your workplace in the evening, you are not loving what you are doing.
    But, cummon, who gets to do things that someone actually loves or dreamt to do - very few lucky people.
    The rest are just a herd, SURVIVING.
    Sorry this is not helpful, probably just added fuel to the fire but, I think the sooner we accept, the better. We can start working on something we don't like to make ourselves capable of doing something we do like. Make sense?

    1. There is no direct tantrums/taunts but i can see it in their eyes or may be i am over imagining, whatever it is but it sucks to be stuck in such phase of life.

      And i think i have got your point, my problem is that i am stressing too much on my options of Survival now rather than my so called dream of becoming a good wedding photographer.. :\

      I am confused.. big time..

      Lets see how things turn out for me

      Thank you so much for your time, really appreciate it :)

  2. Yaar aaj to kuch zyada hi senti kar diya! In such situations even friends feel helpless.It's only you can help yourself... You had a dream and you followed it. Don't just give up now. Maybe your super assignment is waiting for you...or maybe you need to do some less super assignments first.. Who knows? You are an exemplary photographer...and you know that as well :)

    1. I don't feel that good about my photography now! :|

      It is just a phase where i need to believe in myself, which is long missing in my life.

      Anyways its good to have you around :)

      I am trying but my efforts are not upto the mark and that scares the shit out of me.

    2. Heard-You has really heard you here. Dude is fantastically correct.

  3. Arpit bhai,

    First of all you made a hard decision to do something which you want to do from your heart. Many people want to take such bold step but don't have enough strength to do it because they get surrounded by all those thoughts "kya hoga, kaise hoga, ye nahin hua to, wo ho gya to".

    This is just a phase and it will pass through, I know I haven't said any new thing and ye line to sab maar dete hein doosre pe jab funde maarne ka mauka milta he to :)

    1. Hi Ankit,

      Haha.. believe me even i am pretty good in fundebaazi but it's easier said than done :\

      Anyways, good to see you here on my blog.

      Happy life!

  4. Here's something to your solace.
    Peter Drucker (He was a good man) "A small number of people know very early where they belong. Mathematicians, musicians, and cooks, for instance, are usually mathematicians, musicians, and cooks by the time they are four or five years old. Physicians usually decide on their careers in their teens, if not earlier. But most people, especially highly gifted people, do not really know where they belong until they are well past their mid-twenties."

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. BA

      Wow it really helps man.. :)
      Made me think of me as a highly gifted person for an instance. .

      Good to see you here.. Happy Life!

  5. "I just want to lead a normal, satisfying and happy life" . Everyone does.. some choose the easy way & they end up sacrificing their dreams & aspirations in that pursuit & some like u do it the hard way which has struggles but if you look beyond them you find peace that atleast you chose a different path, what others think should never matter. Keep giving your best & do it until you have no option left but to quit & trust me now is not the time.. Its the beginning phase, the toughest.. Fight it! :)

    1. Yes kitty babes.. i get your point love..
      I am trying on my part, lets see what happens next!

      Happy life. see you soon!

  6. these are just momentary phases, don't let them affect you. very few people have the privilege and courage of following their dreams. you're one of them, don't give up on it and this is the time to be strong and positive.


    one of my fav. quotes. hope it helps.

    much love,

    1. Hey V.
      First of all great to see you after soooo long.. :)

      Awesome quote and i have read that book, Kafka on the shore!
      I have got your point.. not gonna give up now..

      Thanks for sharing! Happy Life!

  7. Well, every normal person realizes his/her goal in late 20s. I did too but for that I had to quit my well-paying job and travel around for an year (in short, blowing away my savings). I too was considered crazy because when my friends were getting married and settling down with kids, I was living a nomadic life. And up to certain extent, I still am :) But now I am happy (or relatively so :P). I guess you too will find your goal in your own time and the strength to follow it through. Best of luck :)

    1. Thank you so much Pankti for you best wishes :)

      And your story seems rather interesting to me.. So what do you do now?
      What was the big switch?

      Hope to see more of you here.. Happy Life!

  8. If only Google had all the answers....
    Well, it's all a phase... eventually most of us figure out what we are doing and why !

    Anyway, as long as the journey is enjoyable, am sure we'll find our destination too :)

    1. I know it's all a phase, but its been long since i am stuck in such situation where i feel no happiness, there is no sense of accomplishment..

      I just miss being happy.. that's all!

  9. Dude you are 25 and you think u are old. I mean c'mon man u are younger than half of the world. U can do anything u like and if u don't noe what u need to do just keep searching for it.
    The world will say something or d other, but at last it's your life and u have to live it. It's ur decision to enjoy it or destroy it.
    So, stop behaving like a bum man and generate a fire in ur heart to get something you want!!!!

    1. Hi Lucky, good to see you here man!

      Sorry for replying so late..

      Bhai fire ne le rakhi hai.. Mujhse na ho payega! :P

  10. Being in love is, perhaps, the most fascinating aspect anyone can experience. प्यार की कहानियाँ

  11. nothing to say! apart from "cheers to being this crazy" !!! nobody cares at the end.
    wtever is here today, wont be tomorrow. you followed your heart. 99% people don't do that. be proud to b that 1%. and coming to the other stuff like "normal, satisfying and happy life"...thats a myth! you only have one life! make it large and awfuckinsome crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! SMILE NA RASTO! :)

    1. Haha.. Happiness is reading your comment over and over again! :) :)


  12. I loved reading this post.. can totally relate to every word. All i want to say right now is ALL the BEST !

    1. Thank you Ananya! :)

      Good to see you here..

  13. Really you are crazy man but keep this craziness with you , I am sure you are going to be the next indian inspiration (y)

    1. I don't see it happen man! :\

      Craziness is long gone, i say!

      Anyways thank you for your kind words :)

  14. The best part you did what you wanted and it actually doesn't matter if you are successful or not so successful because you are a winner already. :)

    1. Thank you datta for your kind words :)

      Good to see you here!


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