Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Life, Facebook etc.

Mega Post : February 2013

It seems that i live virtually only on facebook these days...

I decide whether my life is cool by the number of likes on my photos/status update! :P

So here are few facebook statistics, which predict that apparently i am doing good with my jobless life :D

1. Profile Pic - 112 Likes [My first century ever on facebook]
Being Happy

2. Cover Photo - 135 Likes

Laugh Out Loud

3. Experiment with Levitation Photography - 150 Likes

~ Up In The Air ~

4. Experiment with multi exposure and flash photography - 98 Likes

Three Faces

5. Last but not the least :: My status update about leaving the job has got most likes ever - 176 Likes


Thank You!

Thanks for reading! :)

P.S. Share your FB story!

Until next time, God Bless You All!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out Now!!!

Hello Friends.. It's Out Now that I am Out Now! :P

So here is a piece of my Facebook update from last night after my last day at job

It Reads :

A Memorable Adieu

Got relieved today from my job from PlayBuff after exact 2 years and 9 months..

And believe me leaving your first something is not easy! #MixedEmotions

All I can say that it was the right time to go for something new in my life... :)

I met some wonderful people here.. Going to miss them all.. Love you guys!

Today, I smiled all day long.. Sometimes you put a smile to make things look good!

I am happy that i left my job on a very Happy Note!

I joined here as nobody and left like somebody.. Infact a good Somebody! :P #ShowOff

Now i am going to start as nobody all over again.. #DownToEarth

Going to start as a Professional Photographer from here on!

With more than 2 Lac views on my Blog and 700+ fans on my photography page.. I am ready to make the big move! #BelieveInSelf


But aaj bhi mere mann mei ek hi sawaal hai -

Have i made it large??? *Shahrukh-Saif Style*

Ke abhi main Rastogi bana nahi hoon...
Abhi Rastogi banna baki hai :D

This status message is brought to you by Seagram's Royal Stag Mega Movies!

"It's Your Life, Make It Large!"

#ByGodFilmyHai :P

Cheers guys.. For the New Beginning! :)

This is it from my side.. You will see more of me from here on!

Thank you so much guys for your love-wishes-support!

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