Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We The Superstars!!!

DISCLAIMER : I am writing this post to participate in one of the indiblogger ongoing contest. First time with a post for the contest.

So what, if I am writing this post to win a freaking Macbook or something!
Don’t you want one in your life too? Just to fill that empty space between your heart and soul?? To be your special one???
What no??  That place is taken up by someone special already?? A living thing?? :O
Oh now you are telling me that you don’t look for happiness in materialistic things!
Well I do… And guess what your living thing may fill up your empty spaces but can never play cool songs or movies for you in HD… or even internet for that matter…  *It comes from forever alone Me* *Take that you happily committed people* *No offence though* :P

So moving onto the post >>>>
I need 5 people to start a group chat, so who all are up for a free ride in my group chat… Raise your hands!

||No Hand in the Air||
Played some cool Punjabi songs through telepathy in your minds.. And you guys started BHANGRA with your hands up in the air..
Gotcha… So many hands in the air now.. Yayy!

Emotional Drama
OMG, you all are this big fan of me... *Tears roll down my cheek and disappears into the sweat* *It’s May my friends, what do you expect, eh?? To carry that piece of salt forever with me?* :D

Anyways, enough with the drama... Let’s get serious with the post!

If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional.
Well my 5 or more people would be:
Format >> Name [How I know them] [Their interest]

  1. Me [Myself] [Photography, Theatre]
  2. Sohrab Khandelwal [My friend from college][Theatre] 
  3. Ishwer [My junior from college][Theatre] 
  4. Sharon John Shaji [My junior from college] [Film making] 
  5. Anand Chaudhary [My junior from college] [Paintings] 
  6. Lalit [My friend from school] [Guitarist] 
  7. Nawazuddin Siddiqui [Actor] 
  8. Irrfan Khan [Actor] 
  9. Anurag Kashyap [Director/Screenwriter] 
  10. Piyush Mishra [Actor/Singer]

That would be all for me, see there are 5 friends of mine… Who are pretty good at something and still making their way through it, in fact couple of them already gave up
So what I want is to bring them all together with my heroes of Indian cinema.
And we all will talk about our life first then we will move to the professional talk...
You know, about the big movie!
Arey in which we all be working together.

A production of Anurag kashyap, featuring us the friends. Where we will be the hero of our own life.. Releasing soon in theaters near you.. Courtesy WeChat group! :D

This is it for now from my dreamland!
Let’s get back to the real life! :P

Photo Credits : Rajan Chaudhary
SHALL WE?? :')

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

28 Days Later

From My Morning Walks!

I have been walking successfully for 28 Days now, It is the only routine i have these days! ;)

I click and upload one photo each and everyday from the walk itself and it is kind of fun! :)

Here is the collection of those photos, courtesy Instagram :



Hope you guys are doing great with your life.. :)
You can check out my other website for candid wedding photography, here : www.arpitrastogi.com It is up finally! :)
[Kindly share your critical feedback/views about the website as well]

Happy Life! :)
*Sada Khush Raho Ye Dua Hai Humari* ;)