Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

Hello friends, so here i am with another post for the contest... Yay!!

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

But this time It's different!

This morning i clicked a series of photographs with a pattern :
Blurred background of the first photo will be the main subject for the next one and see where it lead me from my room.


It took me from WeChat to YouConnect!

Then i realized that Asli Maja Toh Sab Ke Sath Aata Hai [Real Fun Comes With Everyone]

So this time, YOU guys will connect to ME in association with WeChat.

Now what should we talk about?

So i called up a quick meeting with my chat representatives on my rooftop,

Here is a photograph of Open-Air-WeChat Secret Mission! :P
Meeting With My Chat Representatives

It was crazy out there... Everybody except one was blabbering about their own super-duper hit ideas but there was this one guy in the center who was happily jumping and celebrating as if he has won the Macbook already,
So i got this crazy idea if i win a Macbook air then what would i do?
And we agreed upon sharing this beautiful piece of art and the happiness with you guys in some way

So here is the deal :

If we get the Macbook Air, worth rs 1Lac
Then we will give away, 100 Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers worth Rs 200 to the first 100 Commentators* on this post! :)

Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers

Yippeeeee... :)

All you need to do is to put up a comment answering my few questions..
Lets do it old chat room style.. Okay? o_O

So lets start with :
ASL please! [HaHaaHaaa.. Remember it??]

[Just kidding]

Chaliye ab hum or aap khelte hain Kaun Banega.. Kiska Pati?

Kidding, Once again.. :P
Well here are the questions, before you guys kill me virtually in your mind!
  1. What do you want right now or for a lifetime??? [Name? Fame? Chocolate? Anything?] 
  2.  What is your all time favorite movie, which you can watch over and over again? [If Any] 
  3. What is the best thing you can get for 200 bucks or less which will make you super happy? [From anywhere]

- Name [email-id]

I know its all based on an assumption but still it is worth a try... :P
Nonetheless, Question 1 will remind of you what you actually want, so that you can go for it atleast in your thoughts!
Question 3 will remind you that happiness is not that costly and just a state of mind! :)

and Question 2, well it is for me as i have unlimited bandwidth and need recommendation of some excellent movies! :P

Hey here i am talking about Macbook and WeChat...
and see what i have got today?
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
My copy of Steve Jobs' Biography!
Isn't it cool?? Another Yipppeee moment for me! :)

That's all for now!

Keep Chatting.. Like | Share | Comment :)

P.S. Notebook hits 400 followers this month! One more reason for Yaayyy! :)

*I get to choose the genuine comment !