Friday, August 9, 2013

Dream, what?

So its been six months now since I am out of my job and I don't have any clue about anything now..

For my friends from real life and virtual life, I am kind of following my dream.. which is apparently very cool thing to do.. like setting an example or something.
For my family,  neighbors and relatives I am some crazy guy who left his great job for some cheap idea of photography or something..

And here I am out of every single clue of what the fuck I am going to do with my life.. for all I know I have not done anything good/valuable in  past six months..

I am not even sure of dream thing.. I mean what it is exactly?
Define dream for me? I know google have all the answers but this time question is more about what I think/feel about it.

And I don't feel a thing about dream or shit. I just want to be into some super awsome job/assignment and I don't know what it is or maybe i know but it is as stupid as getting name+fame+money for watching animated movies at home.. stupid right?
Its all blank on my canvas..

A job was my final destination from childhood.. I went to school, college to get a job and when I got my job, magically everything should have been fallen into right places and I should have been living happily ever after but none of it happened for real.. and everything actually shattered in front of me.. all the facts that money can straighten up absolutely everything of your life..

From childhood I was told to do something and I followed the given instructions until I left my job, after then I was on my own for the first time.. It was my decision to leave that job and move further in life..
And after six months it turns out to be a big disappointment of not knowing what to do next..
It's hard to explain but I know you have got my point..

I just want to lead a normal, satisfying and happy life but that platform looks nowhere near on my track of life.
Journey of life

I hope things turn out good and clear before me, I am done dealing with mystifying signals of the world, i am too old and dumb for that serious crap.
At the age of 25 if you know not about your life/goal then something is really wrong with you in indian society and I am more than half past 25.