Lost and found! :)


Long time, no see :)

Here is my story,
I was lost in translation.. a translation from being an IT guy to a Jobless guy to a Wedding Photographer guy..

Yes, i am almost a professional wedding photographer now.. Yay!

It was my first season as a wedding photographer and i have got more than 10 assignments.. not bad! ;)

Life is good now.. :)


Update 18-03-2015

Life.. It has been one hell of a journey and somehow in between i lost track of it.
Sometimes all you need is good friends to recollect all the good memories and put you back on the right track.

When i think of my memorable outing with friends, i think of my trip to uphill just when i was about to take up on something new in life.

What better place to find out about yourself than to let yourself lost in the mountains. :)

So it was a quick trip to Timber Trail, five friends out on a short trip.. Ah bliss!

Here is the facebook post which simply sum up the complete emotion of that trip.

Somewhere in between #together

03.03.13 | Sunday
Location : Some place, behind Timbertrail
I was shit scared going up there.. But dost kisliye hotey hain..
One picked up my Camera bag, Second picked up my Tripod, And They took me to this place..
Where there was we, us and mountains all around..! 
And it was fun.. Bhaiya maja aa gaya! 
These panorama shots from Rj's camera came out real wide, fun!

So this trip gave me a kick to get started with my another journey of life to follow.

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  1. I was really wondering about your absence. Then I read this and I was happy. I remember your last post where you were all confused about your career. Finally, you made a choice and a good and interesting one. Congratulations on your new venture.
    P.S. Do not stop blogging. We still read you :)

    1. Hi Dhara! :)

      So good to see you here.. Thank you!

      & yes, i will be blogging more and more..

  2. It's great to know you've followed your heart and pursued something you actually enjoy. I wish I had the guts to do the same. Lol. Your photography is stunning. Following you on Facebook. You left a couple of comments on my blog some time back. I don't get the time to draw anymore. Thank you appreciating my work. :)

    1. Hi Sara,

      Ya i left comment asking about your new drawing, they are so captivating.. keep them coming please! :P
      Thanks so much for being here.. Whats keeping you so busy?
      You should obviously draw more awesome stuff.. :)

      till then, Connect through facebook! :)

      Happy life

  3. Thank you for appreciating my work.*

  4. Nice nice... Harshita looking pretty.. And good to see people pursuing their interests as their profession... :))

    1. Hey Deepika.. Thanks for dropping by! :)

      Well i am gonna go for a job again..

  5. Following your blog right away..

  6. Add me as one of your newest followers

  7. Wow... nice to know you are doing wedding photography... All the best !!
    Must be peak wedding season again...

    Btw, why have you stopped blogging ?

    1. Thank you Dwiti :)
      Wedding season is on hold for one month.

      I don't know why i don't blog anymore.
      Good to see you here anyways :)

  8. Feel zaruri hai...i like that....seems like you have been discovering and re-discovering yourself.....congratulations on that....very few people are able to do so......

    1. Thank you Sunaina. Good to see you here :)


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